Charitable Choice

Someone in my church posted about a family in need.      They have 5 kids, and are temporarily living in a tent.

I thought, “Now, what do I have that people in a tent might need?”

Towels came to mind.        So, I asked DD1 if she’d mind, if we went thru the towels, and donated some.      She’s a sweet girl, and agreed.

We have a LOT of towels!

We easily agreed to donate 3 bath towels.

slob, humor, donating towels

3 green hand towels, from my uncle, that we never even used.       (His job is professional laundry, and sometimes thing are left over.)

slob, humor, ugly green towels

Ugly green= gah bye!!

Same with the 2 “lavender” hand towels.        (I just thanked him, and took them.             I didn’t have the heart to tell him they weren’t lavender!)

slob, humor, hand towels to donate

Sorry, NOT really lavender!








Looky here, a kitchen towel set.    Still in the packaging…..

slob, humor, kitchen towels to go

And 1 purple washcloth, just to test myself, to see if I could let it go…….

slob, humor, donating purple!!

Let it go!!

2 mismatched pillow cases.

And 2 journals, out of the 7 I still had.         (Didn’t I de-clutter journals a while back???)

That was just a quick run thru of the CLEAN towels.      There is still a hamperful in the laundry.        We have WAAAAAAY too many towels!!

But less now!          And less is more!


Chosen Church Chuckles

Today I have chosen more church chuckles.    I enjoy them so much!    I hope you do too.

slob, humor, church meme    Bwahahaha!   slob, humor, church meme    Oooh!   Don’t bother me!

slob, humor, church meme


slob, humor, church meme

Aw, so close!

slob, humor, approved movies

YUP!!     Back in my day, movies weren’t allowed at ALL!

slob, humor, argue


slob, humor, funny church

What can I say????

slob, humor poor guy

Poor guy!

slob, humor, crying

slob, humor, what?

Say what???

Chuckles, anyone??   Have a great week!!     Beautiful Bath pix coming soon!


Choice Church Chuckles

It’s Monday again!!  Yaya!     Yet another week that I don’t have to go face students in a classroom!!     I really am so thankful for that, you really have no idea.    Well, if you’ve ever done it, then you probably do!

Anyway, our meme theme this week is church chuckles, once again.     These are my choices for your entertainment.    These are meant to have a lighthearted laugh over, not to mock church.    Just thought I better straighten that out at the git go.

Okay, enough dilly dallying!     Let’s laugh!

slob, humor, church memeslob, humor, church meme  slob, humor, church memeslob, humor, church meme

 Uh huh!!  I got that eye several times!        Ouch!!   That one stepped on my toes!!

slob, humor, church meme     Yup, when what you’re thinking can’t be said out loud!

slob, humor, church meme

slob, humor, church meme

slob, humor, church meme

                                                   That’s about right!!

slob, humor, church meme

Solution- memorize the whole Bible!!    😉     A wonderful idea, just not sure I can at this point in my life!    (Just like I’m guessing they pretended to proof read!!   “Your” is not you are!!)

So, how hard did you laugh??     I hope long, and loud!!

See ya next Monday, with more memes.

Tomorrow with more slob adventures.

Service Smiles

Hey, wasn’t too hard to come up with a title today!!    Got these all off Facebook.    So funny!! But no, not service as in doing a job.   Church service, baby!

Hope these smiles follow you all day!!

slob, humor, church meme slob, humor, church meme

Yup!   Nuttin like that Holy Ghost conviction!

slob, humor, church meme

Oh so very awkward!


slob, humor, church meme     Right??!!

slob, humor, church meme









slob, humor, church meme

Especially if she’s the pastor’s wife, like ours!!    Right, Sissy?   Bubba??

slob, humor, church meme

Oh snap!

slob, humor, church meme

This was us when we filled in for the missionary in Bahamas for 2 weeks!!


slob, humor, church meme

      Anybody else??    Oh, just me??     Riiiiiiight.


Service with a mile of smiles.     

Facebook Fore

Ok, since I made such a BIG deal about getting off Facebook, I now need to make a confession.

I have rejoined the unwashed masses, the teeming throngs, the rest of the world.   Yep, I made a new FB account.

slob, humor, facebook

Self explanatory

But, this time I’m using it slightly differently.   I am not accepting the friend requests of every  person I’ve ever spoken to.    I’m not using it to stalk old boyfriends (not that I ever did that….).   

Mostly, I am using it to keep up with my ladies’ group at church, and talk to like minded people.    Not that I want to totally close myself off from other viewpoints.   I just want to enjoy a relaxing social time, on there, without arguing over every single thing I say and do (yes, that happened MORE than once).

AND, I don’t want to have to spend half my time hiding posts, and unfriending people, that post things I think are inappropriate (curse words, anything involving evil spirits, astrology, past lives, etc, etc.  And yes, that happened ALL the time, which led to my getting outta there originally.).

So, now I can have my Facebook, and enjoy it too.

slob, humor, facebook

(If I didn’t friend you, please don’t be mad.   I still like you.)


No sooner had I scheduled this post, than another incidence occurred.   One of my CHURCH ladies posted a funny meme.   I laughed, and liked it.   THEN, I glanced up to see where it was from.   Lo and behold, the website was “F” it, let’s get a beer.   Really????    So, I quickly unliked it, deleted it, sent a screen shot of it to my friend, and told her this is why I have to unfriend you.   I can understand accidentally liking something.   I did it.  I can understand accidentally posting something.    But, PLEASE, I beg you, check it out and delete quickly if necessary!!     No one is perfect.  I KNOW that!   But, if “accidents” keep happening, it’s no longer an accident.

So, is FB too much for me to handle??   Do I just totally need to give it up, like TV??   I don’t wanna, but the hassle is getting to be not worth it AGAIN.   And I just rejoined recently!!


major minimalist

Today I feel like bragging on myself.   Celebrating, even!    Nominating myself for an award maybe!

In at least 1 area I am a major minimalist. Wait- isn’t that an oxymoron??

Where was I? Oh yeah, major minimalist.  In the area of footwear, I am that double “m” phrase.

I only own 1 pr slippers, purple naturally!

quilted purple slippers on my feet

Quilted, warm!!


1 pr crocs for everyday wear. And I do mean everyday!  I wear them every where, even church.

purple Crocs

Comfy purple Crocs

(Of course I got them on sale!   With a coupon too!)


Then I have 1 pr closed toe black leather shoes.  For snow boots!! Lol

black closed toe leather shoes

Gotta be FRIGID to drag out these puppies!


I hardly ever break those out any more. Maybe for a funeral.  Except Jeffery’s.    The dress code was purple and red, so the Crocs were required.  Red for him, purple for Sis.

Don’t even own any flip flops! Cuz that’s what I do when I wear them!

It takes real talent to “fall” off those!   And yet I have. Sad when ya can’t even walk like normal people!!

So, a total of 3 prs of footwear qualifies me as a major minimalist in that area, wouldn’t you agree?


5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge

My friend, Sherri, challenged me this waaay back in July.  I told her I’d try, when I got  around to it.


Well, I found one, so here it is!  Thanks, Sherri!

“Finally, for today’s challenge, I am nominating new blogging friend Melinda frompurpleslobinrecovery.  No obligation Melinda, but if you do decide to take up the challenge, I set only one rule:  Have Fun!!”

No rules???  Oh no!!!  Lots and LOTS could go wrong, if I just run around without any rules to rein me in!!

Be afraid, folks, be very afraid!

Well, if you’re willing to go along with me, here goes:

Photo #1

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

This is Allen C.  I won’t say his full name, to protect the innocent. lol

We were on our way to my Senior Banquet at Southeastern College, now Southeastern University.  (Even my college grew up!)

I was sooooo in love with this man. (Yes, he was a man! He had his own place, and a job!!)

Shamefully, I invited him, instead of waiting for him to take the million-and-one hints, I kept dropping, everytime I saw him.  At church, and when we got together at his house for dinner.  (Was it really a date, if I ended up doing the dishes EVERY time??)

Anyhoo, he accepted, and away we went.  Don’t we look so purdy?  (For awhile I dreamed this was our wedding photo!  Don’t judge!)

The banquet was a blast!  Why a banquet instead of a prom?  It was a Bible College, and no dancing allowed!  It’s okay, we still knew how to have fun!!  And laugh!!  (Without drinking, too!)

Afterwards, we changed into jeans, and walked on the beach barefooted, in the moonlight.  So romantic…..


Poor guy, he’s lucky I didn’t propose to him!

inspire mon

totally terrific tuesday