Bathing Buddies

A purple, soaked rug.

humor, soaked bath rug




An abandoned blue duck on it’s side.

humor, deserted ducky

                Darling deserted ducky


Colorful cups half full of water.





humor, blue cup half full of water

And blue makes 2!


A forgotten wash cloth.


Towel tossed on the floor.

humor, towel tossed on floor

Tossed towel.


All these are signs of bathing buddies; PP and her faithful friends, soaking in the happiness.    (See what I did there??)

And water would still be standing there too, if I’d let her leave it!

humor, tub full water

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Sloppy Slippers

Okay, so here it is, a tiny tackle of de-cluttering, in my bedroom.   When I started to get in bed, I looked down.

purple slippers beside bed

What did my eyes spy?? Sloppy slippers!



Evidence of my slobbery lay there, literally at my feet.   so, I decided before I got in bed, I’d take 2, maybe 3 seconds, and put them away.

purple slippers in purple hanging organizer

That’s where they go! Good job, Melinda!!



So, I did.    (Even though it took me 5 seconds, including opening and closing the closet door, I pushed thru.)   See what a pretty, purple shoe organizer I have for my 1 pr of slippers!    In my defense, it was given to me.   I wouldn’t have bought it just to organize 1 pr of shoes!!   {My Crocs will never make it there.    Sorry to disappoint everyone who thought now I’d be shoe organized for always.   😥   }

slippers put away, tissue thrown away

Looks so much better! Right?? Right?? Oh, what difference does it make???

Bonus points for noticing the toes.   They get jealous of my head always being in the spotlight.    Gotta give them their due.

Now, I can go to sleep with a clean conscience!    (For that tiny corner, anyway!!)


Good night.

duck snoring

Isn’t this the cutest snoring you’ve ever seen?????







Oh, yeah!   I threw away the tissue too!!   Yay me!!    Let’s celebrate!     One micro de-clutter for Melinda, 1 micro de-clutter for Mankind!

Wee Willie Winkie

No, Willie is NOT wee, nor are we gonna talk about winkies. EVER.

But you know me, if I can’t alliterate, it’s not a good day.

Anyhoo, we are however gonna talk about Willie, and the whole Duck gang.  {I’m afraid to say the alliterating word after Duck, for fear that I’ll owe A&E a royalty!}

Will I or won’t I say Willie a dozen times, in this post?  Only Willie knows, oh, and me!   I accept the challenge.

6x?  12x?  18x?  Well, I can promise it won’t be 18x!!!  However, I just might say Willie 17x, just to go right up, but not over the line!   By the way, “will” doesn’t count, cuz it’s missing the “ie”, that Willie has.  {Are you counting?? We’re up to 6} So, saying “will” doesn’t count as a Willie.  {oops, up to 7!!}

Heeeeere’s Willie!!!

Willie the duck lipped guy

Willie with his Duck lips.  A feast for the eyes.


Duck, duck, duck, Willie!  (Keeping track of the x??  only 6 more to go!)

This Willie “camo” {Yes, I’m aware it’s supposed to be “cameo”, but Willie wears camo, Willie doesn’t wear cameos} is brought to you courtesy of cousin Jan C, and Sis, Michelle. They are Willie fans, extraordinaire!   And all things Duck related.   Sis has their poster on her bedroom wall!!   No, it’s not weird for a grown woman to have a Willie poster on her wall!   Now, if she kissed it goodnight, THAT would be weird!!  It would weird out even Willie!!

Well, I’ve bagged my Willie limit for the day.   That was 17x!!  

Okay, so I can’t say that guy’s name which starts with “Will”  any more today.   (ah ah ah! remember?  I said “Will” doesn’t count as a “Willie”!    DRATS!   That was 18x, and I promised I wouldn’t say Willie 18x!!  Ahhh, but there, I’ve said Willie 20x now, so it’s okay!!   20 is definitely NOT 18!!  I made it!

Challenge completed!