De-Clutter, De-claim, De-cline, De-clusion

Alrightey then.

In De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline, I pretended to work in the sink room.  In D,D,D,De-clusion, I really AM gonna work in there!  Promise!!

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De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline

Now we’re in the conclusion of D,D,D- the De-clusion.   (At least I assume it’s the conclusion!     But you know what happens when ya assume!!!)

Alrightey, let’s refresh your memory of the sink room counter:

I know, I know!     The hamper is NOT on the counter!       But, it’s significant, so must be included!

First, I found this hamper, as we were unpacking:

slob, humor, purple plastic hamper.

Purple hamper!! Plastic purple hamper.

And I filled it with toys, and toiletries that needed to come to the bath sink room.      You know me, gotta save those steps!       I realized, it would be so much more practical, in the flood sink room, when it rains.       So, that was first on the agenda.

There, much better, drier.       Also, the plastic will not attract bugs, in the same way the woven grass would!

And we already had a pre-existing palmetto bug problem, no need to add fodder to the fire!

slob, humor, dead Palmetto bug

Palmetto bug, in its final death throes. I chose not to video it. You’re welcome!

These bugs are huge!!    (Those are 1 inch tiles.    JK!!     But they are huge!!   The bugs, not the tiles.)

As I was moving the woven basket, to replace it, all kinds of roaches scurried out and away.   Yuck!!       Thankfully, DD1 had just walked in, so she was able to help me with La Cucaracha dance!

Good move (ha!) on replacing that hamper, Melinda!!            Thanks!!       Sometimes I DO use my brain well!!

slob, humor, woven basket roach motel- gone!

Woven roach motel gone!

So, 1 major space taker, in the donate pile right off the bat!      Yeah!!

Gorgeous purple, woven hamper, I love ya!      But I gotta let ya go.      I love my new, clean, roach-less room better!         Adios!

Toys, and more toys.      Since they haven’t noticed them missing till now, I think I’ll be safe in donating them.       Yay!!        Gonna fill up that rejected hamper!!

slob, humor, toothbrush choices

Do the girls really need a wardrobe of toothbrush choices?? Apparently, yes.

Sometimes their teeth might not feel like being brushed with a red brush.       They’re sensitive, and need to be pampered!         Teeth have feelings too!!

slob, humor, 3 band-aids in the box

Oh yes, the classic, “3 band-aids left in the box.”








slob, humor, rash decisions

We like to be prepared for any rash emergency. Or are we just too lazy to finish squeezing out all the remainder??

Since “remainder” is a math term, I’ll let you decide!

slob, humor, not bathroom supplies

2 of these things don’t belong…

Since they don’t belong in the sink room, they got banished to the laundry dungeon!

slob, humor, no knives in bath

A butter knife?? To cut the medication dose in half, or what??









In the donation box basket, with you!!

Yada, yada, yada, more junk.

Look, Ma- drawers!!    

slob, humor, hair care drawer

Who needs combs, and brushes in this house??? Oh yeah, the girls…. Don’t worry, I do NOT use that nasty wire brush on them!!

All done!                 

slob, humor, done! (Almost.)

Ahem!! Not by a long shot, are you done!

Okay, since it’s only 1 box, it’s only a short shot, then.

AND!!      You haven’t cleaned yet, either!

slob, humor, dirty sink

Dirty sink. In the sink room. Imagine that.

You’ve read all the same slob blogs I have.       De-cluttering comes first!!        So cleaning comes easier!!

slob, humor, box in cabinet

There ya go! All nice and tucked away!









Now, I’m done done!

So nice and clean!!         Ahem!!         Oh uh, I mean de-cluttered!!        I can’t do it ALL in one day!!        That’s just crazy talk!

The rocks are from PP’s carefully curated collection.      Yes, we meant to leave them there.

slob, humor, rock decor

Don’t these just say “calm, and serenity now” to you??

(Have I mentioned how much I HATE this black , faux leather, contact paper, that is on every flat surface in this house??       ARGH!!)

Oh yes, yes, “Calm, and serenity now.”

Take a well deserved break, Melinda!       The sink room counter is lovely!       And the black highlights the rough, natural texture of the rocks.




De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline

I still have no name for this series on this house.  Ack!    It’s buggin me!

Anyways, going in.

Will this be a de-clutter project??

Or a de-claim??     I wanted to say de-shuffle, move to a different place.         But my alliteration muscle kicked in, and just.wouldn’

Or a de-cline project?? IE- trash it??      Or would the de-claim part be the trash it part?

I was thinking of claim as the staking out of a plot of land, as in gold mining, etc.       That’s why calling moving to another place,  is de-claiming, or do I prefer de-shuffling, after all??        

Well, really Melinda- de-shuffling would be NOT moving it, right??       Make up your mind what you’re doing!      Then go do it!          Sitting here waffling about names is called- Procrastination, of the highest order!!

Ya got me there!!           Okay, waffle no more- going in!!         Btw- since I’m not gonna be a waffle anymore, what am I??        A crepe?        A pancake??         


(sound of scurrying feet)

Oops- one more thing!     I’m gonna be in the first room of our bathroom today- the sink room.       Alternately- the skylight room.

Ok, pix taken.     Downloading them as we speak.    And then……                  On to the purging, right??                 Uh, actually, noooooo.                  And why not, if I may ask? Because I’m hungry, and haven’t had breakfast yet!!           No energy!!           Fine! Hurry up and eat!                Yes ma’am!           Immediately ma’am!

Gratuitous selfie of breakfast.

slob, humor, keto breakfast muffins

My yummy breakfast muffins!

OOPS!!      I have 2 of them upside down!          Trying again, gotta show the best side, ya know!

slob, humor, keto muffins right side up

Now there’s the cheese!

Wait, is it a selfie, if I’m not in it??       What do you call all those shots of people’s food?   Foodies??           Nope, that’s the people who love food. 

STOP and just eat the muffins already!!

Ok, here’s me eating the muffins….

slob, humor, slob sloppily eating
Purple keto nosh.







BTW: please don’t worry.      They are Keto muffins.       And no, I didn’t bake them, DD1 did.              Any more questions??        They’re getting cold!

Sink room, from left to right.     I’m not going to photograph the wall of cabinets behind me, what’s the point??       Doors, lots of dark, dark wood doors.

slob, humor, mirror shot

Okay, so I lied! Here’s a shot of the cabinets, thru the looking glass.

Also, do my bare shoulders offend you??       (I so want to figure out where to find that enigmatic poll button!)

So, I picked up the play broom, and returned it to girls’ room.       (Less than 4 ft away.)

slob, humor, broom put away

Broom be gone!

Then I did a load of laundry.      No visible difference there.

Annnnnd then I got distracted, went to my room, and began de-cluttering there.         Well, I don’t live in the bathroom!       Neither half of it!

So ends this episode of De-clutter, De-claim, De-cline.

Come back tomorrow to find out if I ever get a “roundtuit”!!

slob, humor, roundtuit

Let’s see if I really do??

Seven Seconds Second Sinking

This is the continuation of yesterday’s SS Sinking.

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel      

Seven Seconds Scullery 

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

Seven Seconds Sinking

Seven Seconds Second Sinking  – Today’s shipwreck.

I opened the medicine cabinet.        

slob, humor, some bath clutter

Not much clutter.

Not too bad.       The razors are all new, so ok there.     The nails, and clips are for the mirror that’s coming back in.     Shortly, I hope!      I miss my face, as I brush!         This:

slob, humor, trash

Let’s play a round of “Guess how old this is??”

I can’t even remember when I bought it, so better safe than sorry.       File 13.

slob, humor, maybe clutter, maybe not

To which door does this belong???

Maybe this is to the back door??      I think??     Keeping it, cuz I’m not properly dressed to go outside to check it.       And better safe than sorry, in this case too!

slob, humor, useless clutter

By hook or by crook- or both!

When I bought this, (for a penny!!), the idea was for PP to be able to hang up her own towel.       Well, she can’t reach the top of the door, and it didn’t fit on the bottom cabinet door, and as you can see, it’s just been dangling around.         Donate.        Finally!!

Then, I cleaned the rest of the counter,

slob, humor, clean spot!

Remember this filthy spot?? Scroll up! haha  Oops, I mean refer back to yesterday!

AND refilled the soap!      Go me!

Soap dispenser, meet soap.        I’ve been wanting to hook you two up, for a while.

Even scrubbed  wiped out the sink, with only a tiny bit of effort required.      That really brought out the lusciousness of the avocado shine, didn’t it??

slob, humor, clean counter

Whew!! Looking good!!

That feels so good, let’s tackle another spot.      Okay, under here looks like a likely locale.

slob, humor, cluttered spot

The hidey hole.

No, I didn’t say “hiney hole”!!      So, the baby potty seat needs to move on down the road!         But, wait!!       (See what I did there??)         PPJr will be needing that in less than a year!          You’re right!     Ok, we’ll just move it outta sight then, mm kay?

I put it down under, to keep Happy Heater company.     They can have a seat, (aha! I did it again!) chat over cups of ……..   cold water??      Not if HH has anything to do with it!      They can have as hot a cup of water as they want!

Any way…..

slob, humor, bath rugs

Lookit these gorgeous grape rugs!!

They are fabulous!!   The color, the lofty pile, 100% cotton!               Only 1 teensy, tiny tidbit of info, makes them not perfect.       They slip.       They slide.      They slither.               When I last had them on the floor, if I hadn’t still been clutching the wall, I’d have been blogging from a hospital bed!        

So basically, they are useless as rugs.       I even tried them in the bedroom, over the carpet.      No go.      They bunched, they bucked,  they bothered me.         I sad!!       I tried to convince DD1 to let me keep them, and she wasn’t even there!!   {Ah, the delights of camera phones, and texts!}        After much anguish, many tears, and a long drawn out goodbye hug……    I folded them (the least final respect I could give them), and gently placed them in the donate box that had just been standing silently by, observing all the drama, yet not saying a word.       [The same donate box the orange hook had previously dove into.     That was already half full of clothes a friend gave me, that I couldn’t wear cuz they were white.    I can’t wear white.        Why??     Obviously you’ve never seen a slob, with a big bosom eat….]

slob, humor, kid's spade

Hey, there’s her garden spade!

slob, humor, clean cubby

So clean, and un-cluttered!

Then I got motivated to actually clean, the un-cluttered space was so nice and spacious!

slob, humor, dirty floor


So, I swept the floor.   Yes, the whole floor!

IMG_20170422_123543       Oops, this is not a sweeping photo!     But it proves I did have out the broom!!      And the rugs are on their way to the donate box!     They got very tired, and had to rest.      I understand that! 

slob, humor, phone selfie

My phone took this pic, all by itself! How did that happen?? Scary!

slob, humor,

Okay, this is an actual cleaning pic! Finally!

I “mopped” the floor with a rag.     Looks good, even if I do say so myself!!

slob, humor, clean-ish floor

Clean floor! Well, clean-ish! Clean-er at least!

When I came back later, never you mind why, I had to pause a minute to admire!

slob, humor, clean bath!

What a good feeling!!

Way to go, Melinda!!!             Thanks!    I appreciate that!          But..…         Yeah??                   I notice you didn’t do the cabinet.           What cabinet??           The one where you got the wipes???

Oh, yah, uh, that cabinet.         Yes, That cabinet.

Well, I opened it, and was instantly overwhelmed, so I shut it again!        That’s ok!     Nony’s done it!            Of course, she took some deep breaths, and opened it again, didn’t she??           

Later!      Or “yaydeh” as PP would say!!        I simply can’t face it!

Bye!   Gotta go!!      The donations are a’raring to go!!

Previous House Time: 12 hr 43 min.

Today’s Work Time: 15 min. Not counting drive time!

 Total House Time Presently: 12 hr 58 min.

(Still ended up with over 800 words, before adding the series stuff!    Wow!!      Someone needs to give me some “brevity” juice!!       I think I drank “wordy” juice by mistake!)

Seven Seconds Sinking

slob, humor, 7 hours????

Poor Ashley Phipps, doesn’t know me, or my home.       I’m thinking she would run away screaming, if she ever stepped foot in mine!

Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds

Second Seven Seconds Sequel      

Seven Seconds Scullery 

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery

Seven Seconds Scullery Spices

Seven Seconds Scullery Scape

Seven Seconds Scullery Sunder

Seven Seconds Scullery Scrape

Seven Seconds Scullery Scaffolding

Seven Seconds Scullery Second Scraping

SS Scullery Scrapings, Scobblelotcher

Seven Seconds Sisters’ Scene

Seven Seconds Scullery Skippy

Seven Seconds Shed

Seven Seconds Shed Seconds

Now we’re here:  The bathroom.

Or, as I’ve called it,  The “Sinking“.

My heart is sinking, just thinking about going in there.      Yes, the new floor is wonderful!  

slob, humor, beautiful new floor!

But that ugly blue shower curtain just grates on my nerves!!    

slob, humor, ugly bath

I really gotta do something about that!       Who has time?   with all this de-cluttering??     

De-cluttering is more important than decorating, right??       Well, it is when you’re in the middle of a series on de-cluttering!

(Update: Yeah!  I finally did something about that blah blue curtain!!    And my shower time is so purplicious now!! )  

slob, humor, new shower curtain

Isn’t she so lovely?


And then there’s this horror:

(No, not the faulty faucet, the other horror.)

slob, humor, hideous avocado color

This picture does not do justice to the glaring hideousness of the (60’s? 70’s?) bright avocado green color.      Shudder!      It makes my hands still feel dirty, even after I wash them!     From the green reflection on my skin!

The Sinking!!

But wait!     We’re not here today to bemoan the hideous state of the bath decor!          We’re here to de-clutter!!

Alright, I’m going in.

First, I looked at the counter.

slob, humor, bath clutter

Not a great pic, but it shows what ya need to see.

These can probably go:

slob, humor, clutter- bath


slob, humor, bath clutter

Yeah, I know there’s still soap in there, but it’s been here since Christmas.

And without any angst, too!!         Yay!

And the pot went back into the tub, where it belongs.    What???    You don’t keep your toy pots in the tub??

slob, humor, bath clutter gone

Clutter be gone! Dirt stayed at home.

There!  Much better already!!

Happy Heater can go.    NO!!!      Not out the door, goofball!!       Under the sink!!

slob, humor, put in its place

Happy Heater’s Hot Home

This needs to stay, tho.    

slob, humor, bathroom need









I so wish these 2 would go!    In the trash!!

So useless!        Do they even make those tiny Dixie cups anymore??       {Wow, this is turning into a photo essay.      Hope y’all enjoy!}

Ya know what??       While I’m here, I’m gonna clean some too!         Don’t get your hopes up!        Nothing too wild n crazy.       Just swipe a wipee around.


slob, humor, cleaning supplies

I included the trash can, just so you’d have the full experience! You’re welcome!

Might as well do the toilet.       I know, all the germaphobes thank me from the bottom of their hearts!       You’re welcome!        

But I had already put the wipes back on the shelf.      [facepalm]

slob, humor, cleaning supplies

Back in closet. So efficient, returning it to where it belongs!!

Except when it’s not, because I have to immediately get it back out again!

Leave it to me, to make more work for myself!            



While I was wiping the seat, after the handle, or was that backwards???      Anyway, the wipee fell into the bowl!      Oh no!!        No pix, just grabbed it up real quick before it completely soaked up all the water!       Thankfully the trash can was right there!

Whew, a deep breath to recover from that trauma.

So, that was the end of the toilet cleaning.     I had already swish-and-swiped the bowl the day before.

I’m coming up on 600 words here, so gonna cut it off here.

More tomorrow!

House Time Before: 12 hrs 28 min.

Today’s Tub Time: 15 min.

Total House Time Now: 12 hrs 43 min.


Beautiful Bath Bottom

Oh no, Melinda!          What’s bugging ya now??         Are you really gonna talk about your bottom??           NO!!      Silly, I’m talking about the bottom of the BATH!        Ya know, the floor??

AS a reminder, as if you need it, I’m sure many of you germophobes (Kristen) are still retching from seeing it the first time.        My carpeted bath floor.

slob, humor, bath carpet      OH!    And I didn’t even show you the WORST part!!

There’s worst???        Noooo!!!         (People fainting, as they clutch their heads, moaning.)

slob, humor, petrified poop




That, ladies, and gents is petrified poop.      In my bath vent.         The legacy of the lady(?)  with 3 cats, who evidently didn’t know their litter box, from a hole in the ground.

Thank you, Jim, for shoveling that up for me!!!

Yes, I closed the vent when I moved in, and pretended it no longer existed.      But it’s hard to ignore when you see it every time you sit down!!        He only left it there a day or two.        Maybe to make sure I realized what a great debt of gratitude I owed him???

Anyway, y’all can all open your eyes now, it’s gone.

The materials piled up, ready to go.     slob, humor, new bath materials

{Can’t WAIT to show you the sink!!       But that’s another day.      It’s on the floor now, but it doesn’t belong there!}

Here’s how it looked after he ripped up the carpet.

slob, humor, stripped floor  Those strips of double backed tape ain’t no joke!!       After 50 years, they were still so sticky, I got stuck to the floor!!       And I had gone in barefoot, not even giving it a thought!        Come to think about it, maybe it was good that I went in barefoot, otherwise, he might have had to tile over a pair of shoes!!       Seriously, it took pulling with all my body weight, to pick up my feet!    Then, I had to walk to the sink, and reverse the process all the way back to the door!       So now I have literally invested skin in the game!  lol

Thankfully, that stage only lasted overnight.  WHEW!

slob, humor, backer board stage    The backer board stage.

Oh, just in case you were wondering, SF let me stay at his house that whole week.     He was the only one who had 2 bedrooms, with an actual bed in it!       Thanks, SF!!         I can’t live without a potty!!

slob, humor, self explanatoryThen of course, the project had gotten more involved, since there was no shut off valve for the toilet, so the whole house had to be shut down for the whole week.      Thankfully, he knew how to do that too!!

slob, humor, almost there!    Almost there!!

slob, humor, grouted       The grouting stage.

The toilet I had had sitting in the workshop for a year!!        Now, finally I was gonna have a taller potty!!   YAH!!

He decided to also add a tile baseboard.     Looks wonderful!!

slob, humor, beautiful new floor!

I can’t thank you enough Jim!!

(Now the cabinet looks so bad, it needs to go too!!     Plus, it’s so low, I almost have to bend in half to reach the sink!!      Who did they build this for?      A Little Person??)

It only makes sense, if I get a new floor, and sink, that I get a new vanity too, right??       And about that ugly tub…..      Please, a new shower curtain too, that’s NOT blue??


Bad, Bad, Bath

Remember Bad Bad Shoes??       Well, this has nothing to do with that!        Umm, okaaaay, then why did you bring it up??       Just so I could repeat part of the title, and link to an old post!          {Shakes head}     Melinda, you are incorrigible!         I know!     Ain’t it great??!!

Okay, so where does the Bad, Bad, Bath part come in?        Well, I’ll show you!

slob, humor, bath carpet  Horrible hideousness!!       What in the Sam Hill were these people thinking to put carpet in a BATHROOM????          I know it LOOKS purple- trust me, it wasn’t!!     It was a filthy blue-gray- who knows what the color was originally??

slob, humor, ugly    Ugh, ugh, ugly!!     I guess it could have been worse!

slob, humor, ugly bath




Don’t all these different textures and patterns just make you feel serene??       Nope??        Me neither!!




slob, humor, ugly green sink!     One of the 2 worst parts- green fixtures!!    (My contractor already had the mirror removed before I realized he was gonna start working!)   Thank God the toilet was white!!     

slob, humor, ugly green   Speaking of my contractor:   Here’s Jim! slob, humor, contractor Jim








Well, maybe this is even worse than the green??

slob, humor, mildew    Mildew is really bad, Melinda!      I know!   I know!!

Horrible hideousness!!     But trust me, it has already been scrubbed multiple times!!

Nicole-when I first moved in.

and Jessica-this past summer.

But not by you??      Surely you jest!!        You know me, right??        Seriously tho, since it’s been scrubbed, maybe it’s not really mildew, but an alien life form??

Anyway, this is the bad, bad, bath.     Beautiful new bath on its way!!      YAY!

Flowing Flood

The water was running in the bathroom sink for a l o n g time.  But, I didn’t worry, cuz PP usually takes a 10 min soak whenever she washes her hands.

My first clue of trouble, was seeing her round the corner, with the water still running.

“Uh oh, Omie! Uh oh!”

So, I jumped up and ran hobbled as fast as I could.

Yeah!  Uh oh indeed!

The bathroom sink had become the River Jordan!!

The flood was flowing over the counter top, (where the tp sits!!), down the cabinet doors, and soaking into the floor, and BUT!!mostly missing the rugs.  YAY!!  At least the RUGS didn’t get ALL wet!

slob, humor, rug

Only half wet!

Quickly, I turned off the tap.

Hey!  When did she bring that sponge in here????

slob, humor, sponge

The culprit!

I’m sure that sponge dove into the sink by itself!!   My darling PP would surely not have caused such a mess herself!!

slob, humor, water running


Wasn’t worried about blog pix during the actual event!!

And, she did go grab dirty towels to sop it up!

And wiped down the cabinet doors.

Sadly, the tp was a total wash.   Moment of silence please for my loss.

slob, humor, wet tp

Photo Credit:    Something happened to MY photo, so I had to go hunt one down.

I hope she learned her lesson.

But, just in case, I’ll start frisking her every time she goes to wash her hands!!

Totally Tanked

I’m about to totally lose it!   Toilet troubles, again!!!  How many times is that, since I moved in in June???  600!!  Give or take….

It’s a catastrophe, that’s making me cranky, and crazy!!  CRAY-CRAY, I tell you!!!


This is Tuesday night, and the chain slipped off again, Monday night.  DH came over this morning and “Fixed ” it.  By after lunch, it wouldn’t flush again!  Is he “fixing” it with a wad of gum????

He said I was flushing “Too Hard”.   Wow, I didn’t realize the power I was unleashing in my mighty index finger!!


Re-enactment: at sweet friend’s house.  Somehow my originals from this morning didn’t make it thru the wormhole.

 So, I’ve promised to only push with my poor, pitiful, powerless pinky.  Hopefully problem solved!  (I doubt it, but we’ll see……)





Here’s a sad pic of the offending machinism:





This is my real toilet, this time.  What do you mean, “EWWWW”???

Who cleans their toilet tank??  You mean, that’s a thing?  You’re supposed to??  Oops!  I didn’t get the memo!

I’m just so sick of the drama.   Seriously considering installing an outhouse, sans corn cobs!   Off to check the park regulations on that…..