Ornamental Ornament

We had an earth shattering event yesterday afternoon!!  {Christmas Eve} I was taking  stuff off the table, to clear it off.  And, I accidentally brushed one of the ornaments (GLASS! mind you!!) hanging on the chandelier!

shattered ornament on table

Less than half of it

shattered ornament on chair

More shards

{Sorry the pix are blurry!  I was shaking from shock!  But at least I thought to take pix!!  Yay me!  I’m learning!!  Good slogger!!}


And, I was barefoot!  And alone!!   And that thing shattered into a million shards!   I was afraid to even move!   Thank God, I had my phone to hand!!  I started calling people in a panic!!   No one was answering the phone!!

It was 45 minutes before Sis, Mama, and the kids were due.  DH wasn’t answering.  Sweet friend was at work.  [And he wouldn’t have thought “Ex-wife barefooted surrounded by glass” was an emergency enough, anyway.]

When I called Sis, I was panicking so hard, she couldn’t understand me.  Then, I started down my list of neighbors.   Thank God for Doris!!  She was home, and answered!   Once I calmed down enough to speak English, she finally understood me, and came “right” over.   It was 5 hours!!  (Well, it seemed like it at the time!   In her defense, it was maybe probably only 5 minutes in real time.   In “barefoot-standing in shattered glass, knees shaking, afraid I couldn’t stand up another minute, feeling like I need to go” time, it was FIVE HOURS!!  Trust me!!)

She came in, found my broom, and rescued me!  And scolded me for how I parked down at the clubhouse!  Oh well, that’s the price for rescuing matrons in distress nowadays, I guess.

Here’s a pic of the sole, surviving sibling of the late, lamented ornament.  (Dang it, Dan!  Why isn’t there an “L” world for ornament??)



{Sorry, can’t get it turned right now.  Will try to remember to get it done before it publishes!!   If I don’t, just cock your head to the left.}

BTW, anybody want to buy this killer chandelier???

If you asked “WHY?”  Hello, you must be new round these parts!!   I’m a PURPLE freak!!



Next year, I’m NOT gonna clear off ANY tables under chandeliers!!   I learned my lesson!!