Shirley’s Sheets

Well, not really Shirley’s sheets, but Shirley took them.      And they’re not really sheets either, more like towels.      Well, one of them is an old, raggedy baby blankie.          But to a shelter dog, it’ll make their hard bed feel better, so we’re pretending they’re sheets.       Got it??      Good, let’s go.

slob, humor, donating doggy towels

Sis Shirley and me.

Another towel??             Yep, this one was not included in the __31__ count, since I had forgotten it, till I saw this pic.

Shirley volunteers at a no-kill shelter, C.A.R.E.      She has a huge heart!!          So when I told her I had a towel, and a blankie to give her, she was thrilled!!         And she drove all the way over to my house from Apollo Beach to get them!        JK!!

Actually, she was coming to DD1’s Norwex party, and I happened to remember them before she left!!             Yay!

She also cares for a feral cat colony, at her home.        She tirelessly feeds them, then traps as many as she can.        Out of her own pocket, she takes them to the vet, to get them healthy, then she spays or neuters them.


slob, humor, marked feral cat

What a great idea!!

slob, humor, feral cats being fed

Google images.    Shirley’s cats would not pose for the camera!




If it sounds like I’m promoting Shirley to try to sell her, NO WAY!!         She’s our sister in LOVE, and you can’t have her!!         Go get your own!!

Another 8 house post.

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26 thoughts on “Shirley’s Sheets

  1. We have a similar program here for feral cats. I’m not sure if they tip their ears or not. My cat has tattoos. She was spayed through Neuter Scooter–which also does feral cats. Anyway, they put one tattoo inside of an ear and another one on the belly. If a feral cat is recaptured and there are tattoos that cat won’t be put through an unnecessary procedure and it will just be re-released. Also cats like mine who have homes are tattooed in case they ever get lost and then captured

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  5. Hi BBFFM,
    Is that weird? Just when I was starting to write you, my phone beeped, and I saw you wrote me. Great minds think alike!
    Did you get a good turnout for your Norwex party? I mean online and in person too?
    I use to be involved in direct sales. Difficult, so I gave it up. It was fun while it lasted though. I used to sell Longaberger baskets and have Longaberger parties.

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    • Hi BBFFJ, we are connected! lol
      I had a good party. 3 people in person, who all purchased, and more online. So, it ended up great!
      Longabergers are beautiful!! But I could never afford any. I see why you gave it up!


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