Rolls’ Roles

I mean teepee rolls, of course!       And the many roles they can play in our lives.

Pig pen:

slob, humor, pig pen

Unhappily, the rest of the pig didn’t survive the raid of the 2 little Indian girls.

Now I can de-clutter the poor little pig’s head.   OR- I can make hog’s head cheese!    Anybody up for that one??        Of course, it might taste a little rubbery…..

Giraffe hobble:

slob, humor, giraffe hobbled
Now he ain’t going nowhere any time soon!! I’ve got him hobbled good!!

(At least we will pretend so!)

Animal Corral:  

Boy, Goggling "animal corral made from tp roll" sure saved me a lot of time! It brought up this, and the heart Stamper, AND the Doll crowns!!   
slob, humor, tp animals

This is not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s so cute, I’m going with it!!   Pinterest

Doll crown:


slob, humor, tp roll bracelets

Bracelets that might fit PPJr!! LearnCreateLove

Ring for me:

slob, humor, tp roll slice as ring

I have very plain taste in jewelry.

Stamper- heart shape on paper:

slob, humor, tp roll as heart stamper

Not my baby. Why bother going to all the work of making something, when you can just look on Pinterest for an image??

Lazy woman’s way to craft!!

Cord keeper:   Tame Cords

“Keep extension cords, Christmas lights and electronic adapters tidy and tangle-free when there not in use by winding them up and slipping them inside of a toilet paper roll. You can even make a note on the roll to remind you what the wire is for.”

This site will give you a wealth of other uses.      I’m only listing the ones I thought of myself!

 I was hoping for a visual here….        Found one!!        (You can find literally anything you want to on Google, right??)

slob, humor, tp roll cord keepers                        These are even pretty!

Christmas craft angel:

slob, humor, Christmas angel from tp roll

Not mine!!          This is from :

I had all these grand plans, of staging these pix, with the girls….      But I’m tired!!             And Google and Pinterest just sing their siren calls constantly!!

3 outta 9 ain’t bad!         To mis-quote Meatloaf.

Update: My friend Patience, of Pressing Patience, sent me this:

slob, humor, Pinterest meme

Thanks, P!

And of course, I HAD to add it!!


26 thoughts on “Rolls’ Roles

      • Lucy
        I think that book and its concept are just written for people like me who are hoarders. There comes a point when we need to say ” Enough”. It is based on the principle – if you have two tunics, give one away.”- from Luke.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I sure am. I have lately come to that realization. I am trying to find people and places to give things away but the one thing I think I cannot give away is my jewelry or pearls I think. I am too worldly for that, Lucy.
        How right the Lord was when he said, it is difficult for a rich man to get to the Kingdom of God.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Susie, that’s great that you are looking to give things away. I don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping the jewelry you love. As long as you didn’t spend the rent money on it! lol
        You have a loving, giving heart, Susie. You definitely don’t have a hard heart!
        Love, Lucy

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My grand kids couldn’t come for their summer visit this year. I now have 38 empty water bottles, 18 toilet paper rolls, 10 paper towel rolls, and plastic dinosaurs frozen in a block of ice. Yet I’m afraid to get rid of any of it! What if they suddenly show up!?

    Liked by 1 person

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