Purse Purging

(More info about Irma stuff, when I can get the pesky pix to load!!)

That time of year again; ye ole annual purging o’ the purse.        Since I have a fairly small one now, it could probably be bumped up to biannually, at least!

slob, humor, orange purse

*Gasp!!* An orange purse??? PurpleSlob, are you sick??

I know, I know!     No one I know can believe I bought an orange one!!

Here’s the pix of this go round.          Start.

slob, humor, purse interior
Da dark depths of da dungeon. I mean purse.

1 lonely earring.    That I’ve only worn once, cuz I hate intensely dislike the colors.   (Well, I brought them to coordinate with a shirt, that then I got rid of too, cuz I don’t like those colors.    DUH!)

slob, humor, 1 earring
1 lonely earring. 1 piece clear trash








How many purple pens do I need in my purse??  

slob, humor, 3 purse pens

1 lil, 2 lil, 3 lil pens!

Hint: probably not this many.         And I definitely don’t need the orange one!       No matter what color my purse is!

Receipts, mostly trash.     Except the one for rent, and the one with survey code for free Wendy’s sandwich!

slob, humor, receipts
Mostly useless receipts.

Some more VIT= very important trash.

slob, humor, purse trash

DD1’s credit card, to get gas, in Vanronica.     Yeah, that was pretty much purged immediately, back into her hot little hand!         (DD’s, not Vanronicas’!)        But honey, it was orange, and I just couldn’t see it against the lining of my purse!

slob, humor, DD1's debit

DD1’s debit.

2 things hand sanitizer.      Since one is Norwex, guess which one is being purged??

slob, humor, 2 kinds han san

Who’s hands are the dirtiest??

I had previously purged the useless, long, skinny strap:

slob, humor, long skinny strap gone

Useless, long, skinny strap: gone!

Finally, we’re down to the lining.    

slob, humor, dirty purse lining
Yucky mess! (So what else is new??)








Cleaning the lining will have to wait for another day.       I’m bushed!     Lol.

An 8 house post.      Brought to you by the letter “P”, and the color orange.

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35 thoughts on “Purse Purging

    • Thanks, Susie! Dana White goes by the visibility rule. Stand at your front door, and look around. What is the first thing people see? Work on that. But only 15 minutes at a time, so you don’t overwhelm yourself!
      Oh yes, she left Sunday night/early morning.
      She was much overrated, in my book!

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  1. *snicker* I currently have THREE purses I’m ‘juggling’…I have one ‘church’ purse (which is really a cloth bag and there because I don’t want to carry 50 tons of crap to church. 50 tons of crap is in the ‘old’ purse. I’m seguing to a new/old purse. I think I bought it a couple of years ago and I’ve never used it (possibly because it didn’t have a zipper and I was going on vacation and am paranoid about open bags hanging off my shoulder..) I’m trying to purse purge the 50 tons into something more manageable, but we all know how THAT goes. I’m also relieved greatly that someone else has as much ‘stuff’ in their purse as I do. *phew* (you’re hilarious btw, just in case you didn’t realize..)

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  3. What? You’re supposed to clean those out? I never knew! O_o hehehehe. Just kidding. I change purses so often that they get cleaned whenever I change them. I have a purse organizer that I keep all my essentials in, it goes from one purse to the other. You’d like it, it’s purple. ^_^

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