Declutterathon Deck

slob, humor, declutterathon

Not really deck, so much as carport.     And I was forced to work on this area, courtesy of Hurricane Matthew.        Thanks for nothing, Matt!

Old non-working dryer.   slob, humor, clutter    Cane fishing pole. slob, humor, more clutter

Shelf full of more clutter.    slob, humor, clutter   As a matter of fact, the shelf itself is clutter!

Random piece of trash.    slob, humor, not even clutter, plain trash    Guess where it went???

slob, humor, clutter just moved    The shelf clutter, just re-situated, inside the workshop.

slob, humor, decluttered    Look Mom!   No cane!!    slob, humor, decluttered (mostly)

All nice and decluttered!!       Except PP decided the shelf looked too bare, and started fall decorating early!!          That’s my baby!      (Those brown lumps are seed pods.)

Now I just need someone to haul away the dryer, and someone to put the shelf out by the road for pick up.      Then, my deck (read: carport)  will be really decluttered!!      Don’t look for clean- NOT gonna go out there and sweep!!



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