After effects


The after effects of Irma.

Side yard:

Help!      They’ve fallen, and they can’t get up!!

slob, humor, flowers down

Poor flowers.

Front yard:

Devastation? None as far as the eye can see.

slob, humor, no damage

Not even enough damage to write home about!       Thank you God for sparing us!!

Inside was a whole different story tho!

Our front door blew off!!


Okay, so it was only a tiny little strip of door Veneer that blew off.      But that’s not dramatic!!

We did have a ceiling leak, tho!       For realz!!


slob, humor, ceiling leak

Ceiling leak in living room.

Okay, yeah, it was only the black speckled part at the bottom.      The huge patch was from a previous leak.       But still, we had to use 2 whole towels to sop up the deluge!!

TWO!       Beach sized towels!


The little plant table on the porch got wet.

The porch doormat was soaked.

Waaaahhhh!          My feet got wet!!

(I’m making fun of myself: NOT people who had REAL damage!!)

Back yard:

Looks good, looks good, looks okay.


UH OH!!!!

That doesn’t look so good!!


This is the apt. right out our back door.         The neighbor hasn’t returned home yet, so not sure of the extent of the damage.           But from the ground, it doesn’t look like it went thru the roof.           I hope not!

Serious damage????         To be determined.

An Irma post.

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35 thoughts on “After effects

  1. Lucy
    Irma spared you and you are able to look at all that damage and give us a bird’s eye view of your place. Thank God you are all safe. Is there much cleaning to be done ?
    There are times when one can be thankful one doesn’t own a place and only rents it, right ?
    Praise God.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Susie, I do thank God, all day, every day!!
      I’m not responsible for any clean up. Our landlord is supposed to take care of that tree. All we had to do was sop up the ceiling leak.
      Oh yes!! I’m definitely grateful to be only a tenant, not an owner right now!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. :O !! Glad you ‘weathered’ Irma okay (well that door thing WAS dramatic, teensy strip or whole door…who wants to have their door compromised during a hurricane?? Glad it wasn’t a whole lot worse, but that tree would have freaked me out. Stay safe! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Gilly. I really wasn’t afraid at all. Don’t get me wrong, when the wind was the worst, I was VERY glad to have XH to hold onto!!
      I’ve lived thru about 5 previous hurricanes. All blowhards. lol I shouldn’t tease, when Irma really did damage, and Harvey devastated Texas. 😦


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