Normative Norwex

Remember in Party Prep, I said more about DD1’s party to come?

Well here it is!!

Her party was for launching her Norwex business.       (FYI: she signed up under our friend, Kristen.     Yeah, the twins’ mama!)

What’s that??      Don’t know what Norwex is??


slob, humor, Norwex box

                              Not the actual product!   Just the box her kit came in!                                   Please notice the clean dishes in the background!

It’s only the best thing since sliced bread!!

Norwex is a company whose products let you clean your house, with just water, and a cloth.         YES!!         It’s true!

When I first heard about Norwex, I was sooo skeptical!!       How in this world can you clean 90% of your house with just a cloth, and water???     HOW??

Well, Norwex is microfiber, with silver inside, so it self purifies.       But not just ANY microfiber!        It is so thin, it’s beyond the industry standard, waaay beyond!       So, you are mechanically cleaning, not chemically cleaning.

With Lysol spray, bleach wipes, etc, you are chemically cleaning.       In other words, you are relying on the chemicals to kill the bacteria.         If you read the label on the wipes, you are supposed to leave them on the surface for 4 minutes!!          Anyone actually do that??       I sure didn’t!!        And then you’re left with all this chemical residue, that some products say you have to clean the counter after.     What???       I’m trying to get it clean in 1 go round, not spray, wait 4 minutes, wipe, than have to clean AGAIN!     No thank you!!

Instead, you dampen the Norwex cloth, and clean only the ONCE!!        Because there are so many fibers per square inch, it picks up 99% of the germs, etc, the first time!!  And no cancer causing chemicals, that you then have to clean off!!        Win/Win!! After you use it, just rinse, and hang to dry.    

slob, humor, Norwex cloth

Norwex Envirocloth, used, rinsed, and hung to dry.

Simple!         (You are recommended to wash them once a week.)

Definitely the way to go!!

I’m signing up to sell it myself!!     So, if ya want to know more, email me.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing, the mop!!

The handle is adjustable to the user.      So, DD1 puts it at full length, for herself, then lowers it all the way down, for PP.        As soon as PP saw it, she grabbed it, and dry mopped the living room!!

slob, humor, Norwex mop,

Isn’t it cute?? And easy for almost-4-year-old-hands to handle!!

YES!!         I officially have trained my replacement!!     No more cleaning for me!!     Woo hoo!!!       Happy dance!!!

slob, humor, goofy happy dance

27 thoughts on “Normative Norwex

  1. I actually clean with mixture of vinegar, dish soap, and water. Cuts through almost anything. I make my own laundry soap too because most of the store bought stuff gives me a rash.

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  2. Norwex must be the thing of the week. My niece is also a new seller. I’ve used microfiber cloths for years to clean. They are AWESOME! I’ve never used the Norwex brand though. It would be interesting to compare test it to the other ones.

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