More Military Memes

Today is Independence Day!!          God bless America!           This is the only holiday that can’t be celebrated by any other country in the world!!       It’s mine, all mine!        Of course I mean ours!

Happy Birthday, America!

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slob, humor, Happy BD America

I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, so I used them all!

Now we sing a rousing chorus of “Happy Birthday, America!”        Followed by the second verse:   “How old are you??”       (I can’t keep track!!)

Today we’re serving more military memes.        Thanking the troops who have fought, and died to free us, and keep us free!          Thanks to everyone, all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

slob, humor, freedom meme

A moment of silence.

slob, humor, freedom meme

Thank you ladies, and gentlemen!


slob, humor, freedom meme

Yes, we definitely are!

slob, humor, freedom meme

Yeah, baby!!

slob, humor, freedom

Thank you, General Washington, and all the guys who fought.

slob, humor, freedom meme

Got that right!!

slob, humor, freedom meme

Now that the grands are in shared custody, I get this!

slob, humor, freedom meme

Too true! lol For all my doggy loving friends, like Stella.

slob, humor, freedom meme

slob, humor, freedom meme


I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.        If you’re an American, that is!

If you’re British, this one might appeal more to you.

slob, humor, dark humor

I think it’s funny myself!    No hard feelings now, right guys??         Guys???

One more year of freedom celebrated.         May  God bless us with many, many more!

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International Independence

I know I already posted today.   After all, it’s Monday, so memes are mandatory!

But since today is also

Independence Day!!

slob, humor, American flag

Let freedom ring!

I have to recognize the significance of the date.

I hear fireworks all around me, as I’m writing.   And I wonder, “Are those people even thinking about what today means??”

It’s not just a day for picnics, and firework shows.

Today is 

America’s 239th Birthday!!

slob, humor, flag

Let freedom ring!


On July 4, 1776  our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, and declared our independence from Britain’s King George.   And our independence from the tyranny of taxation without representation.

America was founded on the principles of God, the Creator of all, equality of all, and freedom for all.

God help us return to our roots.  After all, we are the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

slob, humor, Jesus, America

This girl loves JESUS and AMERICA!!

(You know I had to slip a little purple in here somewhere!)



Happy 239th Independence Day, America!

slob, humor, red, white and blue

My porch door proudly displays my patriotism.

Costume for the Purple Slob

Now that I have established my role as The Purple Slob, it’s time to figure out my costume.

Hi, I’m Melinda.   Yes, the real me in my real bathroom.


First, I think I need a purple bandanna.

Why purple? Duh, I think the reason’s obvious.

Why a bandanna? Because I don’t think an eggplant would stay on my head.

Okay, got made the bandanna.

Now the question remains:  How do I wear it?


Nony from


Willie from Duck Dynasty?

willie I thought this one was hysterically funny!!!

Spike from Motorcycle Gang?


Aunt Jemima from Syrup?

aunt jemima

Could I cram any more pix of me into 1 post????

Anyhoo, time for you to vote, America.

Which way should I wear it??