Jenerous Jeanette

My neighbor, Jeanette, gave me this jorgeous (hard “J” lol)  lighthouse for Christmas.    (I know, I know, here it is way into 2017, I’m still bragging yakking about last Christmas!       Well, I’m not done with the topic yet!    Sorry, not sorry!)

slob, humor, lighthouse

As you can see, I’m proudly displaying it outside.     It’s light is solar, so it lights up at night!     So very neat!    slob, humor, solar light

She is so jenerous!     Last year she gave me these gorgeous pictures, that she colored.     She also painted the frames purple.     She’s a great friend!

slob, humor, friend painted      slob, humor, friend painted

What did I give her?     You may ask.      Last year, I gave her an ornament that said something about being a good neighbor.     (Sorry, I didn’t memorize it!)        When I went to visit, the other day, she had it prominently displayed on her tree.      

This year I’m planning to give her one of the cross stitch ornaments I made.

slob, humor, cross stitch ornament

As soon as I find it again!       When I finished it, I put it in the living room, to wrap.       Then PP came over, and poof!       It’s gone!

So, the treasure hunt begins!!      I sure hope it doesn’t take me as long to find it, as it did to finish making it!

Well, never did find it.  

(Update:  this post was written Dec. 7.    I found the ornament on the very bottom of the tree, in the back, next to the wall, where I couldn’t see it, when I was stripping the tree!  On Dec.11, the very night this was published.    That scamp, PP!!    She knew I’d never look back there!)

 So, since I knew where this one was, this is what she got!       She liked it, cuz her tree is predominantly red decorations.       Good job, Melinda!!         Thanks!

slob, humor, finished!

Now, my joy is all gone….

Just kiddin!!      I still have Jesus!!



YAY!!  It’s December!! Christmas has begun!!     I know, cuz PP yells it!      “It’s Kissmas!”

So, for the next 3 weeks, Meme Mondays will be Christmas themed.  (If I can find that many, and somehow I think I can!!)

slob, humor, shopping meme

Oh yeah!! My eyes are bugging out already!

slob, humor, cat tree meme

I don’t have any cats, but I’ve heard stories!

slob, humor, Bing Crosby meme

Oh yes, Bing Crosby!! Christmas music when Christmas music was music!

Well, we’ve already begun the Christmas themed meme Mondays, so this notice is a wee bit late, Melinda.

Oops, yeah, sorry about that!    I was trying to come up with the rest of the title, so this was laying around in the “drafts” folder, just goofing off!        Good thing I went hunting around for a post!

slob, humor, dessert meme


Since this is true, I have an excuse!



slob, humor, coo-kie!    So, now we’ll talk about my December breakfast menus.     My favorite is sugar cookies, and egg nog.

slob, humor, nom nom cookie!



I think I forgot to photograph the nog, and just drank it all up!!      Sorry, Goldilocks!




The sad skeletons:

slob, humor, breakfast empties

Yum, yumm, yummy!!         So so good!!


Well, that’s about all for now, folks.     See ya next week!!        Have some cookies, and nog!    Good for ya!  


Since I couldn’t find a really purple one, I couldn’t decide. So, here’s all 3 to enjoy!!


Oops, actually after consulting a calendar, today is the 16th, and Christmas is only NINE days away!      Feel free to panic now!


Womanly Woes


slob, humor, sad story

Here’s the rest of the story that I promised you back in Paper Purgathon- Perch.

This pic is from the day I became a “woman.”      It started out as a happy day- we were going to Busch Gardens with some friends.     YAY!       (The 2 women in front of me are Mama, on the left, and our friend, Kathy, to the right.)

The back story is: I was 15 and 1/2, and had not become a “woman” yet.     All my other friends and family, aunts my age, cousins, etc, had become “women” when they were 13 or so.    2 and a half YEARS before me!!     And here I still was a little girl!!      Not only was I sad about it, I was angry!!       And scared!!        I truly was wondering whether I was really a girl or not!      I had been begging Mama to take me to the Dr, for testing to see what was wrong with me!        With her wisdom, she refused.       She told me to try to calm down, that I really was a girl for sure, and wait.    I demanded to know HOW she knew I was really a girl, not a defective weirdo.     She told me to trust her, as my Mama, she promised I would become a woman soon.    She had been a late bloomer too.   And she warned me, that when I did, I’d be sorry that I wasted all that time griping, instead of enjoying NOT being a woman!

I told her “NO!   I will NEVER be sorry I’m a woman, once I finally do become one, IF I EVER do!”     (Just like every defiant, bratty child ever, in the whole world.)

Well, that pic shows the story, don’t it?      I became a woman, at Busch Gardens.     And was I happy about it??        You tell me??     NOPE!     As sure as Mama had predicted, it was NOT fun!     I was NOT glad it happened!!     I wanted it to stop now!      I was over it, thanks!

I can imagine God was up in heaven, listening to me gripe, sighing.     “Melinda, Melinda, Melinda.     You wanted to be a woman, but I was delaying it till you were ready.   You weren’t happy.     Now, you’re a woman, and you’re not happy!       What will make you happy??”

And I can imagine an angel leaning over, and whispering, “Um, God?”

God says “Yes?”

The angel:  “You created her, don’t you know what will make her happy??”

God says. “Sure I do, but she don’t wanna listen to me!     I’ve been telling her Mama what to say, and her Mama’s been saying it, but will she listen??       Nooooooo.”


{If you think this sounds irreverent, it’s not meant to be.     It’s just my thoughts.}

So, the moral of the story is:  Be patient for what you want!    Sometimes God is delaying it for your own good!    And, when you finally get what you’ve been asking for for YEARS- try to be grateful!!!



And I’ve been a woman to this day.       {But I really was happy when I had a hysterectomy- just saying!}



Thinking Thankfully

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!!        I do hope y’all are all spending the day with family, and friends       And that you’re giving thanks for your many blessings!!

If you have food, you’re blessed!     If you have a dry, safe place to sleep, you’re blessed!       If you’re alive, and well, you’re blessed!

And the biggest blessing of all is if you have Jesus!!

I’m so thankful for all my many blessings.     I can’t even name ’em all here.     WP would probably cancel my page, due to the humongously long load time!

So, I’ll try to just make a short list.

  • God!!
  • Family!!     
  • Friends!
  • Church!
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness!
  • You my readers!!
  • Food!
  • My house!
  • Vanronica!

And on, and on, and on…

I’m writing this Sunday night, and here’s what I just spent 1 1/2 hours doing:

Can you guess??

slob, humor, Thanksgiving cardslob, humor, more cardsslob, humor, even more cards!

You got it in 1!!      Homemade Thanksgiving cards.     (Or should I say “hand”made cards?!?

Well worth it, wouldn’t you say!      (And yes, for those sharp eyed readers, I did “edit”  PPJr’s hand a little!)    slob, humor, traced baby hand       This just wasn’t gonna do!!


To all my Readers,    Happy Thanksgiving!      

Love, PurpleSlob, AKA Purplelinda, Melinda





Giving Girl

Jenny is a wonderful friend, and mother of 6!!  kids, that I’ve met blogging.    Her honesty about both the joys, and um, trials of parenting a large family somehow is always funny!

She is a Christian (Mormon), that’s the way she writes it, guys!     So, in order to focus more on Christ, at Christmas, she does this Advent Ornaments, Names of Christ activity.      And now, just for us, she’s giving away 2 sets!!

Thank you Jenny!!

How great is that!!    Teaching your kids the names of Christ is sooo important!       And focusing on our Savior, instead of “gimmes”  is huge!!

So, run over there, and enter in!      Even if you don’t win, you’ll have a good laugh, and make new friends!!       Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!         (No, sorry, she is NOT coming by your house with food.      That’s not part of the giveaway!)


Update:  I won!!    So excited!!     And no, it had nothing to do with me writing this post!!     ( I asked! )      I was randomly chosen by some (very smart) computer thingy.



Florida Funnies

First there was Florida Flippancies.      Then, there was Flipped over Flippancies.        Now, I bring you “Florida Funnies!”

slob, humor, miracle

slob, humor, pain like no other

Not even joking!!      These things hurt like no other!!      Be so glad if you never experienced it yourself!!        The pain is like legos on steriods!!

slob, humor, which is which

I can’t tell!!       Where’s the answer key????

slob, humor, ubiquitous vases

They were everwhere in my youth!!!

slob, humor, humidity

It doesn’t say FL, but it doesn’t have to!! WE know it is!

slob,humor, gator

slob, humor, officially too hot

Once again, doesn’t specify FL, but we who live here KNOW!!

slob, humor, true!

Swim, bike, RUN, Forrest, RUN!!


slob, humor, state bird


slob, humor, too close

slob, humor, lol










slob, humor, whitey!

Your skin color when you’re not used to the beach!!

Hope you laughed your head off!    (Not literally, course!)

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!

Sneaky Snake

There I was, just sorting my mail, like any ordinary day.       I raised up the garbage can lid, to throw away the junk, and lo and behold- Snake!!       It hit the ground, to my horror, and dismay!      I immediately called XH in a panic, yelling “SNAKE< GET HERE NOW!!”           Thank God he was home, and raced over (those 2 blocks took him forever!- well, it felt that way.)      

He said, “Oh, it’s dead.”       My response was “Well, it hasn’t moved yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s dead!!      STOMP it!”

When he got close, the faker started striking at his boot.       Prompting another round of hysterical crying and babbling from me.       

KILL it!!   KILL it!!      STOMP it DEAD!!”

He kept trying to calm me down.     (XH, not the evil serpent!)

Once he stomped the life outta it, he swept it up with a small broom, into the dustpan, and interred it in the green tomb.      (I tried to stop him from getting so close, because I was sure it was only faking its own death.     Most likely for the insurance money.     He needed to take care of his family ya know.    And the lizard market had turned belly up.)

slob, humor, dead snake

                                                             The only good kind of snake!!

As XH led me into the house, still sobbing, (me, not the house) he tried to calm me down by saying ” It’s okay, they don’t run in pairs.”       How does he know???       What if that was a mommy, and the baby would be out for revenge?????       Or worse, vice versa???        Great, now I have to move again!

XH said not to worry about it, that is was only a rat snake.    I didn’t care!      I wanted it annihilated!       When I texted pic to SIL, he confirmed rat snake ID.      So, okay, maybe it wasn’t gonna kill me!    Whew!       But better safe than sorry, in my book!


RIP you evil thing.        No, actually, I don’t want you to rest in peace, I really want you to rest in PIECES!!          (Do ya think XH will dig it back up outta the garbage can, so I can chop it up???)