So Slobby Sewing Space Sequel

Remember not long ago when I boasted about my superb sewing space?

Not changed at all

Not changed at all

Yeah…. not so much now. ¬†ūüė¶

In the continuing effort to pare down, by purging, I gave up the nice big gray cabinet, which was wonderful for storage.  Purging  it caused a twinge of angst, but only a small one.

Then, Brother needed more room, so his ginormous bean bag somehow ended up in there.

Brother's Ginormous Beanbag chair

Brother’s Ginormous Beanbag chair

Hmmmm, how exactly did that happen?    That thing is heavy!

Then someone gifted me with a huge bag of fabric for quilting.  Who could turn that down? Not I!

And just when the storage cabinet went away too.

Gray cabinet gone, gone

Gray cabinet gone, gone

Bad timing there!

So, once again it’s a slobby sewing space. ¬†sigh ¬†And here I had been breaking my arm, patting myself on the back that I was making progress.

So how much does it count to have gotten rid of 1 huge thing, when it put the whole room straight back into chaos again?? ¬†See how I blamed the cabinet’s absence for the mess, instead of admitting it was me? ¬†Pretty slick, right?


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Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, by Anne of The Main Focus.


Thank you, Anne!!

I’m so thrilled and excited!! ¬†My 2nd Blogger Award!!

You like me, you really like me!

This is what Anne said about me:

“Purple Slob In Recovery ¬†‚Äď Very encouraging blog which I enjoy reading daily. She describes her life as a mother, wife and grandmother. She has a very positive side to life.”

Wow, so wonderful to hear such good things about myself!!


1. Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you.

2. Share ten random facts about yourself.

3. Nominate ten more bloggers who are fairly new to blogging.

Ten Random Facts:

1. ¬†I’m finding out I like a clean house! ¬†(I know! I was shocked too!)

2. Just bought my first (all by myself) home.  (A $500 trailer.  It was a steal!!)  ALERT:  New post coming soon!    (That was it, btw.)

3.  I read books under the covers , with a flashlight, ALL the time as a kid.

4. ¬†I even read in the tub. ¬†(No, I didn’t splash and ruin them.)

5. ¬†I read while walking down the halls, in high school. ¬†(I’m tall, so I held the book lower than my eyes, and never ran into anyone. ¬†… Okay, mostly never….. Okay, hardly ever….. ¬†Okay, once or twice)

6.  I was Sargent At Arms, in my DCT club as a junior.  I was in charge of making sure the boys wore a tie.  I once ran one down across the front lawn, and tackled him.  He put on the tie.

7. ¬†I fell in puppy love with a guy, when I was a senior in high school, just because he was 6’7″. ¬†He was 25, so he wouldn’t date me until I showed him my license, that I was already 18. ¬†Smart guy!!

8.  My second husband died just 2 months after our wedding.

9.  I knew my children were girls, as soon as I found out that I was pregnant, both times.

10. I don’t miss Coke, and doughnuts as much as I thought I would. ¬† (Update, I was only fooling myself.)

10 Fairly New Bloggers:

1.  This site is no longer valid.

2.  Kellie

3.  Hugh

4.  Chris

5.  Gail

6.  Janice

7. apparently this site is no longer valid.


9. Linda

10. Splashed

Sorry, I don’t know everyone’s names yet. ¬†Enjoy!

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Moving Microwave

Last night I read, and read, and READ organizing blogs till my eyes crossed.

I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Buildblog blah blah

that said get rid of your microwave.


Now, that is down right heresy!  I need my micro!

But, the article did connect in my slob brain about setting up your home for yourself. ¬†And I’m tall, so I can put the micro back on top of the fridge where DD1 and I had it a while ago!

PP C 082

Poof-more counter space! Yippee!

Then I remembered, someone else in this house is not as tall as me.

And that would be kinda mean, to put it up where he can’t use it.

But! I could put a step ladder there! That would solve it!

Okay, fine, I won’t move the microwave up there.

But! Then I had another brainstorm!

Or else I heard the echo of Sweet friend saying, “Move it to the other counter, right of the sink.”


Final placement. (I think.)

Final placement. (I think.)

And look how purdy my (almost) empty counter looks now!

Clear Cooking Space!

Clear Cooking Space!


ahhhh  {sigh of relief}

I have just been given permission to be a slob.

WHAT?  Could you repeat that please?

I just read an organizing blog that gave me permission to be a slob, in areas that don’t count. ¬†I¬†wish I had saved the address! ¬†I should have figured I’d need it to provide proof!

O-h, k-a-y…

How does that work for  a slob in recovery??

I can wad up the washcloths, and towels, and toss them into the linen closet.


I don’t have to fold my underwear. ¬†(I had figured that one out on my own l-o-n-g ago!!) ¬†I will spare you the visual on this one. ¬†You’re welcome.

Don’t fold sheets, just stuff the set into the matching pillow case.

Folding the dish rags?  So last year.  Just toss them up there, willy-nilly.

Last year's dish rags

Last year’s dish rags

There ya go!

There ya go!

Ahhhhhh! and the angels sang!!!

That’s one reason my clean laundry piles up. ¬†I don’t want to spend my time making neat little folds, when it’s just gonna get unfolded soon. ¬†(The same reasoning I use to avoid making my bed.)

So, now, I’ve been given permission to just do it like I wanted to in the first place!

It’s MY¬†apartment! ¬†I need to do what works for ME. ¬†An AMAZING, and freeing concept. ¬†Who woulda thunk?

When people come over, would they rather see a cleared off love seat? ¬†Or a pile of clean laundry there, waiting to be “folded”?


Yes, Shirley, it's really empty!

Yes, Shirley, it’s really empty!

I’m thinking they might would rather sit down.

Now, to figure out what to do with my shirts that I don’t want to hang up….

Dratted Dishes

These dratted dishes!  I swear, I just washed them, last month!  And it was these exact same dishes!

I do adore them, but not when they’re annoyingly dirty!

Why oh why do I need to eat??

Love these square dishes!

Love these square dishes!

I just wanna be a Breatharian!!

It works for air plants, right??


Aha! Found another way! Paper bowls, and plates!!  And yes, they are a real thing.

(I tried foam- not so good in the microwave, or if something is hot in general.  It melts.  Go ahead, ask me how I know??)

I’ll get on top of these dishes someday!

But, tomorrow’s another day!

Doubling Down

20150515_154227(Please don’t ask about the 2 little chunks of red pepper– just pretend you didn’t see them, okay?? Please??)

Yep, that’s 2 3-hole purple paper punches. ¬†When I was teaching, I used them ALL the time. ¬†And¬†why did I have 2 in the first place? ¬†I’m sure you ¬†can figure it out. ¬†I was always losing one, using the other, until I lost it, and having to unearth the one. ¬† Um hmmmm… Yes, I’ve always lived in my own special brand of chaos, ever since I moved outta my Mama’s house.

And I haven’t taught in, um… how many years now? ¬† Several. ¬†Okay, 6 and 1/2 years, if you ‘re gonna be picky about it.

So….. can I get rid of them?? Maybe? Possibly? ¬†But what if I have to do a project, that I have to punch 3 holes in paper, right after I get rid of them?? ¬†(insert whiny voice here.)

Here they are:

In the Donate box.

In the Donate box.

Because, that’s real life, ya know. ¬†You don’t need something till you get rid of it. ¬† Yeah, yeah, I haven’t needed it in 6 years, so I¬†might¬†be safe. ¬†But, I’m warning you right now, if I need it within the next 6 months, it’s coming outta YOUR pay, when I have to buy another one.

Alrighty then, onward to the next item.  A tape dispenser.


I know what you’re gonna say. ¬†And no, I haven’t used it in 6 years either. ¬†As a matter of fact, I don’t think¬†anyone¬†can use it, because the little rod that holds the tape in there is missing. ¬† You want me to¬†what??? (gasps in horror) ¬†throw it away??? ¬†But, I’ll be killing Mother Earth, adding to the landfill! ¬† Surely¬†someone¬†could use it for¬†something… ¬†Maybe I can give it to my Sister for Christmas, as a paperweight???

Decisions, decisions. ¬†Those of you without slob brains, probably don’t know what I’m talking about.


Fine. ¬†There, it’s in the trash. ¬†May I please get out of the corner, and take off my “I am a hoarder” dunce cap?

I’m in such agony right now, from parting with my treasures… I don’t know how much more of this I can stand.

“It’s only getting rid of useless junk”, you say. ¬†Ouch! ¬†You’ve just stabbed me in the heart!

“De-clutter”, they said. ” It’ll be fun”, they said. ¬†Yeah, right, like a root canal.

Bucket Betide

I don’t know what betide means, or even if its a real word. ¬†But ¬†I don’t care. ¬†I like the sound of it, so here it stays.

This bucket has been in the corner of my bathroom for a l-o-n-g time. ¬†Like, before Dec. ¬†That’s only 5 months, not¬†too¬†bad, right? ¬†(Probably depends on who you ask!)


Now, I see it every time I go into the bathroom. ¬†I’ve even tripped over it once or twice. but have I bothered to do anything about it?

Well, what do you think? ¬†Since I’m writing a post about it, you’d be right in assuming it’s still there, still in the way.

I’m not even positive what’s in there. ¬†I peeked in once, but didn’t feel like pursuing it. ¬†I’m kinda scared to fully investigate. ¬†One thing in there is a towel, so I’m thinking by now, it’s gotta be stinky and covered with mildew. ¬†Eeeww!

20150516_123456Yes, there is a towel, a measuring cup, and a long handled spoon. ¬†I saved that because I know I can sanitize it! ¬†(Not sure what the purple thing is, I didn’t dig down that far!)

If PP has gotten along this long without that towel, I’m quite sure she’ll survive without it.

My thinking is, to just grab the whole bucket, hold my nose, and run outside with it. ¬†Maybe bag it up whole, and go straight to the dumpster. ¬†Do not pass Go, do not collect $200. ¬†(oh, if¬†only¬†I could collect money for taking out the trash! ¬†I’d do it 5 times a day!)

The bucket went bye bye.  RIP


Melinda’s Messy Metal

Well, I got stuck there, ¬†Couldn’t come up with an “M” word for desk.

So, I just left it like that. ¬†To confuse all you skimmers. Ha,ha! ¬†Now you have to read at least the first line or you’ll never know what it’s about! (evil laugh)

You’ve seen this before; but then it was an after… Now, we’re gonna make the after into a before, and go from there. ¬†Oh gracious! ¬†Don’t tell me I’ve already bumfuzzled you!

20150317_221327¬† Waiting for someone else to do it didn’t work.¬† Had to do it myself. ¬† sigh ¬†Kristen always encourages me that I¬†can¬†do it!

Do the easy stuff first. ¬†Nony’s mantra. ¬†And boy, do I ever agree with that!

Okay, so let’s just dive in. ¬†The water’s great.

Chips, and candy to the trash. ¬†(Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about the Great Purge of ¬†’15??? ¬†Trust me, I haven’t. ¬†But it’s all good. ¬†At least the headache’s finally gone away.)

The shampoos and conditioner, duh! ¬†Hi ho, it’s off to the bathroom we go.

The air fresheners??? Oh no!!! I don’t know where they go!!! ¬†I’m stuck! ¬†Bathroom? Laundry room? ¬†Under the kitchen sink? ¬†(wail) ¬†I just don’t¬†know!!!!! ¬†[They ended up under the bathroom sink.]

Cry Baby Bear needs a special spot.  Where I can look at her all the time, but still accessible when I need to hug her, and cry all night.  Not that I ever do that.

The tape goes in the office drawer, which went away, with the gray cabinet. ¬†Oh wait! ¬†I still have it, it’s just not in the living room anymore! ¬† Wow, good thing I don’t have to lead tours around my apartment. ¬†The poor people would be lost, and wandering for days.

The rest of the stuff, I can’t see what it is from the picture. ¬†(Yes, I have my readers on, thanks for asking!)

Okay, so when I actually walked over to the desk, ya know, about 2 feet away, now I can see what all is there.

And, I’m putting it away now, as we speak.

Here’s the proof. (Oops, forgot to include top shelf too. ¬†But, it’s clean as well!)


That’s better!

Yes, Shirley, I put everything away, not just outta camera range!

Thanks Nicole, for being my inspiration to get this done!

Now, to get Sweet Friend to remove it from my house, since I don’t have a desktop anymore…

Dying Dishes

Alright, here it is:

The much anticipated post about the counter on the left side of the sink.  Ya know, where dirty dishes go to die??

I wasn’t kiddin!


Yeah, some of those containers are the same ones from Refridge Refresh.  And how long ago was that???

And the loaf pan in the sink?? I have never personally used a loaf pan, as long as we have lived in this apartment. ¬†And DD1 moved out 2 (2!!) months ago, so… yeah. ¬†Dead, decaying dead.

And ya want to know something??

Jello is NOT water soluble!

1430146673217That is pineapple jello from when I had stomach flu, oh about 6 weeks ago!

After the “Purge”, I put hot water in there, and let it soak, and soak, and SOAK. ¬†Nothing.

So I tried Dawn, and water.  Nothing.

Then it came down to scraping out with a spoon.  Not as easy as it looks!!

Then, I put it in the dishwasher. ¬†Maybe I’ll remember to take a picture! I’m anxious to see the results myself!

(Yes, I ran the dishwasher over a week ago, your point?)


Well I’ll be. The dishwasher¬†does work! ¬†I was ¬†starting to wonder if maybe the dishes only went in there for the sauna.

kitchen clutter

Here are befores of the kitchen counters. All except the one where dirty dishes go to die.

Ain’t going there today.



20150331_12552220150414_221823Yeah! ¬†I got a real before! ¬†Give that girl a gluten free sugar free dairy free brownie! ¬†Will wonders never cease, I even wiped the top,¬†after¬†I decluttered it! ¬†Woot, woot! ¬†I’m on a roll!

The stove before:

20150331_12551520150418_135025After. Yes, I know there’s still 1pan. ¬†But I just cooked(!) and I’m too exhausted to clean it.

See, that wasn’t so hard now, was it? ¬†Well, I¬†did¬†have to¬†bend over, to put the pots in the lower cabinet. ¬†That right there, took my breath away, and I had to sit down and recouperate!

The right side of the stove before:

20150331_125507After:  20150414_222100

Look Mama, no clutter!

What? The sticky mess?

You expect me to Clean too?

Whaddaya, new around here?

The right side of the sink:


I even wiped it with a damp paper towel. All that did was remove the dust and a few dead bugs. So I went the extra mile, and broke out the Dawn. Really! ¬†Still didn’t look clean. So,

hang onto your hats; I scrubbed it with a scrubbie sponge! Yes, the green scrubbie side. ¬†I know! ¬†I can’t believe it either!

It still didn’t look clean, but trust me, it is.

(When we moved in, they painted our counter tops.  Now they absorb stains and colors like Silly Putty copies comics.)

BAM!!  No more Kitchen Clutter!  

(Nooooooo, you can’t look to the left of the sink!! Those are dead dishes over there. ¬†Let them RIP.)