Flaunting Florida

Welcome to another edition of Florida flaunting!

First we had Florida Flippancies, then Flipped over Flippancies, and ended up with Florida Funnies.

Since it’s winter here, well up North, down here it’s bi-polar winter.      Cold one day, blistering hot the next!      But hey, better than 6 ft of snow, I’ll say!

Where was I?     Oh yeah, winter.    Since it’s winter, it’s time for some more Florida sunshine!       And by that, I mean smiles, and hopefully lots of laughs!

slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

I love this one!!       Where do I order that first sweater??

slob, humor, FL meme

No lie!!

slob, humor, FL meme

Our poor kids have PTSD from wildlife encounters!

slob, humor, FL meme














Aaaahhhh!      This is the life!

slob, humor, FL meme

All the seasons in 1 week??     Yep!     We like to mix it up down here!

slob, humor, FL meme slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

This one’s not funny, just true!


slob, humor, FL meme

slob, humor, FL meme

Layers, people, dress in layers!

slob, humor, FL meme

What?? You can protest winter??? I had no idea!

And to wrap things up:

slob, humor, FL meme

Don’t worry!     They will about 11 am tomorrow!

That’s my Florida folks!!     If ya got it, flaunt it!



Florida Funnies

First there was Florida Flippancies.      Then, there was Flipped over Flippancies.        Now, I bring you “Florida Funnies!”

slob, humor, miracle

slob, humor, pain like no other

Not even joking!!      These things hurt like no other!!      Be so glad if you never experienced it yourself!!        The pain is like legos on steriods!!

slob, humor, which is which

I can’t tell!!       Where’s the answer key????

slob, humor, ubiquitous vases

They were everwhere in my youth!!!

slob, humor, humidity

It doesn’t say FL, but it doesn’t have to!! WE know it is!

slob,humor, gator

slob, humor, officially too hot

Once again, doesn’t specify FL, but we who live here KNOW!!

slob, humor, true!

Swim, bike, RUN, Forrest, RUN!!


slob, humor, state bird


slob, humor, too close

slob, humor, lol










slob, humor, whitey!

Your skin color when you’re not used to the beach!!

Hope you laughed your head off!    (Not literally, course!)

slob, humor, grandmother linky

I’m trying to figure out how to make it a real button!! Have patience, please!!


Florida Flippancies

I found all these on FB.   So funny!!   This is the real Florida!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Yeah, we have that down here.

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Bwahahaha!! Thank goodness they only featured the feet!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Oh yeah!! And they climb fences too!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Sad, but true!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

I don’t know why not?? Gator wrestling is so big!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Oh no, my future???

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Lobster boy!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Go turtle!!

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Yeah, yeah, that’s the ticket! Kentucky Fry chicken yourself!


And one more for the road….

slob, humor, Fl. meme

Ahhhh, yes, indeed!


Florida Flippancies to flip (flop) over!


Falling, falling, fallen

Finally fall, y’all!

I’m so excited to have nice cool weather here!  In fact, it’s been downright chilly a few times!!

chilly 69 degreesOnly 69 degrees??  How cool is that!!

I know, I know, some of y’all are snickering at the idea of 68 being cool.  I hear you laughing back there.  Just remember, for Florida, it is!

It wasn’t enough to have a picture of my patio thermometer; I had to verify the temp another way, just to make sure.

68 degrees on dashYUP!  It’s true!  It’s really, really true! Fall has fallen!

Yes, it says 3:14, but that was A.M. coming back from Sweet Friend’s house. ( The web is a vast wasteland, that I get trapped in, like an alternate universe!)  I’m not sure it was as low as 68 at 3:14 pm!

So, now it’s officially:

break out winter clothes This is so funny because it’s so true!!

I’ve gone thru whole winters in sandals, and only a hooded sweatshirt.  Haven’t owned a real coat in many, many years.

When you’re fat, like me formerly, who needs a coat?  I was always my own portable little heater!   We’ll see how it is this year, with being 55 pounds lighter!  I don’t even own any socks at the moment.  Shopping trip!!

So, to wrap up,       yeah, in a nice soft chenille blankie….  oh, huh? where was I?

Anyway, yay fall!!

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