Hospitality House

The Saturday after Hurricane Matthew, I decided to have some peeps for dinner.     

Since when are you a cannibal??


Re-read that sentence.

Oh, yeah, okay, I see the problem there.     Saturday, I decided to have some peeps OVER for dinner!

Much better!

And even though I had had the girls overnight, it still only took me about 10 min. to make the living room and dining room/kitchen presentable!!       That was a huge accomplishment!!

slob, humor, covered clutter  Yup, hid some baby toys under that there blankie!!

And yes, I threw put some of the bulky stuff in the girls’ room, but I wasn’t madly running thru the house, just throwing stuff any ole where!

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter?    After all, where does the girls’ stuff belong, if not in their room??

{throat clearing}      What about this??

slob, humor, clutter     (Please note: Dresser top is still neat, except for the 1 blankie!)

Yes, I did put all the sewing/quilting stuff from the dining table, in the crib.      And your point?

Well, you shoved stuff.

True, but that was only a small bit of stuff, and the sewing room IS in my room, so MY point still holds!     “I wasn’t madly running thru the house, just throwing stuff any ole where!”

Mama was spending the afternoon, with me and the girls, and I decided I needed to feed her, for once.     Usually I say, “Sorry, Mama, I don’t have anything.”      (For some reason she won’t eat PP’s canned mac and cheese. )

 slob, humor, winky 

So, I thawed some chix thighs, put them in (Rose’s) crock pot.        Then, I cut up onions, put them in crock, and there was no room for the potatoes!       Mama and Rose were NOT happy about that development!       I blithely said, “We’ll just have to mash them then! “Knowing good and well I didn’t intend to mash them!}

But, I did peel the potatoes.      By this time, I was exhausted, and needed some refreshment. So, I peeled, and sliced some apples for PP, and ate some.      Ah!     The restorative powers of sustenance!

Then I washed off table, and set it.      Washed enough forks.

SF kindly cooked the broccoli, after Mama mashed the taters.      Rose had gone home, and baked put a blackberry cobbler in the oven.     Oh so yummm!!       (Even the store bought stuff tastes good with vanilla ice cream on it!)     And, for all those watching my diet for me, no, it wasn’t GF.      slob, humor, sad               After dinner, I cleared the dishes, and stopped Mama from washing them all.     She managed to get most of the pots done, before I caught her!

slob, humor, dinner dishesslob, humor, dinner dishesslob, humor, pot dreggs

   {Could you have guessed our menu from the crock dreggs??}

I didn’t finish them till next day.     Babysitting, cooking, and cleaning was enough for 1 day!!

The last time I had  peeps over for a meal was Dec. 24, 2015, for the Hawkins family Christmas Eve party.      And to prepare for that took a month, and 3 sessions with an organizer, and 1 pd cleaning!!

I’ve come a long way, baby!!


slob, decluttering


Oh, this is the dreaded day.   Decluttering the dining room, where no actual dining has happened in far too long!     Lame excuse #1- I have to use it as my cutting table, for sewing.  Lame excuse #2- I have to use it as my pressing table, for quilting.     lame excuse #3- Would you believe I’m lazy??     Anyway, here it is, the…

Dining Disaster:

slob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, declutterslob, humor, clutter

I tried to capture a pretty much 360 view, without having to resort to video!!     I’m still traumatized by failing to upload the 1 I did try!

Every time I’ve walked by it (the dining room, not the video!) in the last 15 days, it seems to mock me    “You can’t beat me!     Your piddly 15 minutes mean nothing to me!     Nothing, I tell you!”

Intimidated, I’d put it off for another day, and another.

But, today’s the day!      I’m gonna march in there, and tackle it 1 item at a time!       Clutter is no longer the boss of me!!      Even a huge, heaping helping of hoard!

I might run out screaming after the timer dings!!      And believe you me, I WILL start the timer this time!!      But, I will have have made a dent, no matter how tiny!

The timer actually was set, AND started!!    I told you I would THIS time!

slob, humor, time's up

And, I gave up after that first 15!!     I was exhausted, because I had already done dishes, and folded 4 baskets of laundry earlier!     Woot  Woot!!     Go, me!!

But, I DID it!!     I did make a DENT!!      slob, humor, found mail     Found mail from last month!!     Good thing it was only my OTC stuff from the pharmacy, NOT meds!


slob, humor, donate                     slob, humor, recycle    Recycle.

slob, humor, decluttered   I see da-floor dere!   slob, humor, decluttered

Dining done dented.


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Declutterathon Darning

slob, decluttering, challenge

(Already over half way thru, and still spitting out those alliterative titles!!)

slob, humor, meme

(Ignore the Hot Pockets. I promise I was NOT paid to sponsor them!!)







No, not darning, as in “Darn it.”    Darning as in “darning a sock”.     Which was the closest “D” word to sewing,  I could come up with!

Yes, dear darlings, we are decluttering the “darning” domain, AKA the sewing room closet.

At first glance, not much here to do!  

slob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, no clutter hereslob, humor, fabric is NOT clutter

All that stuff on top shelf is contained, therefore NOT clutter!     Oh yeah, the material on the chair needs put in its place, but fabric is NOT clutter!!

 Yay!    I can play a couple games of solitaire till the clock runs out!     slob, humor, hourglass

And…. then, I looked down…..

slob, humor, clutter

into the belly of the beast.      

slob, humor, frowning

Oh NO!!!! The horror!

Yeah, *gulp.*      Looks like there possibly is clutter there.

Oh, only possibly??

{Defensively}   Well, Kim’s kwilt is the biggest portion of that pile, “sew”……

So, exactly what do you plan to do about it???

I’m going to finish it, of course!              slob, humor, duh

Any time this decade??     Poor girl has already started her job as a Dr. sans kwilt.     It does get cold up there, ya know!!     And here it is already September!!

Don’t nag me!!    I’ll do it!!

Yeah, uh, huh, that’s what you said 9 years ago!

It’s 3/4 done!!     I’ve been kinda busy…

{concedes point}     True, you really have.     Alright, just get over there, go thru the pile, fold the kwilt neatly, and we’ll go on.

Thank you!  


Why, there was clutter in them thar hills!                     DUH!

slob, humor, clutterYeah, all this was hiding under the quilt.    Put away the clothes.

slob, humor, not clutter


Looky here!  A family pic, definitely not clutter!

slob, humor, clutter

Even at 40 cents it’s not a bargain if it becomes clutter.    And I had 3, that I didn’t use on St. Patrick’s Day, so away they go….

slob, humor, not clutter     Now see, this is what’s bad about clutter!    Ya forget what ya have!      PP will be excited to dress up as a ballerina!

slob, humor, not clutter


Oh man, here’s the squares for Shirley’s quilt that aren’t even

sewn into strips yet.   Yikes!

slob, humor, clutter     Good news!     These are empty boxes to recycle!!

slob, humor, clutter

I’d never even looked in this drawers.    And there I was with no

stapler, now I have 2!     eye roll      This one is unnecessary




I have better uses for that drawer.      Like this:

slob, humor, not clutter

Looks so much better, than just in a bag hanging around!!      And safer too, cuz now I won’t lose track of them!

slob, humor, decluttered

Ah!    Looks good!!     And no horror either!            slob, humor, decluttered

Declutterathon Darning Done!




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Declutterathon Dash

slob, decluttering, challenge

Today I’m gonna dash right thru this little session.     I’m decluttering the rat’s nest beside my bed.

slob, humor, clutter     The compulsory roll of tp,    In case you don’t make it to the potty????     NO!!     ICK!!    It’s for my nose!!     I guess I could do without the used wads.     That would be nice!

The trash is a no-brainer, and possibly I don’t need 3 deodorants, at once anyway!!      The pills are necessary, and the back scratcher, and the book.     But the book doesn’t need to be there, you never read in bed anymore.     And you do have such a lovely not crammed bookshelf, right over there!     {helpfully points}

slob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, declutteringslob, humor, decluttering

The necklace can be banished, probably the fabric scrap too.      But what about the french fry??     Won’t PP notice that’s missing??     Probably not till she makes burgers!

Okay, I’ve documented the mess, time {See what I did there??} for the decluttering to begin!!

Timer set: 15 minutes.      GO!

And she’s off to the races!

Huff, puff, blow down the clutter!

Almost done!    When is that timer gonna ding??     This is the longest 15 minutes of my life, without any fame, even!

*Looks at timer.*   slob, humor, facepalm      Let me guess.     {crossly}   You don’t have to guess, you know what I did!    Moving on!

slob, humor, not clutter     Good thing I did this!     I had 2 sets of duplicate bottles!!      Clutter be gone!       slob, humor, expired      3 expired supplements.     Not good, Melinda.    I know, I know.     Well, I won’t be taking those anymore.     Wonder if that’s why your tongue turned green??

slob, humor, clutter?     Aha!    I wondered where the key to my heart went.      Cute.

slob, humor, decluttering



2 more pairs of scissors??    When you already have 2 pairs in your office, not 6 feet away??      But the big ones are sewing scissors!   Very necessary!!     And you couldn’t put them in your sewing room, not even 3 feet away, because??????      Never mind, back to their respective places now.



slob, humor, not clutter!      Wow, this Declutterathon is certainly turning out to be lucrative!!  Thanks, Queen Anne!!    It really does pay to clean your house!      

slob, humor, decluttering      Just exactly how many finger, and toe nails do you have anyway?    This is the fourth pair we’ve found!     To the bathroom cabinet they go.

slob, humor, not clutter, just homeless



So slobby sewing supplies.    Sent to sewing supply space.





slob, humor, clutter      The third phone we’ve found!      Maybe you need to add hoarder somewhere in your name??

slob, humor, not clutterYummy!    Chocolate scented dog Sister sent me!      Not clutter at all!!       I agree!    Chocolate is one of the basic food groups!     Ya NEVER get rid of chocolate!

slob, humor, decluttered      Since when do TV trays have 8 legs??      Ya know, I never even noticed that 2nd one was there!       *eye roll*     Why am I not surprised??

slob, humor, clutter




To be sent to the shed shortly.

{Update:  it’s been banished.}



Look what else I found.      slob, humor, clutter       What??    Doesn’t everyone use their pill organizer as a safe deposit box??

Time for the big reveal!     Feast your eyes on this!

slob, humor, decluttered      So, so pretty!      slob, humor, decluttered        There, doesn’t that look so much better?

Yes, I admit it does.    And look!     slob, humor, better than tp roll       I even upgraded to real tissues!

My, my!     We are going all out!!

And the Declutterathon dash is done for this day.



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Declutterathon Donate

slob, decluttering

Here we are at Day 4.    This is actually my day one, I just forgot to blog about it!    So, I have to shove fit it in here.

I always go on Freecycle.   Love that site!!    Best way to get free stuff ever!!    Or to get RID of stuff too!    In fact, I signed up for the email alerts, so I don’t even have to log on to be notified!

slob, freecycle



Sat Aug 27 21:26:22 2016
Quilting rulers and supplys (Lakeland) by sewnaners
Looking for assorted quilting rulers and supply’s Thank you


“Sew” {see what I did there?  lol} I thought, “Well, I don’t have any extra rulers to give away, BUT!  I do have some extra fabric that Mama gave me.   I don’t need all of it, so I can share.”

{But did I take pix?    Nooooo!    sigh    Maybe someday in the sweet bye and bye.}

We can only hope!!

Anyway,   eye roll  I answered her post, including my phone number.   Shortly, she texted back.   Turns out, we live on the same street!!    That was so funny!!    We both had a good laugh over that!

slob, humor, laughing

Laughing with giddy delight!!



After she picked out which fabrics she wanted, I invited her in.    We had a nice talk, now we both have a new friend!   And a good neighbor!

So, it didn’t really take 15 minutes, but I’m counting this!!

Maybe if I count reading the ad, emailing, and texting her…..    Okay, it DID take 15 minutes!!   Counting the visit, almost an hour!

Whew!   I worked hard on this one!      slob, humor, winky

{I’d make my own winky giphy-IF I knew how!!}





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Sewing Suits

No, not sewing suits as in men’s clothes, sewing suits, as in it suits you to a “T”.    Sewing is suitable for your brain.  There, does that make more sense??   (Shout out to my friends Liz and James Suits!!)

Hey, maybe you should have named this “Sewing Sense”.

NOW ya tell me!!   Where were ya when I was trying to think up a title??

Sewing suits, of course!!

potholder 006

Not changed at all

c pp 319

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         (Old caption.)


My good friend, and new mother Kristen, you probably remember her from Twin Twist, blogged this, and I just HAD to re-blog it!!

Why Sewing is Great for Your Brain!

As if I don’t have enough to do these days (HA!) I’ve been thinking about taking up sewing. Maybe making all the twins outfits. Maybe opening an Etsy shop. Maybe making some cute treasures for friends and family. 


To finish reading, go here:


So what do YOU think? Do you think YOUR brain would be helped by some sewing?



(Hint:  It will!!)


strange struggle

Right now, I’m struggling to post every day, due to circumstances going on.   Namely, having to babysit 2 grand babies, while my daughter, (DD1) works full time, without a vehicle!   Which mean Vanronica is running her little legs tires off!   And as taxi driver, I have to get up early, and stay awake late, to get everyone where they need to be on time!


We keep having sitter troubles, for one reason or another.  In Poor Post, I talked about the outrageous cost of day care.   There is help, but to get help, you first have to be working.   And to be working, you first have to have day care!!    Quite a fine catch 22 there!

And babysitting full time, or part-time even, is physically stressful for me, due to all my physical problems.  

I still haven’t posted about my latest fall, over a month ago now, or very much about my groin problem, which makes it difficult to even get up outta my recliner, much less get up with an 18 lb. baby in my arms!!   Sometimes, even when I do manage to pull myself upright, I can’t take a step, and just fall back into the recliner.   So, I need help whenever I have my darlings over.  And, requiring help makes it stressful on whoever is helping!   2 of my helpers, PopPop, and Rose, work full time themselves.

Anyway, when I have the girls, they require my constant attention.   Then, on my “off” days, all I want to do is sleep.   Last Sunday, I slept 22 of the 24 hours!!

So, cleaning the house, doing laundry, etc, falls to the wayside.  (And to my shame and embarrassment, it also means Kim’s Kwilt isn’t done either.   Poor girl!   Will she EVER be able to sleep under it??   I’ve learned the hard way, sewing when I’m tired only leads to double the work.)

And blogging??  As much as I love it, it falls way down on the priority list.  It bothers me to not have posts lined up, but I’m fully confident in my choices to put my daughter, and grand daughters first.   Blogging is NOT my life, they are.   Even though blogging is an important part of my life.

God is priority one, but I have even slipped some there.  On my “on” days, sometimes I don’t get up early enough to read my Bible, and pray first thing.   And, I’ve missed church the last 2 Sundays, because it was the only day I had to sleep.  God knows I can’t function in a state of sleep deprivation for very long.  Then, when I fall into bed at night, I’m so tired, my prayers are shortened, and then I’m zonked out.

I’m not saying all this to complain.   Just explaining what’s up with me lately.  Ya’ll know I’m nothing if not transparent!   Messes, warts and all!  I’ll tell ya more than ya ever wanted to know about what’s going on in my life!!

And exhaustion causes me to eat worse too,

slob, humor, peach fanta

The vast vat was almost empty when I remembered to stop and take the pic. Should I get another one to retake the pic???

slob, humor, ice cream sandwiches

These are ice cream sandwiches.


So then I feel worse, and the cycle goes on…

But, loving, and taking care of my 4 girls, (even though I’m too far away from DD2 to do anything physically for her, I love her and pray for her) is the right choice, and priority right now.   After all, PP and PPJr will only be little for 18 years!!  Lol

So, if I miss a day or two here and there, please bear with me.   I know y’all will, cuz y’all are the best!!   I try really hard to stay caught up, but something has to give.

Now that I’ve written this tome, I need to go do the dishes.   But, instead, I’ll probably go to bed!!  After all, dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow, a well rested me might not be!   (And yes, Claremary, I have used paper plates lately.  They just don’t make bottles and sippy cups in paper!!   Or pots…)

Kim’s Kwilt Continued

Well, mercy me.   It feels like I’ve been working on Kim’s kwilt for years now!!     Tho, if I had been, it’d be done by now!!

So, today is May 2.   I have exactly 17 days to have it fini, and wrapped up.    It’s a race against the clock, folks!!    Can I do it??   Even if I finish only by the hair of my chinny chin chin, I’ll do it!!

Here are a coupla sneak peeks:

slob, humor, quilting

The 19 has borders on the square to make it large enough. The blue is sashing between squares.


slob, humor, quilting

The far side of the 19 square.


I laid out all the squares, and decided on the pattern.   Then, I started stitching the squares together, with the sashing in between.   I finished 2 whole rows!!    {No one needs to know that each row only has 5 T-shirts in it!!}   Then, I sashed the 2 rows together.

slob, humor, quilting

2 rows done!! OOps! Upside down! Sorry!

Looking good! If I do say so myself, who shouldn’t!!

Now, I’m exhausted!!!    After I get this written, it’s nap time!!!    (Isn’t it always???)









Kim’s Kwilt, Coming!

As I mentioned before, I’m working on DD2’s T-shirt kwilt for her graduation, as an Optometrist, in May.   So exciting!!    There’ll be a Doctor in the house!!

So, I’m working.   Hard.   On the days I’m not hardly working.   Kim’s kwilt is coming along nicely.

Here are the T-shirts:

bag of old T shirts

Apparently old T-shirts are not as yucky as old sheets. Who knew??


“Sew”, {See what I did there?} now I’m seriously working on it.   Only 1 month, minus 1 day to go!!!    On no!!!!!

I pre-washed all the sashing materials, which I will use for the borders, as well.  

humor, slob, quilting

She wanted all the different colors of her schools.


The backing is still a mystery.   When I get paid again, in May, then I’ll go hunting for that, and the filling.    The front is the hard part!    Once it’s done, sandwiching it all together is almost a breeze!    (Almost, I say.   Remember the Bland Blankie going wonky???)

For those lazy among you who don’t wanna waste your time re-reading about that painful memory, here’s a visual:

misaligned quilt edges , humor

See how the edges no longer align??? AUGH!!


NOW I know that flannel stretches!   It’s 100% cotton, so how did I know???

Okay, I’m in the midst of ironing on fusible web, to stiffen the T-shirt, so they won’t ravel when I sew them together.

Then, some had to have double-sided webbing, because they were going to be appliques.

slob, humor, quilting

Turns out, iron “on”s also iron “off”. Who knew??

Yeah, so that happened!   Oops!    That’s why the directions say “Use a pressing cloth.”   Probably because someone else did that, and sued, so now they have to put warning labels, for the idiots distracted folks like me.   Now, I MUST use a pressing cloth, or I’ll iron these numbers onto something else!

After I did that, I was done for the day.    When I start making big boo-boos, quitting time!

Sayonara till Monday.    More memes to come!


Bland Blankie

PP Jr is set to make her entrance soon.   And I don’t know who’s more excited, me or her parents!    (DD1 and SIL).     Just kiddin!    I know it’s me!!!    I get to be an Omie for the second time!    And PP will be a big sister!

So, ya know the drill.   Gotta make her a baby quilt.   (I was gonna title this post “PP Jr’s Quilt, but I’m on probation with my BBFFJ for alliteration violations!!)

Here’s the 3 fabrics for the front side.

3 gender neutral fabrics for baby quilt

3 “Gender Neutral” Fabrics



Not sure what the back will be yet.    The reason that it’s so much yellow, and green, and blue is, they wanted gender neutral.    Well, that went against my grain, but since they’re the parents, and control how much I can see the baby, I figured I better do what they said!    lol   So, this is the best I could make myself do for gender neutral.       See all the yellow?    and green?     and even blue in there too!!    Oh, so ya wanna know about the pink??    Well, gender neutral includes all the colors, amiright??

That’s why I called it a bland blankie, not enough pink for me!!

Here are some of the squares, cut out.

quilt squares cut out for baby quilt

And yes, my arm and hand are both wore out now!


Here is a finished 9 patch.

PPJr's gender neutral quilt's 9 patch

Coming along quite nicely!!

Starting the actual quilting.   Why does it go wonky???

misaligned quilt edges , humor

See how the edges no longer align??? AUGH!!


And here is the quilt fini!!

finished baby quilt, wonky edges, made with love

Well, it’s done. Wonky edges and all. At least it’s made with love!



On to Kim’s!!