Declutterathon Day Dos Doubled

slob, decluttering

Welcome back to Declutterathon Day, the never ending story!!       

May I ask if today is going to finally be the “Dramatic conclusion”??

I guess you’ll just have to wait and see!


Now, down to business.   Bookshelf business, that is.

slob, clutter, brand new

OkayWhy do you have 6 brand new canvases?    Since when do you paint??

Well, I used to.


Um, in Alaska.

{incredulously}   26 years ago?????

[defensively]    Well, yeah, but I went to 1 art lesson with Sis, here!

How long ago??

About 6 months.

So, we’re getting rid of these then, right?

[resigned]    Yes, Shirley is an active artist, so she needs them.   And I won’t have any time to paint for about the next year!!    Maybe after I get my quilt queue done!

Whoa!   Good decision!    Do you realize you’ve already been working way more than 30 minutes now?? Great job!! I’m very proud of you!

Really?    Thank you!!    But I’m not done!

Far be it from me to stop you.    By all means, continue!

slob, clutter, ornaments     Do you have Christmas ornaments hidden in every room of your house??

Well, apparently!!    But, these are easy to let go of, except the green teddy bear, with the girls pic in it.

Good going!   Onward!!

slob, clutter, someone else's memory      This one’s easy too.    Nony says we are not in charge of other people’s memories.   Especially if that person is grown!!    Another one bites the dust!

slob, clutter, trash    Um, I don’t think that candy is any good anymore….

YAY    Another no-brainer!!     See ya, trash!

slob, clutter    Hee hee!!    That’s rich!!


A book of household hints!!    I’m sure you never even read it, did you??

[shamefaced]   No, but I meant to!     So, donate then?

{nods head}

slob, clutter    Sadly, I don’t need this anymore.   Moment of silence please for the death of the Mitchell marriage.

slob, clutter, I hate orange     What in the world made you buy something orange?   You hate orange almost as bad as you hate green!

The fact that it was note cards for only 50 cents!!    They were a bargain!!

Now they’re 50 cents wasted, since you’re donating them, RIGHT??

Yes.   [sigh]

Aren’t we done YET??

Almost!    Now you just gotta dust the shelves, and put back only what you’re keeping.

Whoa, whoa!!    Nobody said ANYTHING about cleaning!!   Only de-cluttering!

Aw, c’mon now.   It’ll only take a few seconds, and won’t even hurt.   I promise!

[mutter, mutter, wipe, wipe]    slob, cleaning even!     [grudgingly]    I guess it wasn’t that bad.

And the shelves look so much better!

And now for the reveal.

slob, de-clutteredslob, de-clutteredslob, de-clutterdslob, de-cluttered, empty space even!

Maybe you could have taken a second to remove the roach motels??    Oh, sorry.   What I meant to say is, “Woo hoo!!    Looks terrific!”

Thanks!    I’m especially proud of that half empty shelf there!     And the top doesn’t even have anything up there!!    [pats self on back]

Declutterathon Day Dos Doubled Done!!

{sotto voce}    FINALLY!!


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