Chunky Chocolate Chip Choice

This is a food review of Chunky Chocolate Chip cookies.    My GF option of choice, 3 weeks ago.   (Is it still a review if you hate its guts??   Just asking, for a friend.)

These are GF.   YAY!!

slob, humor, chocolate chip cookies

Self explanatory.


They are Non-GMO.   YAY!!

slob, humor, non-gmo

They’re also non-dairy.   Yay???

slob, humor, non-dairy cookies

I don’t have a problem with dairy.   (I better not say that too loud!!)   But for people who do, and are GF, these are available.

I gave them a fair shot, I really did.   But, they might as well be honest, and say. “Non food tasting.”

slob, humor, yucky cookies

Truly yucky.

This is all I could choke down force myself to eat, in about 3 weeks!   6 outta 9 cookies!!   And, you know how much I love my sweets and chocolate!!   So, you know, these are nasty!!

Good thing Pamela’s didn’t pay me for this review!   Or they would have stopped the check! And, they didn’t send me free cookies, either!

I’m just doing my civic duty for all my fellow GF warriors.    Don’t buy these!!   And if you do ignore my warnings, and try them, don’t call me crying when your taste buds pass a resolution to secede from your mouth!!

The Tale of Two Tiny Tables

In the theme of chipping away at the mountain, here is the tale of 2 tiny tables.

20150330_220752This is the tray table to the left of my recliner.  It’s not a true before, cuz I had already moved some books and mail.  (That troubling memory blip of forgetting to take “befores”!  Will I ever remember????)

There’s cookies, not the healthiest of breakfasts, but hey, I’m grown!  A library book, my black cherry Coke,(oh, you didn’t know Coke made a black cherry flavor?  I’m a cracker from Fl. all soft drinks are Coke, even Pepsi.  Sorry, Jan S.!) and my Bible, plus assorted hair bows, lip balms, and nose spray.

Then, I did a little decluttering, putting things where they belong, (Look, Nicole!! I did it!!) and voila!

20150331_143955  The Bible, and 1 book stay, because I’m actively reading them.  My drink stays because I’m too lazy to go to the kitchen every 2 minutes, when I’m thirsty!  Don’t judge!  And the candy??  Well, I’m quite sure it won’t stay very long!  It’s Dove Dark!

DO NOT LOOK AT THE KITCHEN BAR BEHIND THE TRAY TABLE!!  I’ve been given permission to just go slow, and do a few, (or even one, if that’s all I can do) things a day.  The kitchen bar, and counters, etc are a whole week’s worth of work, at my sloth pace.

Here’s is PP’s petite dining table, before.  Yay! A real before!  I can do it!!  (Actually, the books and mail were on the tray table, I had just shifted them before the before.  You caught me, Shirley.)

20150331_144500  After some decluttering, (and yes, Shirley, I did take all the stuff to its homes. Not just outta camera range.)

20150331_144932 Ta da!  All nice and clean.  Well, decluttered anyway.  I don’t think I’ll bother cleaning off the crayon.  Not till she’s got the “only color on paper” thing down pat!

Thus endeth the tale of two tiny tables.  I dideth terrific.