Strawberry Strolls

Everybody already knows I love PP, right??

Well last week, I proved (once again!)   just how much.

For her birthday party, she requested strawberry cake, with pink icing, and a cherry on top.

So, I duly bought the mixes,    ahem    Who bought the mixes??         To be technical, I did. I just didn’t actually go to the store.       (Oh, what would I ever do without XH, and Sweet Friend??        My whole matrix would collapse!)

Anyway, the ingredients were purchased, by whomever isn’t relevant.

slob, humor, strawberry cake mix

Birthday girl’s request.

and proceeded to bake!       Yes, ME!     Bake!

slob, humor, strawberry cupcakes, ready to bake

Not picture perfect, but made with love!!

When she got home from day care, I let her frost them, and put the “Cherries” on top.

slob, humor, frosted cupcakes, with sprinkles

Yes, we’re pretending those little dots are cherries!

[No way was I gonna spend all that money on a jar of maraschino cherries, when the kids would just probably spit them out!!     I’m not Pinterest Omie, or anything!]

These are the survivors, from the party, that we had at a park.      So all the clean up required was to throw the trash away!!        No sweeping, mopping, nuttin!!        No decorating either!         Boy, weren’t we smart!           {And broke, but that’s beside the point!}

Now, back to loving her so much.         Did I ever mention I’m allergic to strawberries?? Along with the gluten, and blah, blah, blah??              I made cupcakes, that I couldn’t even eat!!         That’s love, folks!

slob, humor, purple heart


Pudding Pop’s Pink & Purple Party

YAY!!!   Pudding Pop’s having a party!!   A pink & purple party!   Fit for a princess!!

slob, humor, party invite

I had to take a pic of the screen again. sigh

I was so excited, to plan this party, and celebrate her birthday properly!!   Last year, her parents didn’t give her one, so I had to make up for 2 years in one!

So, being the savvy budgeteer that I am, I went straight to the Dollar Tree for all the supplies!

slob, humor, princess party supplies

I had to take a pic of the screen again. sigh

{Ooooohh, this is making me mad!!  The copying captions thing.}

Pretty, and prudent!   Can’t beat $1 each!   Thank God for the Dollar Tree!


AND, I wanted this pinata from Save-a Lot SO bad!!!!

slob, humor, pinata

Pink & Purple Party Pinata!

But, I didn’t have $17 extra.   And after all, who needs a pinata, when you have this???

slob, humor, princess centerpiece

Centerpiece, well, pic of a centerpiece! I was too lazy to set it up just for the pic!

Of course, some might be disappointed that they can’t swing at it with a bat!

The cake would be the most important, to me anyway!!    (Wonder where I can find a GF bakery in town??)

Then, PopPop blew me away, by coming over with this!!

slob, humor, pink and purple castle

PP’s very own pink and purple “cassel”!!

As you can see, she’s already moved in!   She was ecstatic when she saw her very own “cassel”!!!!


My little princess was pleased with all the pink and purpleness!!!

(A birthday party IS a holiday, right??!!)

Pudding Pop’s Pretty Pink (P)kitchen

I know Pkitchen’s not a word.  I just had to put that P in there!  My fingers would not stay off the P key.



How precious is that??

Ever since PP’s  Panda and Pink (P)first (P)birthday Party,

(I tell ya, my finger WILL NOT come off that P key!),

I’ve been jonesing to get PP a pink (p)kitchen.  The Sunday after Black Friday, they were still ringing up at Black Friday prices!  So, I was able to get one, without fighting all the crowds!


I even stated putting it together myself, but got stuck.  So we had to call in the handyman to save the day!

(We had DD1 and PP’s Christmas early, because they were down visiting from their new home.  )

Here is a pic of PP playing with her pretties.


It came with pots and pans, dishes, spatula, and even a cell phone!

Now all I have to add are some potholders, hot pads, and and an apron!

It just so happens the the Christmas dress I made her was in 2 pieces, with an apron! So, I’m ahead of the game there!

PP's Christmas dress with apron

PP’s Christmas dress with apron