Busted Back

Well, hey.   Once again, sorry this post is late today.          Never promise anything that you have no direct control over!       Last week, I think I said something about this week being back to normal, and posting 5x.       Heh heh.        “What is normal, but a setting on your dryer???”        (That is not original, I copied it from Barbara Johnson, a humorous Christian author.)

Anyway, so yesterday, I thought I’d have time to write today’s post, since I didn’t get them written last weekend.       Nope, stuff happened.       For one thing, this new phone is exasperating!!       I try to download/upload, whichever, new pix, and it says there are none.        I literally just took the pix 5 seconds ago!!       Arrrgghh!!  

Then, dun dun, dun...   my back went out last night.       So, I just tried to survive the night.           Sleep????        What’s that??       I no longer have any pain pills, because I dumped them out, a while back, when my back was out, and I noticed I was getting addicted,      “Take every 6-8 hours”.        But then, the pain returned in 5, so I’d take it then.        Then it was every 4, and 3 hours, and then every 2.       At that point, when my headaches would start right on the dot of 2 hours and 1 minute, I realized what was going on.      I was addicted!!           As a recovering alcoholic, that was terrifying to me.  So, I threw them all away, and suffered thru the horrible headaches, and prayed to God to help me.       And He did.

And I’ve not gotten another prescription of Vicodon, or anything else like it.             So, when my back goes out, like last night, all I have is Tylenol.        Which my pain laughs at.          

But, I WILL not ever knowingly let myself be addicted to another drug.

Sugar doesn’t count!!         (I heard all y’all say, “But your peach Fantas!”)

Anyways, here I am.       Since it hurts any which way, I decided to get up and write.

I have no pix today, please bear with me.

I have 9, count ’em, NINE drafts waiting for pix!!         sigh

As always, thanks for listening!!

I love ya!

(Do you feel like you’re reading my diary??)

26 thoughts on “Busted Back

  1. You’re not alone! I too cannot take pain pills, but for different reasons, so I know how difficult it is to tough it out — and I also have a bad back. You have my sympathies! We’ll be waiting for you when your back gets better. Take care of you.

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  2. Sweetheart, forget pills and the memory of them! Get a heating pad, lie down on a hard flat surface and put that heating pad under your back where it hurts. You’ll be bored out of your wits for about an hour, but it helps!
    Feel better – praying for your health!

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  3. Shoot, sounds like you’re having a right grim time of things. You’re right about prescription pain killers though. There’s a reason they are on prescription and you are well minded to distrust the addictive sides after the previous experience. Doesn’t help pain therapy though sadly. I’ve got some for my thumb, which is apparently in early osteoarthritis mode. Haven’t touched them yet though and have very little intention of doing so either. Best therapy is painful here mind, and that’s to say “Forget this,” and work through the pain as a distraction….dead easy to say that isn’t it!

    Hope you get through this soon x

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