Donatables Done

Not the Rubbermaid tote of donatables, but it IS a Rubbermaid tote of our stuff!      And yes, you have seen this pic before.     I have to start recycling the pix, just like the posts!


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Rubbermaid tote.


Last Monday, about 3 weeks ago now, I worked on 4  kitchen cabinets.       Going thru and de-cluttering, and evaluating expiration dates on the food.     Do you know how hard that stuff is to read???       My eyes almost gave out, before the rest of me did!

It wore me out!!

But at the end of the afternoon, I had a half of a huge Rubbermaid tote full to donate! And some food to give away.

I felt so wonderful, to get that much done in a day!!        Yes, the feeling of accomplishment, and pride was there, underneath the exhaustion!

Second Seven Seconds

The second seven seconds is the family (living) room/dining room/entry.       Since my kitchen, living and dining rooms are all 1 big room, it might be hard to separate them properly like Ashley  Phipps does.     But, I’ll manage!   As long as I’m de-cluttering, and documenting it, I don’t think y’all are gonna quibble about which “room” I’m doing, right?? That’s what I thought.   Thank you!


So, I started in the living room on Jan. 11.      (I know I’m outta order, that’s just how I roll.) My Christmas tree still being up, helped me decide to start there.    


slob, humor, Chtristmas tree

Yeah, the tp in the foreground adds such a classy touch. XH brought in the storage tub, and I started emptying it out.       THEN, I even wiped it out!!Yoo hoo!!   There were all manner of empty boxes, and crumpled piles of tissue paper, some being actual tissues.      What??      I wasn’t about to run to the store for actual tissue paper, when I had tissues right there!      But maybe, just maybe, since I’m gonna have a neat, de-cluttered home now, I’ll do that from now on.          Not holding my breath.        That would probably be for the best.

I evaluated all the ornaments that I hadn’t used this year.     Most of them were glass, or ceramic.      Why didn’t I use them??     1 word-  1 toddler and 1 baby.     Okay, that was 5 words.      Whatever.

Anyway, I threw out all the scratched ones.     There went half!    

 I wrapped all the glass ones that weren’t sentimental, for donation.      Why??       Because PPJr is gonna turn into a toddler, and stay one for years!!

slob, humor, donation

The sentimental, glass and ceramic ones, like these that DD1 made as a child,

slob, humor, handmade ornaments

and this one that DD2 made,  

slob, humor, handmade ornaments

She made the present. I made the cross stitch 20 years ago with the others, but had finished this one!










I wrapped up carefully and stored in the Tupperware box I already had for that purpose.


Then I trashed the left over paper, recycled the boxes, and stripped the tree.     

slob, humor, ornaments(Oh, Tannenbaum, oh Tannenbaum, how evergreen thy branches.      Anybody else hear that music??)

All that hard work took me 30 minutes.     Making decisions is HARD!!

The actual tree was left standing for a helper to take down.    No, not PP, even tho I’m sure she’d manage to take it apart somehow , if I let her!    

Now, I only have 30 more minutes to de-clutter the rest of the living room.       We’ll see!

Oh, wait!    I almost forgot the 10 minutes I spent taking down the cards, and all PP’s decorations!        (And trashing them, much to my own satisfaction!       I was very proud of myself for not keeping them!        I did mark down who the cards were from, first.         Yikes! I only have 20 minutes left now!

See??      I knew it would take me more than an hour!!

Another 15 minutes on the clock, to deal with all this mess.

It only took me that long to deal with it, AND sweep!! Woo hoo!         Boy, am I getting good at this, or what?!

Hey, before you break your arm patting yourself on the back, you seem to be forgetting something.  What??       Oh yeah, I still have this left to deal with.                 And this:

slob, humor, pile o' clothes                                             slob, humor, clutter

Well, we’re already 55 minutes in.        But, okay, okay, more time on the clock.

But I don’t feel like doing those right now.      (Looks around to spy something else.     Anything else!)       Aha!     The china cabinet!

slob, humor, all clean    Nope!   Nothing there!     (I looked!)    YAY!!

Hmmmmthe chest of drawers, even tho I know there’s nothing in there I can get rid of.     But as Dana always says, Don’t assume!       Look anyway!       So I did.       Lo and behold!       All this can go!!

slob, humor, donation stuff                       slob, humor, why????

For pity’s sake!!      Why did I have a bloody candle????         I think you were gonna paint it purple?     And you only paid 5 cents on clearance.        Yeah, that would explain it, but obviously that ain’t happening!

Clearly I had NO idea what-n-all was in there!      WE have eleventy hundred videos, so I’m quite sure PP will never even notice the lack of these.     And I have no candle holders for the tapers, so……

Now I have a nice, fat bag to donate.     And that was only 8 minutes.      The total is up to 1 hour, and 3 minutes.     And I still have those 2 piles to go.     sigh    Another day.      I already did my few dishes this morning, now it’s nap time!!

Several more seven seconds to come!

Declutterathon- Dafloor

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  1. Declaration
  2. Declutterathon Day
  3. Day Dos
  4. Dos Doubled
  5. Donate
  6. Desk
  7. Day 6- You are here.


I know, I know.    I’ve reached a new low, as low as I can go.    But how else could I alliterate “Floor“??

Here are the befores:

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutterslob, humor, clutter

And this time, I’m getting to it before noon!    Not waiting till quarter to midnight!!    Go, me!

Oh no!   This is gonna be harder than I thought!

Why?   What’s the matter??

I have to bend over!!    Waaaaahhh!            

slob, humor, giphy

Now I really wanna cry!




Get over it you big, lazy baby!  



First item out the door!   I didn’t even know what it was till Stella, from Purfylle told me!  

slob, humor, mystery tool   Neither do I know where it came from.    Who is dropping off all this stuff in the middle of the night??    And HOW do they get in??

Oops!    I forgot to set the timer!    Well, I KNOW it’s gonna take more than 15 minutes.   (Counting the blogging, and photography, and editing, about 2 hours!!)     I think we’re good!

I was debating whether to donate, or trash.  slob, humor, decluttering(You know these things are like Twinkies, full of enough preservatives to last till I have great-great grandchildren!!)     So, probably trash is the safest option?

Uh, yeah, I’d say.

slob, humor, clutterslob, humor, fabric isn't clutterslob, humor, not clutterslob, humor, clutter?

All manner of craft, sewing, and quilting supplies.     Wait!!   That’s a curtain there!     Since it was a blackout one, I didn’t see it!     (And why do I see so much green????)     The wired ribbon bit the dust, and the box of little giblets too.    The material and the curtain survived this tribal council.

slob, humor, brand new shirrt    No wonder PP has no new clothes!!    They’re all playing hide -n- go – seek in the clutter piles!!


slob, humor, clutter?slob, humor, not clutter

Paper!!    Purple paper!!    (Well, purple cover of paper.)               Purple paper put in place!!

slob, humor, declutter     Believe it or not, these are only the ones I have left.    I bought 10!   Why? Because they were only 19 cents of course!!    What a bah-gain!    Was gonna trash- after all, who’s gonna use them in 6 months??     Then I remembered- hmmm  DD2 just graduated, and I’m still working on her quilt.….

0910161252   Whoa!    That’s one huge needle!!
Am I gonna be sewing a dress for the Statue of Liberty, or something???

slob, humor, definitely clutter


All I can say is :   Ugh, ugh, U G L Y!!!  








Ta-da!!  All decluttered??

Nope! Not yet!

What’s the matter now?

Don’t you even SEE that roll of RED wrapping paper?

Oh yeah, duh, slob-o-vision.    Away it goes, into the closet.

Ta-da!!    All decluttered!!    

slob, humor, really decluttered this time     0910161258b

Another quality decluttering job by PurpleSlobInRecovery.




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