Fowl Funnies

Here Anne, the top 10 fowl funnies, just for you!

(In no particular order.)

dinner on elm street, chicken cooks dog, humor

Dun, dun, dun!!

humor, duckling wakes up dad too early

Uh, oh!

(ALL birds are fowl, right????)

humor, all the king's horses, late egg

I don’t think she believes you….


chicken limited edition, not weird, humor

And that’s the truth!

humor, chicken needs lips

Poor, poor chicken lip-less!!


humor, chickens build nuke

Ooohhh, you in trouble!!


humor, patient chef waits for free range chicken

Vewy, vewy quietly!


humor, funny looks church from sound booth when mics quit working

What up??


humor, chicken broke wish bone



And, last but certainly not least:

humor, wife asks eggshell walls, Easter bunny paints colorful

This is not about chickens, but I couldn’t resist!!




Click Clack Cluck

Click, clack, cluck??   Melinda, are you nuts???    (Why, yes I am!   Thanks for noticing!)   That doesn’t make a lick of sense!

Well, Chicken Laughs doesn’t alliterate!!

marrying a free range chicken

Mama ALWAYS knows best!!


free range chickens run for it

can't count eggs as dependents before they hatch

Don’t count those chickens before they hatch!!

chicken knows how to drive


first time egg farming


Easter egg hatched

kentucky freud chicken

Hope you got as many laughs outta these as I did!

To my surprise, I’m finding that I LIKE having a series.    After a year and a half of blogging,  I can always learn something new!












Chicken Chuckles

No, it’s not the chicken that chuckles!   Hopefully it’s you who chuckles about the chicken!!

egg rolling across road


egg a day for room and board


chicken with asphalt in toes



chicken car is a coupe with eggshaust


chicken interviewing for crossing guard job

Do I ever!!


chicken suicide by cooking herself

Uh, Bob, I gotta tell ya something….

I know suicide is a serious topic, and I hope I haven’t offended anyone.    But, to my sick sense of humor, this is funny.

chicken "crosses" road and makes him mad



I laughed out loud at so many of these!!    I just couldn’t stop downloading them, so look for a Chicken Chuckles #2 next week!!

friday frivolity button from Devastate Boredom

Awful Alarm

See why I don’t cook???   All l did was turn on the oven,

oven set to 400 degrees

Oven on, temp. set



and put chicken thighs inside.  

half baked chicken thighs

Sorta baked thighs

Then the ear-splitting fire alarm goes off!  

fire alarm



 I took it down, and put it inside my robe.

alarm in my robe

Looks like I’m alarmed and dangerous!


Then the one way down the hall joins in the cacophony.    Dang!    (I know I’m a big girl!!!, but still there ain’t room for both! )


So, I wrapped them both up in my thick blankie.   This oughta fix ’em!!

alarms inside blanket

Wrapped up like pigs in a blanket

If the smoke gets so thick they go off again, I better hi-tail it outta here myself!!


Even the alarms get alarmed when I try to cook.   It just ain’t worth the headache!!  That’s why I bake my potatoes in the microwave.   Looks like I need to learn how to bake chicken in there as well!!    Alternately, just buy canned chicken, and forget the whole “But, I want it hot!” thing.   I’m thinking that just might be the best solution.

It’s annoying, depressing, not a good thing at all.   Maybe part of my planning for meals should be donning my Haz mat suit???   AND calling the Firemen to be on stand-by???

Even with all the alarms, noise, and smoke, it turned out to be a yummy supper after all!

baked chicken baked potato

Baked , okay, microwaved potato, and baked (yes, really!) chicken

5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge, part 3

I’m debating which pic to pick, aha- see what I did there??

I have so many, so, so many goofy pix of me.  You might say it’s my natural look!

Okay, I’ll just grab one and go.


Me as a cow.           Moooo

(I can say that about myself, but don’t you try it, I’ll deck ya!)

Have you ever gone to Chik-fil-a on Cow Appreciation Day???  It’s a madhouse!  (See what I did there?  Catch the mad cow reference?  I kill myself.)  Everyone that dresses up in a cow costume gets free food.   They even provide free printables on their website!   It’s so much fun!

I know you probably wouldn’t have recognized me, without my purple shades giving away my disguise.  You can’t see the black spots all over my shirt, cuz the camera wasn’t panorama, therefore couldn’t capture me in all my bovine glory!  (Okay- no more fat jokes!!  We’re done.)

Those aren’t earrings, they’re my ears.  Yes, poor me, my ears hang low.  (And no, I didn’t try to tie them in a bow.)

Ask me how hard it was to eat through a cow’s snout! nose? Whatever it’s called.  Pretty hard!  But, the good news is, the paper tasted like chicken.