Wasp Workers

Just look at these  busy bees wasp workers!        All up under my soffit, like they own it, or something.

slob, humor, wasp nest
Very very scary!!

Bonus!      You can see some of the roofing problems, that existed before Irma.

Then, they started a second colony.      Apparently the first one wasn’t big and scary enough.

slob, humor, more wasps
2nd colony.

Even more bonus:  More pre-existing roof damage.       No longer need to wonder why the roof sprang a leak during the storm, do we??

This is the truly frightening one.        It’s inside the porch!! 

slob, humor, wasps in porch
Oh no!! Inside the porch!!









Lots more nests:

Not AS worried about these, still not happy they’re there of course!

That’s when I realized I really had to do something!        The next place was gonna be inside!          So, I put out the SOS to our guys.        PopPop was the first to run to the store.

 Thanks, PopPop!       The lives you saved had your own blood!

Here’s the gruesome scenes, of my attacks.

Sadly, NOT, none of the wasps survived.

Not enough corpses for ya?          Here’s some more.

I just love seeing dead bugs!!       Of any variety!

Wasp workers wasted!!          Mwuahahaha!

An 8 house post:  Brought to you by the letter “W”, and bug spray.

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#23    #24      #25     #26- Wasp Workers


18 thoughts on “Wasp Workers

  1. AUGGGGHHH!! Up in this part of Utah, wasps (hornets, yellow jackets, big ugly stinging repeatedly flying insects) are a huge problem. I hired a bug/pest control company and they come four times a year and douse my drain pipes and house with wasp killer to keep the nasty little buggers from doing just what you had happen. This year, despite the first application, wasps appeared a couple of weeks later and were flying around a certain area on my roof. Bug guys were called back (free because they guarantee their work) and had to douse again. Brrrr. Pop pop and you are BRAVE. I wouldn’t go near those nasty things. Now I wanna know (rhetorically) WHY bees don’t do that. I’d welcome bees.

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  2. I love seeing that you got them all and didn’t get stung! My method for dealing with that sort of thing (if Mr. C isn’t available) is to text Pete. Then I hide in the house until it’s safe again.
    Those kinds of wasps are bad enough when we have to deal with them but we had a ground hornet nest in the front lawn. Those serial killer bugs chase you back to YOUR nest!

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