Declutterathon Day

slob, decluttering

Declutterathon Declaration

Welcome to Declutterathon Day !!  

How am I gonna come up with 19 more alliterative titles with Declutterathon in them???     Help!   I’m panicking here!!

Dun dun dun!!    {Hey!   There’s one!   Only 18 more to go!}

Behold the bedroom bookshelf!           

Or would it be in your office, since it’s to the left of your computer desk??

slob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelfslob, de-cluttering, bookshelf

Top left,                           Top right,                    Bottom left,                           Bottom right.

In 4 part harmony, no less!!

Now, that the preliminaries are over, 

Deciding which room it’s located in??

Exactly!     As I was saying….   Down to the actual work of de-cluttering.

Timer set:   15 min. 

Ready!   Steady!   Set!   Go!

Work, workety, work.   Throw trash away.   Read a card.   Cry.    slob, de-cluttering, card    This was to Bobby, my dead husband.    Who died 15 years ago.    Reckon I should let it go now.   I don’t think he will mind.

Agonize over decisions.

slob, de-cluttering, DD1's hands

How do I let go of DD1’s hands????   Answer: I can’t.   Not yet.   Back in the memories box.



Time’s up!    

What?   Already?   But, I’m not even halfway through!!

Well, you can keep going, ya know!    15 minutes was only the minimum you promised, nobody said you had to STOP at 15!

Okay, I will!    {Keep going, that is.   This time I didn’t even set the timer, just looked at the time.)

More work, workety, work, work.

More throwing trash away.   More reading cards.   More crying.    More agonizing over decisions.

Or not.   slob, de-cluttering   Since I don’t even WEAR make-up, this one was easy peasy!   

Then why did you buy it again??

Ummm, oh yeah!   To wear to Dr. Kim’s graduation!

Oh, alright.   But suggestion?


Don’t buy any more make-up!   You won’t wear it!

Good point.

slob, de-cluttering, sentimental clutter   Oh no!    DD1’s birthing center bib!   More agonizing!   How will I ever remember she was born in a birthing Center, if I throw this away???     Waaaaaahhhh!  

Wait, this sounds awfully familiar!

What do you mean??

Didn’t you go thru this same exact routine when you found DD2’s hospital cap?

Uh, I dunno.   Maybe….

And what did your friend, who was helping you de-clutter then, say?

[small voice]   Get rid of it.   

Uh, huh.   And how many times since then have you cried over that baby cap??

Well, uh, um, a c t u a l l y….

Yes?    Actually how many times exactly??

Oh ok, NONE.  Okay??   None.   {Realization hits.}     Oh, so what you’re saying is, I won’t miss this either, once I let it go?

Bravo, Grasshopper!   You have learned well!

{Big swoosh of breath.}   Reluctantly kisses it, and puts in the donate pile.

Um, another suggestion?

{big sigh}   What now?

Before you donate it, don’t you think you need to wash it?   After all, it IS 29 years old!    Not to mention dirty, and stained.

You may have a point there.   It is rather grungy.    But, am I really gonna take the time to wash something, just to donate it??   No, I’m really not.   {Bigger sigh}    Oh alright, trash it is.    NOOOO!!!   {Grabs it back outta trash.}


What?  {snarl}

Remember I called you Grasshopper!   Pull up your big girl panties, and get on with it!

Can’t I recycle it instead??


Will the baby bib ever actually make it outta Melinda’s hands??    How long will she continue to cry, and argue over it??


Well folks, that’s enough drama for today.   Tune in tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion of Declutterathon Day !

Dun, dun, dun!


Queen Anne’s first day.


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