D(r)uggar Dream

The other day, as I was napping, {okay you young, single 20 somethings, I hear you sniggering about the old lady who naps.   Just wait until you’re older and wiser, you’ll start to appreciate their value too!!    If you’re a Mom with littles, I know you KNOW the value of naps, and can’t get one for love nor money!}

wants a nap

Bless her heart! I know how she feels!!


Anyhoo, as I napped, I dreamed I was with the Duggars (before the Josh thing).    We were all in 1 huge hotel room, with bunk beds.   Of course!    Where else are all those kids gonna sleep!     I was the nanny, and warned the younger kids not to open the door for any reason.   Of course, one of them just HAD to test the boundaries, and open it.

In came charging a crazy, (in a bad way, not MY GOOD way) woman, screaming and hollering, and carrying on.    Everyone else was frozen in shock.   I grabbed her arm, and marched her out the door.

Suddenly, the littles understood why they shouldn’t open the door!

Twin Twist

My friend Kristen C, yes, the cleanie!  made a huge announcement on her blog last Thurs.   She’s pregnant!!   I am so happy for her and Jerrod!   and wait for it…… they’re having twins!!


I knew those 2 crazy-in-love kids before they WERE even Kristen & Jerrod!!    When they announced their engagement, I was in shock!    What???    How did this happen??     They didn’t even hold hands in church.    He didn’t even put his arm around her!!    How was I supposed to know they were serious???

But they have so much in common, and are so cute together!!     After they got married, I started praying for them to have a baby.    When Kristen shared their infertility struggles, that gave me the information of how to pray specifically for them.   

And now, their dreams of a baby are coming true, twice as nice!!    God answered our prayers in a huge way!!

Watching this journey thru her pregnancy, and then the babies growing is gonna be so much fun!!

Yikes!    I just thought of something- 2 more quilts needed!!     Relax!!!     I’ll be all done with my present queue by the end of May, and the twins aren’t due until end of August!     I got this covered!

back of quilt pink blue yellow green

Back of quilt, with just a little wrinkle in time.

(Not their quilt, just a previous one I made.)


Ya know what??    If I was really smart, I’d make the baby quilts, just as soon as they tell people which one the babies are, the pinks or the blues.    Oops, I mean the pinks or the boys.    Oops, I mean, the girls or the boys!    The twins are identical, so how fun is that gonna be to dress them just alike!!!     gets lost in a baby clothes buying daydream for days……….