Declutterathon DIN DIN Dining

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I’m sure you know DIN stands for Do IT Now.    No?     Well, now ya do!

Mama used to always say that, whenever I was procrastinating.

So, basically she said it every day, multiple times??

Smarty pants.slob, humor, smarty pants

So, anyway, back to the dining room.

After the Dining Day, it looks like this.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

But, at least the 1 clear spot is still there!!    slob, humor, decluttered!

So, now to really get down to business, and take it down!

This skirt has a tear in it.    I’m gonna repair it, when I get to the actual sewing part again.

Will ya really??          YES!!                 Okay, but we’re gonna check!!

slob, humor, can be fixed

These containers I kept to put PP’s toys in.    slob, humor, clutter

But, then I got these really cheap, and I think they’ll work better, since they’re topless. slob, humor, not clutter{Screeching}     Wait, hold up here!!     Now you have topless stuff on here?????       OOPS!    I probably should have said lidless??

I found so much random stuff!    2 glue sticks, glue gun {nowhere near the glue sticks}, more material,   DUH!!    Oh, yeah, I guess material on a sewing table would NOT be random.  Okay, moving on.    I had forgotten about this Bob and Larry!!     I gotta make PP something outta this for Christmas!!     Only if your quilt queue is quashed!!       Yes, ma’am!

slob, humor, not clutter      She adores Bob and “Yayywe”!

 2 books, toys, a video, stickers, snow cover:

slob, humor, clutter      Ya know, for all those Christmas Villages I [don’t] set up!

A picture Sis gave me, that I have to paint you-know-what-color.    slob, humor, not clutter  slob, humor, not clutter         Happily, I found the paint too!!      So much other junk, not even gonna bother.      Just like you didn’t even bother to set the timer??       Correct-a-mundo!      I looked at the clock before and after.      I knew it would be at least 3 x 15.      And it was!     And a little over.     But it was so worth all the blood, sweat, and tears.      (Well, no actual blood this time, and the tears were just the sweat running down my cheeks!)

Here it is!!

slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered- really!slob, humor, declutteredslob, humor, decluttered, swept even!

Yes, I know I left stuff on the top of the table.     It’s for finishing Dr. Kim’s kwilt.     NOT gonna put it away, just to have a completely clear table for the pic, then have to HAUL it ALL back out again!!

slob, humor, no time

I think it looks terrific!      And I even swept!!      Woot!    Woot!!      Bonus points for finishing up that little detail!!

Dining Did.



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Sewing So Steadily

How do ya like that alliteration? Pretty good,right?

I have been chained to my sewing machine since last weekend, because I finally felt well enough to start the 2 projects which were urgent; a baby quilt that was 2 months late for the shower, (and the baby is already 3 weeks old!), and PP’s Thanksgiving dress. (YES, I KNOW it’s only 1 week from today! Thanx! Hence, the URGENCY!)

Me sewing industriously

Me sewing industriously

Thankfully, I have an in with the slavedriver boss, and I’m able to have breaks for food, water, and the necessaries.

Here is the baby quilt, modeled by non other than the famous (in her own mind) designer herself.

Please ignore all clutter in background.   Creative genius at work.

Please ignore all clutter in background. Creative genius at work.

Picture of PP’s dress might be harder to come by, since no smartphone or camera is in residence now.  Perhaps I can troll the neighborhood for an IPhone owner, and beg for 1 pic.  Mmmmm, might not be the best idea.

Here it is in all it’s glory:


Here I am showing off my latest creation

Here I am showing off my latest creation

( Thanks, sis, for coming to my aid, with your smartphone!)

It’s so pretty, right?? RIGHT?? If you don’t agree, you lose your reader privileges for a week.  Go to your room.

The bodice fabric has cartoon turkeys on it and says “Gobble till you Wobble”, and “I’m stuffed”. How could I resist it?

The skirt , and sleeves are Indian corn, so adorable.  I know, I keep bragging on myself.  Well, I just broke my arm patting myself on the back, so I’m having to type one handed while I wait for the ambulance.  That’ll teach me.

(Why didn’t you come outta your room and help me??)

Whew! Now that I’ve wrapped up those 2 projects, and mailed the dress, I think I’ll take a break for a day or two and rest!