About The PurpleSlob, Melinda

This is me, as I am now, right this minute,

well, not this EXACT minute, I’m typing this second.

me big girl

Me at 344 lbs. Yep, I was a BIG girl!

This picture is from March, 2015.

my first place all on my own

My Very First Place, All on my Own!

This picture is from June, 2015.  I’m about 25 pounds lighter than the March one.

earrings purple Mama

Yes, I’m aware my earrings aren’t purple. But, Mama gave ’em to me.

purple slob fifty five pounds lighter

55 pounds lighter!

These pictures are end of August, 2015.

I began blogging, in August, 2014, as a way to hold myself accountable for cleaning up my house, and forcing it to “lose weight”, by de-cluttering.   Little did I know that 8 months later, I would embark on a journey of forcing myself to lose weight as well!!

I downsized my place from a 4/2, 1200 sq ft apartment, to a 1/1 less than 600 sq ft trailer.  I’m so much happier, both with myself, AND my home!  (Update:  Grew into a 2 bedroom, and regained 19 pounds, from Oct to Dec 2015.  Working my way back down again!)

Who knows where I’ll end up next year!  But, I hope it’s right here, still blogging!   (Just as a 199 lb woman!!) Because I:

Love blogging!!  So much fun!!  AND

Love follows!! and comments!! I could kiss and hug followers, and comment-ers!!!  (But not in a creepy way!  In a sisterly way!)

I love my readers

I love you, my readers!!

Well, by now you’ve figured out that I’m crazy, and love purple.   I also love Jesus.  Thanks for coming to visit.  I hope ya pull up a chair, and stay awhile, ya hear!

Nov 2016  Have regained 10 more pounds since last Dec.  Huge frowney face!!  😦     Gotta cut out those ice cream bars!!      Time to make another New Year’s Resolution- Back to GF, and sugar free!!       And STAY that way, this time!

228 thoughts on “About The PurpleSlob, Melinda

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  3. Wow. You are simply incredible. SUCH an inspiration. You made up your mind to do something, and you did it. Yeeeeeees!

    I wish I could show you my goose bumps right now. And it’s definitely not because I’m cold! I’m sitting outside at the moment and it is hotter than boiled butt cheeks out here!

    Excited to start getting your posts in my email🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

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  6. I lived in an 18′ motor home about five years ago… it was interesting. But the hubs (whom I married about three years ago) likes more room than I do, so we compromise. He’s gotten rid of a good deal of junk and I’m living in a bigger house than I really like, but hey, that’s what marriage is all about, right? Compromise. We’re both content.

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  8. Wow – what a journey! I hate when people say Well done! about something because it sounds patronising but honestly – well done with the weight – that ain’t easy! I never understood being overweight until I hit the menostop (why call it meno’pause’ when your monthly bug-bear actually STOPS?) I started expanding without eating more food and it was SCARY! I have to do some kind of regular torture (like exercise 😦 ) to keep my metabolism awake. Really good to meet you from across the pond. And I LOVE your mobile house – we don’t have many of them here in the UK that aren’t by the seaside and if you are lucky enough to get one – the law says you have to vacate it for 6 weeks of the year. So it puts people off – if they ever ditch that law – I’m in! But I would need two for all my craft junk 😉 Ours are smaller than the one you have.

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    • “Menostop”!! Perfect!!
      Thank you, Gilly!
      Vacate it for 6 weeks??? What in the world??
      Oh yeah, the craft stuff!! I’m using my dresser drawers, my closet, a book shelf, the front porch, the workshop…
      We don’t need to go there today! HAHA


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  10. hey melinda – I followed you on my other blog – and we shared a bit back earlier this year – anyhow, I am back to follow and just wanted to leave you a note – hope you are have a great month of spetember so far – peace

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  12. I came across you, so to speak, via another Blogger. So I thought I would pop over and see what you are doing. Great way of thinking. I like that. positive and funny. Great partners in life. I shall look forward to reading more about your daily life/grind ( mine can be a grind!). How is your decluttering of everything going? You will feel lighter metaphorically anyway when you start. Anyway I am sure you will amuse me and I shall follow you with interest. Thank you. ( things happen for a reason)

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  13. Hi Melinda! The word purple brought me here and I’m glad! Haha!

    You seem like such a fun person. And congratulations on your achievements you posted on here. Don’t worry so much about gaining some, ICE CREAM is love! Haha. ❤

    It's always nice to see someone who's a proud believer of Jesus! Keep the faith. ❤

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  14. I’m pretty sure you’re my hero! lol I need to lose between 5 and 150 pounds. I am so impressed you took pictures of yourself when you were heavy. I’ve had a rule that I confiscate cameras. It would probably be better for me to take pictures so I would force myself to lose and take new pictures!

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  15. Way to go, Melinda! This is kind of reverse–we actually moved into a bit of a larger house, and I’m still trying to declutter! I can’t stand organizing, but I don’t mind cleaning per se. That is, I don’t mind vacuuming, dusting, and that kind of stuff.

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  16. Nice to meet you, Melinda. Thanks for stopping by “The Wild Ride” and choosing to follow it. Just FYI, though – I’ve stopped regularly submissions to TWR. Though it was originally created as a writing blog, it later morphed into the story of my journey with my mom as she walked the path of Alzheimer’s. Mom’s gone now–it’ll be two years in June–and I don’t often write about Alzheimer’s anymore. Not because it isn’t important–it is and will remain so until we find a cure–but because I need the break from all that mixed joy and heartache. BUT, I am blogging and I hope you’ll check out my blog on my WordPress website at http://www.melissacrandall.com.

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  21. I would like to let you know that I have nominated you for the Book Blogger Test See link: click here Hope you will be able to participate and pay this forward. Congratulations my blogger friend for being nominated and check out their wonderful blogs.

    Hope everything is well with you

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