Money Meme

I’m not sure if you’ll think these first 3 are funny, but they gave me a little chuckle.       Let me know what you think!  And I know, only the first one is about money, but give me a break!!     Coming up with alliterative titles for memes once a week is hard!!   

slob, humor, how bow dah memeslob, humor, how bow dah meme

slob, humor, how bow dah meme

slob, humor, hypocrite spray

LOL!! Really, I laughed out loud!















slob, humor, puppy meme

Awwww. so cute!

slob, humor, toddler meme

Toddlers!! True Story!

slob, humor, mommy meme

Haha!! Must be over 55, like me!












slob, humor, yucky meme

I think “awful” might be the key word there!

slob, humor, Asian dad

Aw, Dad! Not again!

Y’all know I’m gonna sneak him in, if I can!

slob, humor, kid president meme

Yeah!! I’ll vote for him!!

slob, humor, Leghorn Foghorn meme

I say!










Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Back to the scullery today.      I told ya I wasn’t done in there yet!!

We’re gonna work on- guess it if you can!!        

Sippy cups!      

slob, humor, sippy cups

The test subjects for today.

And baby bottles:

slob, humor, baby bottles

Buh bye, baby bottles!

                                                                                                                          And baby spoons.

slob, humor, baby spoons

Waaay too many baby spoons!! PPJr can’t use the long handled ones to feed herself.

Here is the drawer they came from, 

slob, humor, plastic drawer

Plastics drawer.

well, some were in the sink, to be honest.  

Sippy cups that leak have been the bane of my existence for, oh, 3 and a half years now!!         We keep trying, and trying to find one that lives up to it’s advertising of not leaking!!

This one guaranteed “Doesn’t leak!”  

slob, humor, guaranteed no leak cup

Guaranteed not to leak! it said.

Yeah, right!!      First time PP used it, she dropped it square on it head.         Results?       A spectacular huge puddle!       (DD1 wanted PP to start using regular cups, instead of sippys, but I said No!!       So, PopPop got this one.        Really, why did I even bother insisting on a sippy???         And why oh why didn’t we save the receipt???)          So, that was a wash, as in, I had to wash the milk off the floor, from the epic fail.)

These lost their lids, somehow.      How does that happen????

slob, humor, lidless cups

Poor headless cups.

So, here are the ones headed for the scrap heap/recycling bin:

slob, humor, scrap heap for y'all!

Buh bye!!

PopPop came in, and was deeply offended that all the bottles, and so many sippys were headed out the door.       “Why?  What’s wrong with them?     Why aren’t you donating them??”

Well, the bottles lost their place in the house, because PPJr is a year old now, and should be weaned off bottles.    And we did it cold turkey, so….         And they aren’t worth donating, cuz you can buy bottles at the dollar store!     And I’m tired of dadgum leaky sippys that leave messes in their wake!      I notice you don’t have them over to your house, eating and drinking!      And the spoons are being donated, because PPJr would give herself an at-home tonsillectomy, with those long handles!

slob, humor, long handled spoons

See ya spoons!

Aaaaahhh, so much better now!       PopPop finally was persuaded to let go of the rejected ones.       His hand hovered over the blue bin so long, I thought he was frozen in space!      He is a very frugal man, and it hurts him deeply to throw away perfectly good stuff.           Except they weren’t perfectly good in use!!

So, since we only have a few left that really work, time to go shopping for more!!!    (Of the ones that truly don’t leak.)

slob, humor, sink o' sippys

Sippys in sink.

But, I best not say that out loud in PopPop’s presence!

Total House Time Before Today:  7 hr 43 min.

Plus Today’s Scullery Skippy: 15 min.       (Was that ALL??          Really??      Yep, really!)

Total House Time So Far: 7 hrs 58 min.

Authorized Artwork

In my house, there is authorized artwork, and unauthorized artwork. With a 3 yo, and a 1 yr, I’m sure you can imagine. But since you know me, you know you don’t have to.  I will show and tell!



slob, humor, painting

“Pretty in Pink” by PP



slob, humor, unauthorized art

Bed sheet- No!


slob, humor, authorized art

Pretty, pretty pumpkin



slob, humor, misplaced art

Not on the table, PP!


slob, humor, authorized art

“Self Portrait” by PP Her Pink Phase




More bed sheet graffiti.           (Why does my camera make stuff different colors??      It’s all the same beigish/pale yella sheet!!)   smh


       “My big hand”                                               Unnamed

UnAuthorized Artwork:

         PP does love her markers!      Apparently the cabinets were just too plain                            for her sensibilities!


And so on, and so on.

So  far, the only unauthorized artwork that PPJr has participated in is: eating the crayons!        Sorry, no pix of that, due to the no pix rule.       But she did make some marks on a paper!     And I immediately sent it to Grandmama as a love letter!      (while forgetting to document it for y’all.      My apologies!)

Hopefully soon PP will be broken of the unauthorized artwork habit, and PPJr won’t pick it up!       I sure hope so!

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Many, Many, Mixed Memes

slob, humor, mom meme

slob, humor, political meme

I can’t help it! This is funny to me!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, man meme


slob, humor, toddler meme

Can I get an amen??

slob, humor, historical meme

slob, humor, meme

Am I the only one??

slob, humor, mom meme

Oh, so true!

slob, humor, mom meme


slob, humor, Jonah meme

Me thinks Jonah no likee.















slob, humor, sky diver meme

OOOhhhh!! That would be fun!!

slob, humor, invisible cereal??


slob, humor, in or out? meme

The story of my life….

slob, humor, Asian dad meme

I just had to sneak him in!!

Hope you got your laugh on!!     Many, many, mixed memes just seemed the way to go today.


Acute Alliteration

Since I was bored, and haven’t done any decluttering in a few days, I thought, “Hey!   Why don’t I write about alliteration again??”     So, I did what any American, (Canadian, Puerto Rican, Dane, Mexican, etc, citizen of the world!)  would do, I Googled it!

Look at all these cool alliteration sites I found!!       Woo hoo!!       I’m not the only alliteration fool, I guess!

Ray Fowler .org

Thoughts on God and life from a Christian perspective

I really liked this one.    If you need help writing an alliterative sermon, Ray’s your guy!

Find available domain names

Since I really like my name, I won’t be looking for another one, any time soon.     Unless when I go to buy a domain name, PurpleSlob isn’t available!       Then what will I do????   (after freaking out, I mean??)




This is another choice they have.


Simple Sentence

Complex Sentence

I thought that looked fun,

slob, humor, yes!


so I tried complex sentence.    Their answer:

Thanks for trying complex sentences


Really????         3 words is their idea of a complex sentence????         Wow.  

slob, humor, horrified

What in the world??

     Their poor English teacher must have been pulling her hair out at FCAT time!

So, then I clicked simple sentence.     The result:


slob, humor, not really!

Nnnnn, not quite!








?????          I think I’ll stick to writing my own, thanks!


Since this one is an educational site, all official, and stuff, it should be better!

Alliteration/Words With The Same Beginning Sound Lists

You choose the letter, then it brings up about 80 words, with that beginning sound!!       Yeah!!      That’s what I’m talking about!!

slob, humor, finally!

Oh yeah! This one! (Do I look like I’m missing an eye patch??)

And that’s not all!!

There’s So Much More!


Click Here to Access SEEL’s Free Lesson Plan Library


Last, but surely not least:

3 Answers
Stuart Aken

Never having used such devices, I have no knowledge of them, I’m afraid. But you’ll find plenty of links if you Google the term. I found this one: Alliteration Applications (same as the Synoym Seeker above.)

But I always prefer to use my own reservoir of words when writing; the idea of using a mechanical device just doesn’t sit well with me.

With writing, wit wears well when will works.      (I don’t know him, but already I like him!)

All the best with your writing.

So, I hope we all learned something!!

Alliterate away!

Frassledy Frass

A coupla weeks ago, when I was visiting Rose, she questioned,  “Did ya see my frass?”          

I answered,  “Say whaty what?”

She explained, “Frass is what termite poop is called.”                                            

Well, I never knew that!!

But, of course, just ’cause I didn’t know its proper name, didn’t mean I didn’t have any!!   (Wait, how many negatives was that??)

So, I came home, and spotted this.

slob, humor, frazz pile

  What do I spy??

slob, humor, frazz

Frightening frass!

All of these homes in this park are at least 50 years old.      And someone is tenting in here, nearly all the time.     So, the termite swarms just roam house to house, looking for free meals!      

I asked the termite guy, when he was across the street, the other day about tenting.     And he confirmed my suspicions.     “Yeah, when one person tents, the swarm just goes next door.     Everything inside the tent is dead, but that doesn’t guarantee they won’t come back.” !!!!!

Why would I pay $800 for a bug treatment that only lasts as long as the poison cloud???

No, thanks!      Okay, rant over, back to the regularly scheduled frass pile.

Instead of just shaking my head, and walking away, I swept it up!     I really am proud of myself, the way I’m starting to actually do something about messes, instead of pretending they don’t exist!

slob, humor, sweeping frazz

But don’t worry, there’ll be more tomorrow.    sigh

How do I know??      I found their hidey holes!!

Who’s up for lending me 800 bucks??  


Cat Cackles

This post is dedicated to my favorite (human) feline.  , Dolly.    No, no, she’s not replacing you in my heart, Roxie!!

slob, humor, cat meme


Grumpy cat, grumpy cat, what are they feeding you??

024-FUNNY-CAT-MEME      Bwahahaha!


I know, kitteh, I know.

684cb68ff79878000bc199ff2cebac76    Yuck!!

















Double yuck!!


                                            Decisions, decisions….


                                          Uh, nope!!    They match your outfit, though!





download (1)               download (2)  So special, Carl is!!

Meow, meow!!


Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

All the blathering-ons, this time around.

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene- today.

I’m still NOT done in the scullery, anyone surprised??, but after 8 days in there, I had to move on, to the bedrooms.      (Day Four, on Ashley’s totally fictional, for me, schedule.     I really don’t mean to make fun of Ashley.     I’m sure she is a wonderful person, and an organizational whiz.      It’s just that her schedule is totally, TOTALLY, unrealistic for a slob, purple or otherwise.    And for hoarders, or possible hoarders.)

So, here are the obligatory befores:

The Sisters’ Scene, (of the crime- messy and cluttered- guilty as charged, Your Honor!)

But!!    There is a small space of cleared carpet in that first pic!!     There is hope!!

Okay, so it was time to wade into this ocean of…..   of…..    of treasures, oh I mean junk!

Tell the truth now!!      Oh, okay then, some treasures, lots of donatable junk, oh I mean stuff.

DD1 and I worked in there 1 hr, and 15 min!!      We both were so proud of ourselves!!       We would have broken our own arms, patting ourselves on the back, but since there were 2 of us, we could do it to each other, thereby saving 2 huge ER bills!!         Yay for saving money, and time!!

We cleared off the dresser!!      We cleared out all the toys!!     (To be gone thru at a later time.    We were exhausted!!)     We cleared out the Christmas tree!!     Poor PP almost had a heart attack, watching it go by, out the door.     The only thing that calmed her down was assurances that it was ONLY going to the shed, to wait for next Christmas.      Heaven help us if someone tries to donate it!!

We ended up with lots of actual trash, broken stuff, and unusable clothes, torn or whatever.   No pix.    Are ya sad???    And tons of donate items!       (Oops! Forgot to photograph those.     No worries!!      Since I had to drive over here to SF’s, Vanronica is just outside.      Hold on, while I ran out and snap some pix!     Be right back!


Huff, puff….. I’m back!!     Hope that wasn’t too long to make u wait!

Oh no! I forgot to take pix of the end results!     Drats!!

Oh well, just imagine it looking so much more, empty!

                                                                                  In the first dresser drawer, were the cords.           

slob, humor, cords

The infamous cord drawer, from Scullery Scape.

  In the second, 1 shirt.  Yup!    1.    

slob, humor, solo shirt

1 single, solitary, solo shirt.

All the other drawers were empty!     And here I have been having to store all their clothes in the crib, all this time!              Yeah, right, HAVING TO!      Suuuurrre!!

Closet afters:

So nice, and empty!!     The little white pinafore I made for DD1, and PP wore it!      So, I’m excited to put it on PPJr, and get some pix!!      It’s still a little big tho, at the moment.

Here’s the donate piles, that I ran strolled outside to get.


Diapers, shoes, and clothes, for the New Life Center for Family Preservation.      When my 2 outgrow it, they get it!      If they can’t use it with their clients, then they can sell it in their NLC Boutique!  

2013 E Main St     Lakeland, FL   33801

Please go by, and buy!!




Vanronica is loaded, and ready to run!!

Total House Time before Today: 6 hr 28 min

Plus 1 hr and 15 min in Sisters’ Scene= 7 hr 43 min.

And I already realize I can’t just yell “Dun!” and run……

More’s the pity.    But I made the mess, and I’ve been lying in it, and I don’t like it anymore!!

Frontier Frowning

Hi All!!      To those who thought I fell off the edge of the earth–  it’s round now!!      Didn’t you get the memo??             “It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth,”    Isaiah 40:22A   KJV

slob, humor, earth

I finally got internet,    YAY!!!!       after 10 days of waiting, past the day they “Said” it was working.     Boo!!!!       And yes, everything WAS hooked up correctly, thank you very much!       (No, of course not by me!!       Sweet Friend is a certified IT guy!!      He taught it, in the Navy.      Oops, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that, now I have to kill ya.       Loose lips sink ships, ya know.)

Then, I had to cancel Frontier, after only 8 days.      Because, the bill I received the 7th day was for $118!!!       I know, I know, $50 was for the modem.  


slob, humor, Frontier modem


But 50 from 118, still leaves $68!!       (And yes, I asked DD1 to check my math, just in case!!)         When I called, blah, blah, blah, taxes, fees, they said.     Where was the $46 a month I was promised????       So, I cancelled.     Not having it!!

Also, it was so slow, a snail mail letter would have been faster than my emails!!             (I’m just guesstimating here…)

So long story short, I haven’t been seen or heard from since March 28, because I have no net again.     And I can’t blog on my phone!        (I can barely type a text!!      Have you seen how tiny those letters are???      And do ya know how huge my man-hand fingers are???)       And so many things have been happening, that I can’t talk about right now, it’s just not been possible to get over here to SF’s.      So, today, I’m gonna try to knock out 4 posts, since I’ve had yesterday’s scheduled for 2 weeks already!        (Love that Asian dad so much!!) slob, humor, Asian dad

Here’s hoping!!