Busted Bags

We have sooo many bags in this house!!        I thought I’d de-cluttered bags before I moved here.     But, all I can find is references to shopping bags, not purging them. So, we still have a ton of bags.           Well, they’re light, so maybe not a ton, a half a ton???

Anyway, I don’t even know if I can find all the shopping bags, and other assorted bags we own.        But today, I finally decided enough on 2 bags, that were busted. 

ENOUGH!        I say!

They’re not even shopping bags, but definitely busted.

First one had PP’s blankie, and sheet from day care in it.        PPJr oh so helpfully unpacked it, then put it on her shoulder, and toted it around.

slob, humor, pretty flowered bag

So very pretty at first glance!!

But when I actually focused on it…

slob, humor, bag handle unravelled
Not a good sign!!

She was not gonna be carrying it around very long!

So, I did the compassionate thing, and laid it to rest.       (After a long pitched battle, to wrest it from the baby’s hands!!           She was determined to love it to the end!!       No pix, or video, thankfully!!       It got really ugly there at the last!)

Since one bag was scheduled for burial, I decided to go ahead and grab the diaper bag, that was busted, and make it a two-fer.

(We were already using the newer one…. just letting the old one hang around for….????)

Definitely past its prime!!

slob, humor, 2 bags in the trash

The mass grave.

Moment of silence please, for all their years of service.


2 more items down!!         This house will be empty in no time, at this rate!!     😉

24 thoughts on “Busted Bags

  1. I’m a collector of bags and boxes. “You never know when you’ll need a (bag/box) just this size!” Recently I’ve become ruthless about getting rid of them. But I feel like PPJr when I toss any.

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  2. Bags are my worst. If I hoard something, it would be bags. I hang on to them so I don’t have to buy more… then I go buy more cause none of them are just what I need. I really need to declutter my bags too. Great post!!

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