Quoting Quietly in a Quorum

This is Day # 3, of my Quotes Challenge, given to me by Smiling Notes.  Thanks again, Smiling!

If you missed them, here’s Day One.  And this is Day # 2.

“Who can find a virtuous wife?  For her worth is far above rubies.”  I’m quoting the Holy Bible, book of Proverbs, chapter 31, verse 10.

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The Bible has a lot to say to wives, about how to be an excellent one.  I could have done a lot better in my life if I had always followed the Biblical teachings, instead of rebelling, and wanting to do my own thing.  Better late, than never, I guess.  Thank God for His forgiveness, through Jesus’ blood, and His death on the cross.  No matter what sins I’ve committed, Jesus forgives them, when I ask in prayer. BUT!!!  I have to quit sinning!!  I can’t just ask for forgiveness, then go back to whatever I was doing before.  I have to make a change in my heart, my life, my attitude, and my actions.

If I want to be an excellent wife, I have to follow God’s instructions.  He made us, He knows best for us.

The Rules of this Challenge are:

– Post 1 quote a day for 3 days (can be your own or from other sources)

– Nominate 3 bloggers to participate per post & thank the person who nominated you

My Nominations are:

1.  Dream Big

2.  Sharon

3.  Kelli

This concludes this challenge.  What will be quietly quoted, in a quorum next?


Living Room Looks

Let me introduce Miss Violet.

Miss Violet

Miss Violet

She has pride of place on my living room wall.  Perhaps you saw her coyly peeking around the edge of the Christmas tree.  She belonged to a wonderful friend of mine, Miss Maggie.  Miss Maggie has gone on to her heavenly reward now, but I have my memories, and Miss Violet, to cherish.

Behind the tv, is a beautiful grapevine cross.


Over the laundry closet, my pretty purple clock.

Chaney is Grandmama's maiden name.

Chaney is Grandmama’s maiden name.

Over the couch is this beauty:

Pretty purple whatchamacallit

Pretty purple whatchamacallit

When my aunt gave it to me, it was a boring black.  But , I could envision how beautiful it could be.

And I was right!

On the short wall, to the left of the kitchen bar, is the gorgeous “Pretty in Purple” original oil, by my Mama.


When I sit in my recliner, Miss Violet is almost directly in front of me, and my

 Just happens to be my middle name.  (Could that be why I love it???)

Just happens to be my middle name. (Could that be why I love it???)

is in front of me to my left.

And you already know my windows.


Now, recently, I have upgraded my furniture.

The old gray cabinet went bye bye, and this gorgeous old (the good kind of old) marble topped dresser from

DD1 and DD2’s Great Aunts, came into my possession.  I was sternly warned NOT to let anything happen to it! It is only a LOAN.

20150311_151829  It is so gorgeous!  Look at those glass knobs- like bling for furniture!

And in the corner, my Granny’s Corner cabinet, was entrusted to my care, in the same way.  I am blessed!

20150311_151837  Now that my recliner has been upgraded from old blue to this maroon, elegant one, I am all set for living room furniture.  (Except the wing back recliner is actually too narrow for my um,,,, statuesqueness??)  And I really, REALLY want the PURPLE leather one I found on Craig’s List!  Stay tuned!