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Today’s Plan: Plotted Plants

After last time in the garden, I was left with a farmer’s French tip mani.

Actually, a negative French tip:  black where it’s supposed to be white!

But, I had hardly touched the flower beds, so I had to go back out, and brave the heat, once again.

So, Thurs morning, after I dropped DD1 off at work, I came home, and it was only 8 am. The sun was barely touching the side of the house, and the ground was still wet with dew.      I thought, “Eh, I might as well weed some.      Then, I’ll reward myself with a long nap!!”        You know how I looooove my naps!

First I had to just stop a second, and admire my work!!         Then face today’s task.

Do you how hard it is to bend over, and pull weeds??           When you’re 5’10”??         And have a big, fat tummy, from regaining ALL the weight you had previously lost???    

Just in case you have no idea, from personal experience, it’s very!!        Hard, that is.

I managed to get this much done, before I almost dropped.     I only weeded close to the lamp post, so I could lean on it.    I gotta get a gardening stool, or somethin!!  

slob, humor, half way weeded

Yay!! Good thing I have long arms!!

Yes, you can see the tip of PP’s shoe, because I took this after pic, much later!        And I believe that pale blur is PPJr’s leg.

By the time I get the whole flower bed weeded, it’ll be next year!!

I know that’s not very positive, but I know myself!!

Besides, I do have a very good excuse for not being out in the sun.         Really!        I do! The severest side effect of one of my meds is- the reaction of my skin to the sun.      It causes damage, not to mention how hideous it looks!

So, sorry, I can’t come outside and help you mow/set up your yard sale/ teach you to ride a bike/ play lawn darts.       My pharmacist said No!

However, if I park close enough to the house, I can usually make it to Vanronica, without bursting into flames!! 


34 thoughts on “Plotted Plants

  1. I know what you mean about bending! I do all my gardening sitting on my bottom and scooting around. If I’m feeling really good I crawl from spot to spot. I spent 30 minutes getting rid of my farmer’s French tip yesterday. Now that I know that it’s really a manicure I’m going to leave it! lol

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  2. Hey Melinda sounds like you need a long stick kind of weeder! I’ve been the queen of weeding this spring, but now that the weather’s hot, the weeds and I have both slowed down. Time for a cool peach smoothy made with the culls from my garden. 🙂 They are about an inch and a half in diameter! They taste good, though!

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  3. Gardening? What is this strange word that you use? Gar-den-ing? My yard is bursting with long grass — some as tall as me — clover, wildflowers and “weeds” galore! and I love it. I’m digging the meadow look. And! since I don’t live in a “neighborhood” with an HOA, I can. ^_^

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