Living Litter

Here are pix of how my living room looked on Father’s Day.

slob, humor, mess

A living litter pix, for sure.

Okay, technically, this is my “dining room”, but since it smack dab next to my living room, with no separation, I think you can bear with me!

slob, humor, mess

More living litter, edge of living room that abuts dining room.

(Yeah, same chair as in first pix, now just decorated with a pretty dress.  It wanted to dress itself up for the holiday!)


Can you say “litter”??   I know you can!     Yes, I’m a litter bug, even inside!

slob, humor, littered table

My recliner-side table. smh

I spread my special brand of mess hither and yon!

slob, humor, living in mess

What?? It’s a living room! WE live in it!


Okay, so someone needed to do something about this.   Volunteers??   Anyone??


So, it looked like it was up to the Little Red Hen, er, I mean the Big Purple Slob.

It was Father’s Day, not Mother’s Day, so no excuse to be lazy there.

I huffed, and I puffed, and I blew some mess down.

slob, humor, less mess

Ok, so that looks a” litter” better, right??


Well, I guess…..

Of course it does!   The “dressed” chair is gone, so is the green Publix bag, the box with shoes, and the pile on the TV tray is lower!!  It looks lots better!

slob, humor, clean patch of floor

Wow! Now I’m impressed! And it looks like you even swept too!


Thank you for noticing!

slob, humor, tidier

You even swept here too??


Why yes, I did!   I told you, I was the Little Red Henthe Big Purple Slob that day, cleaning like there was no tomorrow!


slob, humor, neater table

Last, but not least, my recliner side table is now usable!


(Nobody noticed that I didn’t show an “after” of the dining room, right??)

No, no one at all.

Whew!! Oh, good!!   Cuz the Big Purple Slob turned into the big lazy purple slob again, after I ran outta elbow grease, and peach Fanta!!

But, hey, the living room litter was less!!