Beall’s Big Bang

I have a new fave store!  Well, department store, that is! Publix will always reign supreme, as the BEST grocery store in the universe!!!



is a uniquely Florida store.  I do believe everything in it has either a Gator, fish, flamingo, parrot or starfish on it!   lol

Anyway, last Tuesday, I talked DH into taking me, since I needed a wheelchair pusher.  (My scooter had a broken leg.)  And, while we were there, I convinced him to open a charge account.  Totally innocently!!   I didn’t even remember that you got an automatic EXTRA 20% for that!  (Well, ok, I lied.  I totally remembered, and that’s why I charmed him into it!!)

Since it was Tuesday, I automatically got the 15% old geezer discount!   Sometimes it pays to be old mature.

So, that was 20%, on top of the 15%, AND clearance was an additional 50% off!!!!

Can you say JACKPOT????

My purchases rang up as $300.  DH nearly stroked out!   But, I gave him mouth to mouth, and said “Wait!!”

The final total was $99 and change!   Yes, I did my happy dance!!   I also required him to bow down, and crown me “Queen of the Excellent Shoppers!”


(Why can’t I find a purple crown when I want one??   Maybe because I’m too impatient to look longer than 30 seconds???  Nah, that can’t be it.)


I can’t show what I bought, cuz some of the recipients read this blog!   Shhh!!