Awards and Challenges

They like me, they really like me!  Not to toot my own horn  (well, maybe just a little!)

Awards I’ve been given, (in no particular order):

slob, humor, funniest award

That’s me!! Well, my category, anyway!!

   Thank you Sherri for nominating me!

slob, humor, awards

How pretty is this?? Thank you Camellia!

Challenges I’ve participated in so far:

100 word challenge

Thanks Josh for this challenge!

Quote Challenge

From Gary @   Thanks, Gary!   Sadly, no icon for this challenge.  😦     If I knew how to work picture creation sites better, I’d make on myself!


This is his icon on his blog.

He sent me a clean copy, and I ahem, lost it.

slob, humor, challenge

Challenge by Judy from Edwina’s Episodes

Thank you Judy!!

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