Buh-Bye, Burgundy!

Well, how many times have I written about my car needing repairs?   Only Once??  Really???   That’s weird, I sure moaned, and groaned, and complained about it a lot!

My Crown Vic was red, so I named her Burgundy.  

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My Burgundy. Ain’t she a good looking red head?

She had a heart of gold, and a strong work ethic.   But even hard workers eventually wore out!   Bless her heart, she sprung a leak in her intake manifold.   Every 20 miles we went, I had to stop and refill her with 2 gallons of water.   (Yes, I know you’re supposed to use antifreeze.   But who could afford 2 gallons several times a day????   Not me!!)

And because of the scooter on the back, her shocks went out.   That meant, even the smallest dip made us scrape bottom.   Metal screeching is NOT my favorite sound!!

And oh yeah, did I mention- no AIR??   In FLORIDA???   Where summer temps go into the high 90’s??   ALL day long???

Alrightey then, I think we’ve well established that poor Burgundy needed to be put out to pasture.   But then, what would I do for a car??   I didn’t have the money to get one.   Nor the credit.   And I certainly didn’t have the $2000 to fix Burgundy!   I was well and truly in a fix!

Dun, dun DUN!!!   My wonderful Sis rode to the rescue!   She had very recently bought herself a newer vehicle, and couldn’t figure out how to drive 2 at once.   So, we were both looking for solutions to our problems, at the exact same time!   And, miraculously, the solution for both of our problems was the same!!!    So, she is letting me buy her van, on payments.   Low payments.   God is so good!

But, that still left me with the quandary of coming up with the tax, tag, and title cash.   I pondered, and pondered.   {Thinking is hard!!   It makes my head hurt!!}   Finally, at 11:30 pm, it hit me!   Sell Burgundy!!    So, I listed it immediately on Craig’s list.   20 minutes later, I got a text, “Is the Crown Vic still available?”   I started laughing.   “Yes, but text me tomorrow after 8 am.”   I needed some sleep!!

DD1 borrowed Burgundy for an appointment, so I told the guy not to come until 1 pm.   Long story short, he gave me cash and drove off with my car!   Hallelujah!!

Within 30 minutes of waving goodbye to Burgundy,

slob, humor, car

Buh-bye, Burgundy!!


I was in the Plant City tax collector’s office, paying to register my new van.    (I don’t know her name yet.   Mama suggested “Silver”.   But I had already had a van we named Silver, so no go.   Even more pondering.   Ouch!)

Now, I have a beautiful vehicle, that works wonderfully, needs no repairs, I can afford it, and has AIR!!!   Did I mention it has AIR???

And Sis no longer has to struggle with trying to drive 2 vehicles at once!

Happiness reigns all around.

Ripe Recipe


I had a wild hair today.   It was so annoying.   Don’t worry, it’s gone.

buzz hair cut

This is a #3 guard, on the clippers. Too long?

Artistic, no?

side buzz cut

Pretty short, huh? Cool!!!

My Mama almost had a fit when she saw me. She thinks it’s a catastrophe.  I knew she would.  And it’s not that I don’t care, or want to upset her.

It’s just that I’m trying to survive the  oven Florida climate!  Remember this?  Icy Exterior.  103 degrees in the shade, ain’t no joke!  Add to that, I’m still fat fluffy, and NO AIR in my car!!  And there you have a recipe for heat stroke!