Giving Girl

Jenny is a wonderful friend, and mother of 6!!  kids, that I’ve met blogging.    Her honesty about both the joys, and um, trials of parenting a large family somehow is always funny!

She is a Christian (Mormon), that’s the way she writes it, guys!     So, in order to focus more on Christ, at Christmas, she does this Advent Ornaments, Names of Christ activity.      And now, just for us, she’s giving away 2 sets!!

Thank you Jenny!!

How great is that!!    Teaching your kids the names of Christ is sooo important!       And focusing on our Savior, instead of “gimmes”  is huge!!

So, run over there, and enter in!      Even if you don’t win, you’ll have a good laugh, and make new friends!!       Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!         (No, sorry, she is NOT coming by your house with food.      That’s not part of the giveaway!)


Update:  I won!!    So excited!!     And no, it had nothing to do with me writing this post!!     ( I asked! )      I was randomly chosen by some (very smart) computer thingy.



Quipped Quote – Day 2

Welcome back!        I knew you couldn’t resist seeing what said who!!       This challenge is thanks to Judy, from Edwina’s Episodes.          Many thanks, Judy!!         How many??         How many what??          How many thanks??       Inquiring minds wanna know!!          Um, many?!       I need a number here.       Okay, 200 then.        Thanks!      But only 2.

slob, humor, challenge


(We’re in the slightly darker purple day.)

Day 1.

Rules of the challenge:

  1. Three quotes over three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.






Today’s quote:

“For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

Ephesians 2:8-9 KJV



Contrary to popular belief, we can NOT work our way into heaven!     This verse clearly states salvation comes by grace, through faith, and it’s a GIFT from God!!           I am so grateful to God for His free gift!!         How about you?


Today’s victims nominees are:




I hope you come on board, and quote away, ladies!

Quipped Quote

Another quote challenge!!     YAY!    Thanks, Judy!!    I accept gladly!      Judy is a lovely girl from the UK, who loves to write in rhyme!      This is the second challenge she has issued to me!   And I do believe I’m up for it!     We’ll soon see!

{First tho, I gotta go make an icon for it!!       I did for the Declutterathon, so I hold out hope!}


slob, humor, challenge



YAYA!!        I did it!!       Who did it??     Well, ok, me and the tech support.      Anyone surprised that it’s all purple-ish??       Anyone???

Alrightey then!        {rubs hands briskly together}         Onward to the quotes!!

Wait, wait, wait!!!         Oh my goodness!    What??        You forgot to give the rules!!       And so I did!        Thanks for reminding me!

Here we go!      Gotta get the legalese in there, ya know!

Rules of the challenge:

  1. Three quotes over three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.


(I already thanked Judy.    Now I gotta go do the hard stuff, of picking just 3 people!)

Can you guess where I’m drawing my quote from??  


slob, humor, purse

I LOVE the Scripture!! And the structure!!

You didn’t expect me to say purse, did ya??       Actually it’s from the Holy Bible, New Testament.

I’ve found it to be true, in my life, over and over again.     God is the God of the impossible!! He saved my soul from sin.    He baptized me in the Holy Spirit.    He delivered me from a spirit of fear.     He’s healed me many times!


Come back tomorrow, to see what says who??        Um, don’tcha mean “Who says what??”     Yeah, whatev.


I love quoting from the Bible!!


And my nominees are:

I hope you girls accept and have fun!       If not, no worries!!

(I promise I’ll tell them, as soon as this posts!)


Religion? Relationship?

A new friend, and follower of mine, Lawson, writes about a variety of topics.  This one is so relevant to what is happening in too many churches today, that I had to re-blog it.  If you enjoy it, please go visit him!   He starts out by complimenting his home church, then goes on to discuss other churches.



“I want to start off by giving the biggest shout out to Coastal Church in Daphne, Alabama for not only touching my heart, but countless others. This non-denominational church stands for the fundamentals of the Bible and the ways of Jesus.”

slob, pastors

Pastor Chad and Jennifer Stafford


“I feel sorrow for the fact that there are many problems with a wide variety of churches today. My prayer is that one day there will be solidarity in the fundamentals of the Gospel. I want to discuss some of these issues.

I want to start with the most extreme problem churches. Many people have heard of Westboro Baptist Church.”

Go here to read the rest.

strange struggle

Right now, I’m struggling to post every day, due to circumstances going on.   Namely, having to babysit 2 grand babies, while my daughter, (DD1) works full time, without a vehicle!   Which mean Vanronica is running her little legs tires off!   And as taxi driver, I have to get up early, and stay awake late, to get everyone where they need to be on time!


We keep having sitter troubles, for one reason or another.  In Poor Post, I talked about the outrageous cost of day care.   There is help, but to get help, you first have to be working.   And to be working, you first have to have day care!!    Quite a fine catch 22 there!

And babysitting full time, or part-time even, is physically stressful for me, due to all my physical problems.  

I still haven’t posted about my latest fall, over a month ago now, or very much about my groin problem, which makes it difficult to even get up outta my recliner, much less get up with an 18 lb. baby in my arms!!   Sometimes, even when I do manage to pull myself upright, I can’t take a step, and just fall back into the recliner.   So, I need help whenever I have my darlings over.  And, requiring help makes it stressful on whoever is helping!   2 of my helpers, PopPop, and Rose, work full time themselves.

Anyway, when I have the girls, they require my constant attention.   Then, on my “off” days, all I want to do is sleep.   Last Sunday, I slept 22 of the 24 hours!!

So, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc, falls to the wayside.  (And to my shame and embarrassment, it also means Kim’s Kwilt isn’t done either.   Poor girl!   Will she EVER be able to sleep under it??   I’ve learned the hard way, sewing when I’m tired only leads to double the work.)

And blogging??  As much as I love it, it falls way down on the priority list.  It bothers me to not have posts lined up, but I’m fully confident in my choices to put my daughter, and grand daughters first.   Blogging is NOT my life, they are.   Even though blogging is an important part of my life.

God is priority one, but I have even slipped some there.  On my “on” days, sometimes I don’t get up early enough to read my Bible, and pray first thing.   And, I’ve missed church the last 2 Sundays, because it was the only day I had to sleep.  God knows I can’t function in a state of sleep deprivation for very long.  Then, when I fall into bed at night, I’m so tired, my prayers are shortened, and then I’m zonked out.

I’m not saying all this to complain.   Just explaining what’s up with me lately.  Ya’ll know I’m nothing if not transparent!   Messes, warts and all!  I’ll tell ya more than ya ever wanted to know about what’s going on in my life!!

And exhaustion causes me to eat worse too,

slob, humor, peach fanta

The vast vat was almost empty when I remembered to stop and take the pic. Should I get another one to retake the pic???

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.


So then I feel worse, and the cycle goes on…

But, loving, and taking care of my 4 girls, (even though I’m too far away from DD2 to do anything physically for her, I love her and pray for her) is the right choice, and priority right now.   After all, PP and PPJr will only be little for 18 years!!  Lol

So, if I miss a day or two here and there, please bear with me.   I know y’all will, cuz y’all are the best!!   I try really hard to stay caught up, but something has to give.

Now that I’ve written this tome, I need to go do the dishes.   But, instead, I’ll probably go to bed!!  After all, dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow, a well rested me might not be!   (And yes, Claremary, I have used paper plates lately.  They just don’t make bottles and sippy cups in paper!!   Or pots…)

Living Litter

Here are pix of how my living room looked on Father’s Day.

slob, humor, mess

A living litter pix, for sure.

Okay, technically, this is my “dining room”, but since it smack dab next to my living room, with no separation, I think you can bear with me!

slob, humor, mess

More living litter, edge of living room that abuts dining room.

(Yeah, same chair as in first pix, now just decorated with a pretty dress.  It wanted to dress itself up for the holiday!)


Can you say “litter”??   I know you can!     Yes, I’m a litter bug, even inside!

slob, humor, littered table

My recliner-side table. smh

I spread my special brand of mess hither and yon!

slob, humor, living in mess

What?? It’s a living room! WE live in it!


Okay, so someone needed to do something about this.   Volunteers??   Anyone??


So, it looked like it was up to the Little Red Hen, er, I mean the Big Purple Slob.

It was Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day, so no excuse to be lazy there.

I huffed, and I puffed, and I blew some mess down.

slob, humor, less mess

Ok, so that looks a” litter” better, right??


Well, I guess…..

Of course it does!   The “dressed” chair is gone, so is the green Publix bag, the box with shoes, and the pile on the TV tray is lower!!  It looks lots better!

slob, humor, clean patch of floor

Wow! Now I’m impressed! And it looks like you even swept too!


Thank you for noticing!

slob, humor, tidier

You even swept here too??


Why yes, I did!   I told you, I was the Little Red Henthe Big Purple Slob that day, cleaning like there was no tomorrow!


slob, humor, neater table

Last, but not least, my recliner side table is now usable!


(Nobody noticed that I didn’t show an “after” of the dining room, right??)

No, no one at all.

Whew!! Oh, good!!   Cuz the Big Purple Slob turned into the big lazy purple slob again, after I ran outta elbow grease, and peach Fanta!!

But, hey, the living room litter was less!!



Church Chuckles

Merry Monday!   Lookee there, I DID find another alliterative title!   Go, me!

No, really!   Go, so the people can read in peace!

slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme

Yeah… about that….

slob, humor, meme

(No need for comment here.)

slob, humor, meme

Nope!! Ain’t happening! [Is anybody else thinking Sponge Bob?]

slob, humor, meme



slob, humor, meme


(Anybody else wonder how they get these animals to pose the way they want them???)

slob, humor, meme

Not funny, just true!



glow dark


slob, humor, meme

Lol!! What else could it mean??


I hope you had some chuckles, from these church memes.    I know I did!

Until next week, this is The Purple Slob saying, go with God.


Holiday Hahas

Here we are 15 weeks later, and I’m still going strong with the Monday memes.   Sarah Eliza, you created a monster!  Ha ( how many ha-s do you have to have for it to be hahas??)

On to the laughing.


ready for Jesus' birthday, humor

How many candles is it this year??

humor, monks changing Stonehenge daylight savings time

That’s a holiday, right?? A nightmare holiday, maybe!


humor, Facebook post reminds wish happy birthday



humor, kid can't sleep on new year's

ALL parents can relate to this! Might not be so funny either.


humor, plan own surprise party

Yup, I’m getting there!

Hmmm, that’s 3 birthday memes.  Maybe I should have named this one “Birthday Bwahahahas”???

humor, kid plays with box, not present

True story.

humor, Thanksgiving whole family together without police

Or is that just MY family??


humor, pretend Valentine's from Biblical times

Biblical Valentine’s!



Done??  Belly muscles sore yet??  If not, I need to do better about finding funnier material!!

Fiction’s Food Focus

2nd day of Gary’s quote challenge.   First day here.

Ya know, Gary from Fiction’s Food?    Yeah, him.   Well, he challenged me to quote stuff.   So that’s my focus today.

slob, humor, food

Speaking of food, this is REAL food!


The first time, I quoted myself.   I know!   So egotistical, right??   But, I have a lot of good stuff to say!

Alright, I suppose other people do too.

Today’s quote is from the Bible.   {Anyone surprised by that?   If ya are, I haven’t been vocal enough about my faith!}

slob, humor, Bible

My latest, and newest favorite


Proverbs 15:13

“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance; but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.”  KJV

The reason I chose this verse about the countenance, is that one of my acquaintances saw me the other day, and said “You look different.”

I asked what he meant.

“Your face is calm.”

That compliment thrilled me!   As you know, I’ve been working hard on holiness, and pleasing God lately.   Also, cultivating a deep attitude of gratitude.

Evidently my contentment is showing on my face!   Thank you God!!

Okay, back to the challenge.

Here’s the fun part where I get to call out 3 of y’all!!

First I’m tagging a new friend.  (And you’ll see why I like her!)



and last but not least, another brand new friend:


Let’s hear it, ladies, and gentleman!   What do you have to say??



Believer’s Bwahaha

Believer’s bwahaha is what I came up with because Christian Crack-ups  2 didn’t you know what.

Here they are for your pleasure.

humor, cloud 8 could be happier



humor, pour gatorade over pastor's head

Can you imagine??


humor, not gossip, sharing opinions

Ummm, yeah…


humor grace not license to sin

Good one!


humor, one job



humor, girl is pretty and knows God's Word

Go girl!!



humor, is Bible app light saber

I wanna know!!


humor, loving enemy, mad face

Yup! I recognize that face!


humor, Moses basket, water damage

Belly laugh!!


humor, wait there's myrrh

Ancient Billy Mays??


humor, Noah kept bees in Ark Hives

Only Dad.


cross is the one way

Not funny at all, truth!!


humor, desperate girl Song of Solomon

Oh, girl. Bless her heart.


hear God



And last, but not least:

humor, pastor is 42, looks 82

Man, that’s rough!!