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Hello  6/26/15  Just reread this today.;


I have purged today! 2 drawers full of stationery, 90% of which is being donated. The chest the drawers came out of has to be thrown away due to water damage. Then I purged 7 gallons of trash from a large moving box,(7 GALLONS!!!) and condensed down to a small diaper box! Feeling so good right now! Waiting for my husband to come back from the store, so he can bring me another box. Here’s hoping I can stay on this high for awhile!! Thank you, Nony!

I e-mailed this to myself, because I was re-reading the post of Nony’s and saw my comment from last year.

This was 15 days before I started my own blog.

It was so neat to catch a glimpse of my former self on her blog!

I can’t link to the specific post, because I didn’t save it, of course!  But here is her site.

Nony started out blogging anonymously, hence “Nony”, because she was so embarrassed.

Not so me, everyone who ever knew me, knew I was a slob.  I couldn’t go incognito if I wanted to!

Side Table

Side Table

bathroom counter

Insert any one of a thousand pix here, as proof.

But, thank God, I’m on my way to recovery, and soon, I won’t be a slob anymore!  Then I’ll have to rename my blog, ” Purple Slob Recovered.”  Oh!  Won’t that be the day!!


Yes, Shirley, it's really empty!

Yes, Shirley, it’s really empty!

See, I really AM making progress!

Floor Focus

I worked on the shower earlier- purging, not cleaning!  I gotta leave something for the maid to do!  {maid, that’s precious that I call myself that!}

Now the Floor, around the potty:





I’m sorry if it burned your eyes.  You were warned by the blog’s name, right?

Whew, not as bad as the actual toilet, though, right?

Now, I just gotta get up the gumption to :

1.  Move the t.p.

2.  Sweep.

3.  Use dustpan.

(Yes, I have to get VERY specific with myself!!)

This is not me.  But the broom, and dustpan are mine.

This is not me. But the broom, and dustpan are mine.  Did you notice they are purple??

(How can you tell this isn’t me?  This person has hair!)

4.  Empty dustpan.

5.  Put away dustpan, and broom.

Yes, they probably should be in the closet, but for now, this is their home.  That way I can always find them!

Corner of the Entryway

Corner of the Entryway

6.  Scrub floor.

{wipes sweat out of eyes, collapses in recliner, nods off….}

That was hard work!!  I probably shouldn’t tell you I had to take a 15 minute break between steps 1, and 2, huh?

Just kidding!  It was between number 3 and 4.

And here it is:



Right Side

Right Side

I do not know what that brown stain is, but rest assured, it is not human waste!

(maybe rust??  a dead alien that assimilated itself to the floor????  All I know is, resistance was futile.)

Left Side

Left Side

Rats, I forgot about under the counter.  I’m too tired.  That’ll have to be next weekend,  week, month, year?

Dresser Drawers

No, not drawers, get your minds outta the gutter, Southerners.

Dresser drawers, as in containers for stuff.

My dresser is also my nightstand.  (Nice use of furniture for double duty there, Melinda  Why, thank you. (sweeping curtsy)

It has 3 drawers.  Full of ??? Treasure?? It sure is a hunt, whenever I need something outta there.

Or just plain junk?  Let’s compromise on stuff, okay?

Let’s be honest, some is probably (takes deep breath) just junk.

There, I confessed!   You can turn off that terribly hot, bright-as-the-sun, interrogation spot light now.

Top drawer

Top drawer

This is my top drawer, my own, personal pharmacy. ” Whaddya need?  Step right up, and tell the lady.  She has something for whatever ails ya.”  (carnival barker’s voice)

I’ve already taken a whole plastic bag of empty pill bottles to the Publix Pharmacy to recycle.  Could I be bothered to take a before pic??? Noooooo

But here’s an after the before pic.  Whaaaa??   It is an af-ter pic of what the be-fore should have looked like.  Okay, say what?  One more time… s l o w l y..  I forgot to take a before pic (before I recycled the pill bottles.)  With me so far?

So, here is the after the before picture.  Got it?  No???  Still not computing?  Well, I got a little confused there myself, so don’t sweat it.

2 of my 4 meds

2 of my 4 meds

Also, besides the pharmacy,

it’s the photo developing  department,

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

How OLD is this? Do they even make film anymore?

jewelry graveyard,

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

Unwearable, unless I find a repair person. Yeah, right.

art gallery,

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

Sis, DD1, DD2, me, Mama

nail salon,

I even used them, twice!

I even used them, twice!

Christian bookstore,




Relax! It's a rubber pellet gun.

Relax! It’s a rubber pellet gun.

card store,

For PP (obviously)

For PP (obviously)

and, last but not least, my filing cabinet, for very important documents:


No wonder it was so full!!!

It was a whole mall in one drawer.

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