Paper Purgathon Presumed


I mean the Paused Paper Purgathon is being resumed, of course.  I just presumed you’d know that!

Now that Christmas, and New Year’s are over, and it’s more than a month later, I thought it might be time to get back to it.

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Now remember, I only promised 15 minutes a day.    So these posts will just be small snippets.      But still long, I imagine.      You do NOT know how to be brief!

Here’s a reminder of our journey so far.

Paper Purgathon

Paper Purgathon- Pact

Paper Purgathon- Palisade

Paper Purgathon- Pal

Paper Purgathon- Pile

Paper Purgathon- Perch

So that’s _ days so far.     Oh dear!      Time out while I count!      slob, humor, counting







slob, humor, I can count to 5!  Whew!     It was only up to 5!  I can handle that!     On 1 hand even!

I know, you counted 6 posts, but the first one doesn’t count, since I only talked about purging, but didn’t actually do any.       Okay, since today is not any actual purging either, just more talk about the same, how many actual work days, of purging do I need??

That would be 21 minus 5, Melinda.      Do ya need any help with that??      You do have to carry the one, ya know.

I can do it!     By myself!         (Oh boy!    Do I hear echos of PP, or what??!!)

And the answer is:  16.       Final answer?        Yup.          Congratulations!!        You answered a first grade math question correctly!

(No photo possible, I can’t use both hands, and both feet, AND take the pix!)

Alrightey then, after today, I need 16 more posts to make it to the end of Queen Anne’s 21 day challenge.       And we’ll see how many months THAT ends up taking!


Touted Towels

After reading Cami’s sweet post about folding towels, of course my mind goes on a tangent. You already know my mind doesn’t work like anyone else’s!     And I started writing.     

So, to start off my premise, I had to research the “Right” way to fold towels.   And of course, plenty of people are ready to school me!

Better Homes and Gardens:      Who’s got time for all that smoothing mess??  She looked like she was trying to iron it with her hands!!      Does it not absorb water, if there’s a wrinkle anywhere on it??     Besides, since I’m not a hotel, no one’s paying me to fold my towels!      Moving on.

slob, humor, folded towels

Sure it looks pretty, but does anyone even notice??

The River Club:

slob, humor, folding towels

Eeeeekk!!    Now ya gotta measure your shelf, every time ya fold the towels??      Too much Math!!        No thanks!

Then, of course I can’t leave out Marie Kondo, the new guru on all things folded.

My head hurts already.     I’ve seen a video of her folding stuff.     I just say NO.     (Remember when DD1 Kon-Maried my undie drawer??)       

slob, humor, folded underwear

Won’t ever happen again in my lifetime!!       Anyway, back to towels…

My towels just feel lucky to have a safe, dry place to call home!     They’re not at all fussy about precise placement.      They want to just lounge, and stretch out their legs fibers.

slob, humor, unfolded towels

Well, okay, so their fibers are not stretched out exactly, but they’re balled up in their own chosen position!

In fact, if I started folding them precisely, and lining them up, in straight rows, I think they’d call the the Towel Abuse Hotline, and report me!!      They would NOT enjoy such treatment, and would deem it torture!

No call to take a perfectly relaxed towel, and twist it into a pretzel, just for a human’s sense of pride, and pleasure.     Those towels sure like a lot like pretzels to me.      Whatever!    My point is they are relaxed, not regimented within an inch of their lives!       Towels are people too!       They have feelings!

Linen closets are for stuffing storing the towels, not for visual enjoyment!

Smart & Simple

Yeah, that’s the name of the dish soap I bought last week.      This whole HUGE bottle             (50 oz) for only $1!!!       What a bargain!

slob, humor, just what it says

But!!      Is it really smart??         Is it as simple as that??

Since it doesn’t lather up very well, at all, Like, At ALL, it’s very smart for the people who make, and sell it!       They’re selling a “soap” product that is probably only 11% soap, (and that’s being very generous!!), and 89% water!!        They can afford to sell it for $1, since it only has 1 cent of soap in it!

And I’m the simple one, for believing that a huge bottle of dish soap for $1, would work  well!!       

slob, humor, dish soap?

I had to use another squirt for every dish I washed!         Not a good deal.      Not even a fair deal.

I must say, I love the color, tho!!        (Thank goodness for the bottle specifying lavender!   Otherwise, I might have mistaken it for lilac!)

Sadly, purple coloring doth not a good soap make.      Even I, as purple fanatic as I am, can admit that.

slob, humor, "Dawn" fainted

Dawn fell down, and can’t get up.      She is in shock that I cheated on her.    And with such a cheap floozy, too.

Please forgive me, Dawn!       I’ve learned my lesson!      I won’t do it again!    I promise!!


(But I am brainstorming ways to have my purple, and real soap too!)

Flaunting Florida

Welcome to another edition of Florida flaunting!

First we had Florida Flippancies, then Flipped over Flippancies, and ended up with Florida Funnies.

Since it’s winter here, well up North, down here it’s bi-polar winter.      Cold one day, blistering hot the next!      But hey, better than 6 ft of snow, I’ll say!

Where was I?     Oh yeah, winter.    Since it’s winter, it’s time for some more Florida sunshine!       And by that, I mean smiles, and hopefully lots of laughs!

slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

I love this one!!       Where do I order that first sweater??

slob, humor, FL meme

No lie!!

slob, humor, FL meme

Our poor kids have PTSD from wildlife encounters!

slob, humor, FL meme














Aaaahhhh!      This is the life!

slob, humor, FL meme

All the seasons in 1 week??     Yep!     We like to mix it up down here!

slob, humor, FL meme slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

This one’s not funny, just true!


slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

Layers, people, dress in layers!

slob, humor, FL meme

What?? You can protest winter??? I had no idea!

And to wrap things up:

slob, humor, FL meme

Don’t worry!     They will about 11 am tomorrow!

That’s my Florida folks!!     If ya got it, flaunt it!



Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

                                            The series so far.                                             

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Where we are now: Day 2 of the Kitchen:  Seven Seconds Scullery Spices


(Are ya tired of “S” words??        Don’t get that way yet!!        We still have seventy sillion scripts to slog thru!        More or less.)

We already have 2 hours on the scullery clock.      (That’s my decision, and I’m sticking to it.)

Today we are doing the scary spice cabinet.      I’m thinking something has gotta be rotten in there!!       Because I haven’t de-cluttered that in a year, nor the 6 months before that, in the other trailer.     Yeah, so, about that…..

Donning our Haz-mat suit, are we??         I’m thinkin’ that might be best, yes.

Timer set.      Haz-mat suit donned.    Trash can at the ready.     GO!



slob, humor, cleaning shelf

I know this is also the step where ya’re supposed to lay down new shelf liner.     Why bother?      This paper has worked perfectly well for 50 years!        Why change now?     (Well, except for the pieces that got stuck to the bottom of things, and tore off.        But, why quibble?       Besides, I still haven’t found any purple, and I’m holding out hope.) 

Update:   Elizabeth, from The Comfortable Coop, sent me these links from Amazon!  

(Gorgeous!!    But, I’m gonna have to skip the middle one, I feel a seizure coming on, already…)        And 1 is on its way to me now!!    I’ll post later to show ya which one!!     Thanks a million, Elizabeth!!

slob, humor    These got thrown back up onto the top shelf, to be dealt with another day.        I was too tired to think of the best place to put them.

Does oil expire??                Never used these- donate.                 Cleaned this.     YAY!!

And ALL the expired stuff:

I bought the black coloring for Bubba’s 50th.     3 years ago.              You can tell how much I don’t cook, by how little the spices were used!!    I couldn’t even begin to read the red print on the bottom of the oregano bottle, so I just guessed that it probably was past date.       Probably a good guess!          I thought it was funny that one of the spices said “May contain wheat, eggs, milk, soy.”          Since when???      

slob, humor, meds outta place  No wonder it’s hard to find the girls’ meds!!        But, alas, it was expired too.      So, I just put the syringe where it belongs. 

slob, humor, meds

1 more syringe in our arsenal









These canning jar lids- PURPLE!!- should probably be in the back closet, WITH the PURPLE jars!        And so they are, now.

slob, humor, not mine!     Took these 2 things to Mama’s with me.      Yay for returning stuff to it’s home!



There!       Doesn’t that look so much better!

And look!    There’s mug hooks!       I could have kept those 2 I donated the other day!      Oh well, somehow I think I’ll make it okay without them.         Just a hunch.

And that only took    _25_ minutes!            I’m so proud of me!         If you can’t get a hold of me later, I’ll be standing in the kitchen, just staring into the open cabinets, admiring the open clean spaces!!


Scullery Time so far: 2 hours, 25 minutes.


DD1’s Deals

DD1:  Hey Mama,       slob, humor, DD1

Me:    Hey, baby.

DD1:  I need to ask ya a favor.

Me: Ok, baby, anything.   Thinks should qualify that before she asks to co-sign a mortgage or something…

DD1: I need you to start saving tp rolls for me.

Me: Imagines all sorts of cute crafts she and PP will make….


Me:  Comes back to earth from the craft daydream.    Oh?   Whatcha making?

DD!: Nothin

Me: Huh??    What would you need with tp rolls, if ya ain’t gonna make crafts??

DD1: I’m gonna sell them on e-bay.

Me: Stunned, unbelieving silence

    People sell their trash on e-bay??   Voice rising

DD1:  Yup!    A 40 pc lot of tp rolls sells for about $10.

slob, humor  40 Toilet Paper rolls/ Cardboard tubes Empty Cylinder Craft Project Supplies

  • $10.65
  • Buy It Now
  • Free shipping                  (It IS true!!)


Me: WHAT?????        Runs thru the house, pulling all the tubes outta all the tp rolls.            Yeehaw!!     We’re gonna be rich!!

slob, humor, saved tp rolls to sell on ebay

I’m already 2/5ths of the way to being a ten dollar-aire!

Frog Friend

My friend, Jennifer, who blogs as Feisty Frog, on Dewey Hop, nominated me for an award!     YAY!!        Thanks, Fro, um Fri, um Fei, um Dew, um Jennifer!!        I got stuck there for a minute, on what to call you!!

slob, humor, one lovely blog award

Y’all know the rules, I’m sure.

But here they are, just in case you forgot.


The Rules for this award are as follows:

  1.  Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog     (How bout 2 for good measure???)
  2.  Post about the award. Share 7 facts about yourself.   (Check.   Hmmm, are there 7 things that I haven’t shared???     I feel like y’all have seen me spill ALL my guts already!!)
  3.  Nominate, AT MOST, 15 people.     (At MOST???     Drats!)
  4. Tell your nominees the good news!        (Will do, ASAP!!)              This is where I got the idea for my post : Frank Fright.

  1. Since I’ve already had 4 weddings, if, and that’s a big IF, I ever get married again, I’m just gonna elope!      (At my last wedding, one of my aunts asked me how many weddings I was gonna have.    I answered, “As many men as I can keep finding to marry me, I guess.”)
  2. My right eye is half blue, and half brown.
  3. I’m ashamed to say this, but I wore white crew socks, with my capris, and Crocs today.  Mama nearly didn’t let me be seen by her side!
  4. I’ve had 5 different phones, in the last 12 months.     They just didn’t work out, so we broke up!      It was me!    Not them!    And the one I have now, doesn’t have a purple cover on it, so embarrassing!
  5. I re-read my posts all the time.    And I laugh at the brilliant writing. Every.Single.Time.
  6. I sniff babies’ heads.     It’s a compulsion.
  7. Yesterday, I mixed up some GF (YAY!) Brownie mix, and put it in the small crock pot.   Then, I plugged it in, and went my merry way.      3 hours later, the cake wasn’t done!  What??       I had plugged in the toaster….

slob, humor, facepalm


That’s why I should not be allowed to try to cook!!

Ok, now the “at MOST” 15 people.      Ya know this part is always hard for me!    

#1 To only pick 15!          And #2  Counting to 15 is Math!!        (Or should those numbers be reversed??      See??    Math is HARD!!)

Ha!    I figured a way around the hard parts!!      Nominate my last 10 new followers, and let the editing program auto count for me!!          Yay for figuring that out!!

slob, humor, celebrate

       (Yes, I look exactly like that when I’m dancing.      Why ya laughing???)

Okay, now!     As soon as this publishes, I’ll be by to let y’all know I nominated ya!!


Wed. 8:33 am

Just informed everybody.   I can’t wait to see what secrets they spill about themselves!!