Party Prep

DD1 had a party-!

Party prep was on my mind!     I didn’t do all the cleaning, just my share.

My contribution to the clean up.


I cleaned the kitchen, including de-cluttering the counter tops some.

Swept, spot mopped.

Look, Ma!    Empty sinks!!

slob, humor, empty clean sinks!
Doubly done!

Swept living room after she cleaned up.

So clear!      So clean!       So classy!

Swept her room.

Swept my room.

Swept the porch, after she did some de-cluttering.




I swept so hard on the porch, I literally snapped off the broom handle, inside the broom head!

Buh-bye broom!

Went thru some boxes.

Scrubbed toilet.     No pix, you’re welcome!


Whew!      So tired!!        Brownie, and Coke time!!         (Or mango soda, whatever’s in the fridge.)


More about the actual party later!!

39 thoughts on “Party Prep

  1. You have “my” tile in your house. *blink blink*..You know I chose that tile because it doesn’t show the dirt very much. And I have someone coming over on Saturday and my cleaner comes next Tuesday, so it’s up to ME to make sure things are tidy, because the person coming over picks nits….

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  2. Just no, you have purple sink drainers! I didn’t even know you could get those! Nothing better than a good clean up though; very satisfying and obviously this is why we let things get so blah beforehand. How else are we supposed to feel such a warm glow post big clean up? Cunning plan indeed. And yes, I do look for purple in all your photos 🙂

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    • Of course!! If someone makes it in purple, I will eventually find it!! lol
      Oh so true!! Exactly!! that always was my philosophy- gotta be able to tell the difference!
      Now, trying to work on- always tidy. It’s quite a change! And I’m still far from goal. sigh
      Thanks for always looking, Gary!

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      • Do you find its more a lifestyle change? I often look at thungs now and think when did I start doing this and why didn’t I stop, take stock and nip it in the bud before it became such a big habit or routing? Not that recycling old ooops helps, but it is a frustrating muse !

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      • I hear you! I am having that with my blogging and writing. Its like I have a gazillion things to do and finding the right balance is really an inertia issue. Still, recognising is the first thing, doing is the next…and, more importantly, not giving up if it doesn’t work. Changing an ingrained lifestyle issue is no easy task, but if that has led to an issue in the mind then it has to change or we’re all doomed, doomed I say !!

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      • Have you ever noticed how easy bad habits settle in and the kick a stink up about being usurped? When that “wake up” occurs its almost impossible to identify when the pear shapes formed!!!!

        Gosh, was that chicken lickin???

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      • So very true, and then there is that self beating up esteem destroyer saying “Why did I let that happen?” Which, in reality is espionage on behalf of the bad habit in an effort to cease trying to elevate as a silly idea!

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