Total Towels

Ok, so in Charitable Choice, I posted about giving away 7 towels, just yesterday.

Tonight, there were 2 more baskets of laundry to fold.       Guess what the majority of the items were??

If you said towels, you win!

In these 2 loads, there were   14   towels total!  

slob, humor, keeping towels

Keeping these 10.

And we had just given away 7!!         And there were 10 already in the cabinet!!

Total towels we had previously:  31 !!!!         For only 2 adults, and 2 kids!         Me thinks we had waaaay too many towels!

So, we culled out some more:

slob, humor, towels leaving this time

Towels going bye!!

Leaving this go round: 4 towels, 2 hand towels, and 1 washrag.

And 1 baby shirt, that’s too little for PPJr now.

And we still have 20 left…… {towels, not baby shirts.   I’m sure we have way more than 20 baby shirts!}

Oh yeah!       And 1 wash rag that only had a lil ole hole in it, that I helped along on its journey.

                       That was fun, ripping into that!!        I love to destroy stuff!!

                          It wasn’t even rag bag worthy, at that point!!        See ya!

Now, we aren’t suffocating in towels anymore!!        But still have plenty, just in case the leaky skylight floods the bathroom!     (again)

This post is brought to you by: The 8 House series, and contributions by readers like you.

22 thoughts on “Total Towels

  1. I think I have about a dozen towels, and it’s just me and Douglas… but.. I like towels. And I don’t want to be caught out. I know I have more than two dozen wash clothes because I use those instead of paper towels whenever possible.

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  2. I totally get it about the towels. They seem to multiply during laundry day, but are missing when you need to use them. I’m turning a blind eye to mine until I remodel my bathrooms, and since we do seem to need all the ones we have, or at least that’s what I tell myself instead of doing more laundry, lol.

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  3. I suppose if you collected towels the surfeit might have some validity…but like stamps, but bigger and clothy with no adhesive not much use for envelopes…hmm, not like stamps at all then!

    Moving on, after the last discussion I visited a heart foundation charity shop to arrange the collection of rather large crafting desk that has sat in my garage for four years!!

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