Such Situations

Oldie but goodie from September 2014.       Are y’all that have been here a while tired of the reruns??        I promise, I’m trying hard as I can to get my new site ready!!

This was while we lived in our 4/2 biiiiiiig apartment!

Wild n Wooly

For some reason now, I want to sing that song, “Wooly Bully”!

(I think those are the correct words.      Won’t swear on it.)

This was my post on Aug. 26, 2014.

Wasn’t it cute how I made such a big deal outta mopping??!!         

Ok, yeah, I know, I still do!

Living Life

This was my post from Aug. 23, 2014.


I talked about loving everyone while they’re here, cuz ya never know when they will be gone.        At that time, I had no idea that my BIL, Jeffery, would die so suddenly on Oct 3, 2015, only a year later.          And that DH would become XH 2 years later.    

slob, humor, what???? face

Please hug and kiss all your loved ones, immediately!!          Tell them you love them!!     Life is not guaranteed!          All we have for sure, is today.

slob, humor, heart

Reminiscing Rememberances

When a friend , Kristen, started a homemaking blog, TheRoadtoDomestication, I was excited for her!  She just got married, so yay! We can learn things together.  But she’s a natural born “cleanie” and organizer, and I AM NOT.  It frustrated me that things that were simple for her made no sense to me, and I tried, but just COULDN’T do them.  So, while I was happy for her, I was still depressed for me.

depressed woman

L0026686 A woman diagnosed as suffering from melancholia. Colour lith Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images A woman diagnosed as suffering from melancholia. Colour lithograph, 1892, after J. Williamson, 1890. 1890-1892 By: J. Williamsonafter: Byrom BramwellPublished: [1892] Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0


Then I heard about FLYLady.  She has flybabies, well then maybe I can do that!  But, her first thing was to get up, shower and dress all the way down to shoes, and makeup.  I didn’t have any makeup, and only wore shoes outside!  So, before we even started, I was already a loser!  Than made me super upset and frustrated.

Then I finally had the bright idea to Google slob, (best thing I ever did for my home!!) and found NONY from the SlobComesClean, and the angels sang! She gets me!!  She’s just like me!!  I had found my tribe!!

I started reading her, then a month later, decided to start my own blog, (this very one!) to document my own journey out of slobbery.

Lots of things have happened between now and then.  DD1 and PP have moved out, DD1 and SIL have gotten married, now with PPJr on the way!!

I have moved twice!!!

my first place all on my own

My Very First Place, All on my Own!


DH and I separated, and now on the way to being divorced.

I have learned how to de-clutter!!  I have learned to do dishes!!! (before they mildew even!!)

I’ve broken my back, (can’t find the right post for some reason, oh well, back to my sentence) gotten back on track with health, gone GF, gone back on that, and gone back to GF!!

Whew! That’s a lot of switchbacks!

I’ve organized!  (With help, of course.)

I’ve lost a brother-in-law.  This one is the worst.  Death is horrible, the effects last as long as you live.  The only consolation we have , is that we will see him again in heaven.  So, cherish all your loved ones.  Kiss and hug, and say “I love you” everyday.  You never know when it will be your last chance.

So, here we are, today, January 25, 2016.   A year and a half later, I’m still slogging, cleaning, de-cluttering, and learning.   And I love my life!   Thanks everyone for coming along with me!!  I appreciate y’all so much for taking your time out of your busy life, to read what I have to say, and comment.  Y’all are the best!!  Hugs and kisses to all!

I love my readers

I love you, my readers!!

{I can NOT believe I didn’t say PURPLE one time in this WHOLE post!  I had to remedy that real quick like!}

Totally Tanked

I’m about to totally lose it!   Toilet troubles, again!!!  How many times is that, since I moved in in June???  600!!  Give or take….

It’s a catastrophe, that’s making me cranky, and crazy!!  CRAY-CRAY, I tell you!!!


This is Tuesday night, and the chain slipped off again, Monday night.  DH came over this morning and “Fixed ” it.  By after lunch, it wouldn’t flush again!  Is he “fixing” it with a wad of gum????

He said I was flushing “Too Hard”.   Wow, I didn’t realize the power I was unleashing in my mighty index finger!!


Re-enactment: at sweet friend’s house.  Somehow my originals from this morning didn’t make it thru the wormhole.

 So, I’ve promised to only push with my poor, pitiful, powerless pinky.  Hopefully problem solved!  (I doubt it, but we’ll see……)





Here’s a sad pic of the offending machinism:





This is my real toilet, this time.  What do you mean, “EWWWW”???

Who cleans their toilet tank??  You mean, that’s a thing?  You’re supposed to??  Oops!  I didn’t get the memo!

I’m just so sick of the drama.   Seriously considering installing an outhouse, sans corn cobs!   Off to check the park regulations on that…..


Deluxe Dining

Remember when my dining room was my sewing room?

20150403_11164220150403_111603 Yeah, it was AWFUL messy.

Well, on May 6th, DH moved everything around, and

potholder 010Voila!  Restored my dining room!

I’m so happy to have an actual dining room again!

It’s even been used, as a dining room!!

Thursday, May 7th, Brother brought home a ginormous Greek salad, (that Kristen correctly identified as being from ABC Pizza- yum!)

Boy, did we enjoy that!

potholder 008potholder 009Me more than him, apparently.

(He just forgot I can’t have rolls anymore, and tried to hand me one.  No, I didn’t bite his hand off!  I just gave him “the look”.  He quickly realized his mistake and apologized!  It was agony to turn that down!  And he’s still embarrassed.)

ABC Pizza rolls are my most favorite restaurant rolls!!!  Waaaaahhh

Oh, yeah, back to the dining room…

Delighted, the deluxe duo daintily dined on dinner.

Scooter Storage

Here is my scooter storage room.

20150403_11172520150403_11173320150403_11180420150403_111741    Really, not too bad, right?

The cabinet is DD1’s, but she has no room for it in her new place.  So, yay! I get to store it.  (What can I fill it up with??  The possibilities are endless!)

The crib railing is of course, PP’s.  It isn’t needed now that we converted the crib into a toddler bed.  (See above reason why it’s still in my house.)

I’m VERY proud of the fact that so much carpet can be seen in that room.  Now, if I can just get the empty boxes, and the litter outta there….

Maybe I could use it for my craft/sewing room, and have a real dining room again??  Oh, the joy!

I sure hope that black trash bag isn’t trash!!     You know what happened, right?  Of course the bag was full of trash!    Fortunately, it was clean trash though.  What?   You don’t know what clean trash is?   No, I didn’t prewash it!    It is just papers or something like that.   (No diapers or food!!)    This bag had those plastic bags of air, for shipping.   Was a shame to throw all that away, but I haven’t shipped anything but a quilt in many, many years.  So, spit, spot, out the door.

And then DH swept the carpet.  Y?    Because I like you.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)    I don’t own a vacuum.    Which is stupid, but true.    DD1 took hers when she moved out.  And it just isn’t high enough priority for me to get one.    On this low pile Berber, sweeping works to get off the surface stuff.      When I move, I’ll borrow a vacuum.     I can hear some of you cringing.     Hello- slob here!

Anyhoo, after it was all cleaned up, you can guess what happened next.    That’s right.          I forgot to take a picture.   Sigh

Update:   here’s the sequel!!

Scary Situation


Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, on the left

A situation

(no, not THAT situation) has arisen at our apartment complex.

WE are being audited by the state.  Vewy vewy scawy!!


DH is so nervous about it, he has been cleaning his head off.  (ewwww, a horrible image, sorry!!   Maybe I should have said like a chicken with its head chopped off? Is that better?)   I mean, more than usual.  I’m ashamed to say, I’m much more lazy about it.

I have decluttered a few items. Like, maybe 2??  What do you expect, I’m a slob, remember???

He decluttered the master closet, and organized.  Then he cleaned everything off the floor!! It looks fabulous in there!! I wish I had taken before pix, so I could show you before, and after, unfortunately, as stated before, I’m lazy. So….. no pix.  ( Bad blogger!)

Also, he worked on the big bookcase in the master.  It looks like a bookcase now!!  Before, it looked like a slob had just thrown random stuff up in air, and it landed there. Hmmmmm, wonder how that could’ve happened??


DH is now XH, and he is STILL helping me clean, and organize!       And move!       And take care of the grandbabies!       And……..  so on, and so on.


There we all were, serenely enjoying our day as usual.  DH watching TV, DD1 on her smartphone, me on the laptop, and PP playing with a toy empty box.  Out of nowhere, it struck like lightening!

Darkness!  The TV went blank, the phone went dark, the laptop went blue screen.

Wails of disbelief soon  crescendoed into screams of panic.  “NOOOOOOO!”  Then chants of despair, “No, no, no, no, no!”

Shell shocked, we glanced at one another with despair in our eyes.  What had just happened to our lives as we knew them???

DD1 rushed into the next room, desperately trying to reboot the modem.  Nothing, nada, zip, zilch.

Already shaky with DTs, we huddled together for comfort.  Only PP went on playing, happily unaware of how barren life had become in an instant.

With questioning eyes, we murmured meaninglessly to each other.  Trying to silence the pain, murmuring meaningless platitudes.

Hysterically, we sought answers.  How could this have happened to us?  What would be our next step?  Would we be able to hang on until something was figured out???

Slowly, a horrible realization seeped into my memory.  I might, just possibly, maybe, quite probably be responsible for this catastrophe.  A certain utility bill may or may not have been lost under a certain pile of clutter, important paperwork,

slob, humor, paperwork

Um, yeah, bills, some paid, some… not so much


and may or may not have been paid.  Oh My Goodness, I was the one responsible for this horrendous devastation.

Now what do I??  Do I just keep on questioning what happened with the others?  Do I quietly go in the other room and hide under the bed?? No, that won’t work, it isn’t 4 feet off the floor.  Dare I confess, and prepare to be stoned?

DD1 was the first to turn on me accusingly.  “Mom, did you pay the bill?”

I stammered, “Ummmmmmm, umm, I did! I paid it!”  (leaving out the tiny detail, fact that I last paid it 2 months ago.)

“But when you did you pay it? This month?”

Drat that girl, she’s too smart for my own good.

To be continued...




(Kudos Michelle for editorial assist.)