Declutterathon Daze

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This is gonna be W A Y different today!    So brace yourself.

I’m decluttering not physical things today, but habits, actions, thoughts….

Bad habits are automatic, and I just do them without even realizing it.    For example, I get 2 ice cream bars at once.   When I’m done, I blink, look down, and they’re both gone.     What just happened??    I usually have no memory of even eating but 1, sometimes neither, to tell the truth.   So, I need to only get 1 at the time, from the freezer.   That way, I have to walk back to the kitchen for the second, and that will give me enough time to recall eating the last one.

How about none??      [ignoring]

Also, walking to the kitchen in between treats, will declutter a tiny bit of laziness too.   Double score!!

And just maybe, I’ll choose something other than ice cream.

Yeah, right!     This I gotta see!

Okay, smarty pants!    Look here!!     See that??    

slob, humor, apple     It’s an apple!!    {In a pig’s mouth!!}

Update:  Gilly made me promise to never refer to myself as a pig again.   Degrading myself is a habit I need to declutter right now!


Well, color me surprised!     Surprised     {Is that the color of surprised??}

And I really did eat it all!!    See??      As a matter of fact, I ate 2!!    Go me!     Scored 2 tiny points for health!

slob, humor, healthy choice



Today!     And only because you were outta ice cream bars.





That’s all that counts, today.     And I coulda gone to the store, but right now I chose wisely. Now all I need to do is keep it up!     Reminder to self:  One day, one apple at a time.

Out of the daze maze, and ready to go forth and declutter some more stuff!       Onward, clutter warriors!




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