Past Purdy

Look at this:

slob, humor, ugly past purdy spot

Past Purdy spot

Pitiful.   Just how long ago was it, that I posted about my spot ‘o purdy??      

slob, humor, purple jar

Aha! That’s it!! Perfect!

I know it can’t have been that long ago.        Oh no,  <groan> now I’m going to have to do research.      <shudder>    A word that is so close a cousin to math, that it gives me the heebie jeebies too.

Groan, it was only June 27.      Yes, this year.        Amazing how fast clutter accumulates!

So, once I recognized the problem, (That’s the first step, right Gary??), I determined to restore the spot’s former glory.

  • Put garbage bag in the can.    Naturally after taking out the full one.      I even went all out, and took the kitchen trash too- all the way outside to the bin!!
  •      Replaced the filter in my Brita, put the rest of the box in the pantry.        (Where hopefully I will remember to look for it, next time I need it!)
  •       Filed the blue, and purple polka dotted calendar, along with the bills, and the check!        (How in the world did I end up buying an extra $69 money order for last month’s rent??       Well, you know how me and math don’t get along!!)
  •        Put the glitter glue away in the craft cabinet.    I actually have a place for it now!!         Yoo hoo!!!
  •        The little pink box in the back is baggies, so kitchen cabinet.     They even have a designated spot, too!      I’m on a roll!!
  •        Unpacked the cardboard package, and put stuff away in bathroom.
  •        Placed stapler in desk cubby.
  •        Stashed the 4 magic towels.        Just don’t ask me where…..
  •        Put pink box of new earrings, in donate spot.      And they’re already gone!!
  •        Trashed the $1 microfiber towel, since I’m selling Norwex now.       (And then what happens just yesterday??        Barb, from De-cluttering the Stuff, challenged me to do a side by side comparison between a cheap microfiber cloth cleaning job, and a Norwex one!       Herp derp!        NEVER throw anything away!!      No, wait!      Wrong lesson!       Do get rid of anything not useful, or beautiful.       And it only costs a dollar to replace.      And it’s only 1 item I’ve regretted getting rid of, out of about 1 million[??].     So, I think I’m on the good side, there!)

And then, Ta-Da!!

Here we are, back to Purdy!!

slob, humor, purple jar

Yes, it’s the exact same picture.  But it looks exactly the same, so why waste my time taking an identical pic??


Another 8 house post, brought to you by the letter P, and the number eleventy.


32 thoughts on “Past Purdy

  1. Flatsurfaceitis… I’ve seen it happen to the best of people, including me. It’s a dysfunction where things accumulate on any available flat surface. Good thing you caught it early. I’ve known people who can be overwhelmed to the point of no return, then they get featured on reality shows like Hoarders. O_o

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  2. Flatsurfacitis — I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people, including myself. It’s a disorder when things begin to accumulate on any flat surface. Good thing you caught it early. I’ve known people who have become overwhelmed, then they’re forced to appear on reality TV shows like Hoarders. O_o (if this comment appears twice it’s because WordPress ate the first one. It may spit it out at a later date. Who knows?)

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  3. If you come to my house, I’ll lock you with my husband (!) in his “office” until it gets de-cluttered. When I let you out, there will be a chocolate cake waiting for you, with purple frosting on top, I promise!
    I am afraid to step in there – there are alligators hiding in that paper avalanche!

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