Dun Dun Dun! Donate

Saw this post come thru my inbox.


WANTED: household items

Looking for any sort of household item from dishes and what knots to
pictures and decorative items also needed lawn care items like a good
mower and weed-eater. Thanks so much


And I thought “Hmmm, I just know I have some stuff sitting around.   I’ll go look.”   Boy, did I!!!!

Sheets, a few towels, a hamper, things that I thought I was out of and just bought more…. (paper towels, cleaning wipes, dish soap) on and on!

First thing was, 2 brand new twin sheet sets!    I just got rid of BOTH twin beds, so why do I still have the sheets??

A hamper, that I didn’t even remember I had, until last Monday.

slob, humor, basket

Buh-bye big, bulky basket!

Food that has sat in the pantry closet, since I moved in here, 7 whole months!!     {I totally forget there’s even a closet there, I just think “Oh, that’s a nice mirror, to reflect my gorgeous purple laundry hamper!”}    Don’t worry, I purged the expired stuff!!

slob, humor, pantry full of food

That’s a lot of food, to have forgotten I had!!

I finally got down on PP’s little stool and looked under the kitchen cabinet.   It was scary under there, Gary!

slob, humor, cleaning wipes

I did have cleaning wipes! Wow!! My memory had just been wiped clean.


Dun dun dun- donate!!

And here is the final result.

slob, humor, donation

Please ignore all baby stuff in background, and material. Just look at the stuff on the floor in the foreground!             A donation mountain!!    The lady, Debbie, is gonna be so happy!!