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Well, after weeding for an hour- ish, okay, half an hour, I was tired!!      No more weeding for me!      The next day, after lunch, I thought (very briefly!) about doing more, but my back was still aching, so an inside, sitting down job it is!

Today’s dreaded chore eagerly awaited pleasure: the failed filing cabinet.

Hmmmmm, sure does feel like deja-vue, with this filing thing.       Do you feel it too, or is it just me??

At first glance:

slob, humor, filing fiasco

Drawer full o’ junk.

All pulled out, after already hand shredding a lot of old receipts, because I was looking for my Beall’s account number.      So, of course I had to pull out nearly every paper way back there, cuz it was almost on the bottom, at the very back.    While they were all out, I just ruthlessly began ripping into ’em.


And 1 tossed insurance formulary.       Such an important unnecessary book!!

slob, humor, 1 dead tree

I need this so much!   NOT!!








This is also not needed:

slob, humor, not needed paper

Rules from my last place. Haha, I don’t have to listen to you anymore!!

On the other hand, I need this one VERY much!!

slob, humor, tax papers

2 years ago taxes. Yep, need those!

Lookee here, I DO have a camera!!      This surprises me every time I see it!      I always forget!

slob, humor, camera

A camera!








Now, I gotta get down to the nitty- gritty, dig in, and get this failed filing system straightened out, for the 95th time.     sigh.        Is it too much to ask of myself to actually file stuff, instead of just shove it in the drawer??

Apparently so!

Here we go…..

Christmas cards to Mama, rip up old receipts, papers I no longer need, pile stuff I need to file over here, coloring pages for PP do NOT need to be in my filing cabinet!!    Removed!   Pix don’t belong here….

Man, I sure had a lotta junk crammed in there!     And that’s just the top drawer!    For right now, I’m pretending the bottom drawer doesn’t even exist!

It’s 6:43 pm, and I’m starving!!      Dinner time!!

28 thoughts on “Failed Filing

  1. Melinda, it’s not only you! Filing cabinets detest emptiness. The moment you empty them out, they start accumulating junk – it’s deja vu all over again!
    How about you come and do mine, and I’ll cook dinner for you (breakfast and lunch as well!)?

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  2. We have finally removed enough from our filing cabinet that the filing cabinet is gone. We have one drawer in the desk now for “important” papers. Wish I could figure out a way to declutter all of them! I think we are supposed to save mortgage papers. Anyone know for sure??

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  3. Ugh! I hate decluttering paper. It’s the never ending job. I have eliminated some paper in the first place by tracking bills online and scanning important documents onto a flash drive. Keep up the good work. One drawer decluttered is better than none.

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