Washer Washing

Doing laundry today, I noticed how dirty the washer is.     Isn’t that funny, that you have to clean the thing that cleans??

Also funny, is how I find myself noticing things that need cleaning now!           Slob recovery is a wonderful thing!!

And, knowing that I can probably clean it in a few minutes, with the Norwex, and just water, makes me want to clean, not ignore it!!          YAY!!           Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

With no further ado, I present: The Washer needing Washing.

slob, humor, dirty washer





slob, humor, dirty washerIMG_20170730_102932








I had already started cleaning the lid, when I stopped myself, and grabbed the camera!

slob, humor, damp Norwex cloth

My trusty, damp Norwex Enviro cloth.

Just the Norwex Enviro, some water, and a little elbow grease!

And dirty becomes clean!

[I already had water in the tub.]

YAY!!  the middle of the agitator=clean!    The lid crease= clean!     (The pink is the instruction label, the orange was the rusty/dirty. )    

slob, humor, cleaner!

And the bleach dispenser is pretty clean!      I was just gonna leave the letters dirty, but I realized that would be hypocritical of me to tout how wonderfully the Enviro cleans, and then not finish the job!!

So, I went back in.

slob, humor, clean bleach dispenser

There! Almost clean enough to eat off of~ But why would you want to??

And now the washer no longer needs washing!!


Another 8 house post.

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Is this way better, Shirley?

30 thoughts on “Washer Washing

  1. They also have tablets that you run through a cycle to clean the parts you can’t get to and it gets rid of that musty smell that seems to waft through the laundry room at random intervals. Although with you going ‘green clean’, maybe that isn’t something you’d care to try? But I know it clears up the smell very efficiently.

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      • Oh yeah, you should never put bleach in a septic system. It’ll kill the good gunk in there that eats all the solids you’re flushing down. There’s all kinds of documentation online about what should and shouldn’t go in a septic system. I looked it up when we moved here because I’d never had one before. Bleach is like, the number one thing they all say not to put down the drains.

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  2. Nice! I’m noticing too how when you clean regularly you see the things that need a deeper clean. What is the Norwex cloth? I usually use vinegar and a paper towel, but it’s not very eco friendly or finance friendly.

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  4. Oh dear. You should see mine. Well no, actually you shouldn’t – it makes yours (before you cleaned it) look brand new. To be fair to myself, I have never heard of Norwex so it’s not really my fault. I guess the UK must be full of dirty washing machines. That’s my excuse! 😂😂😂

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