YAY!!  It’s December!! Christmas has begun!!     I know, cuz PP yells it!      “It’s Kissmas!”

So, for the next 3 weeks, Meme Mondays will be Christmas themed.  (If I can find that many, and somehow I think I can!!)

slob, humor, shopping meme

Oh yeah!! My eyes are bugging out already!

slob, humor, cat tree meme

I don’t have any cats, but I’ve heard stories!

slob, humor, Bing Crosby meme

Oh yes, Bing Crosby!! Christmas music when Christmas music was music!

Well, we’ve already begun the Christmas themed meme Mondays, so this notice is a wee bit late, Melinda.

Oops, yeah, sorry about that!    I was trying to come up with the rest of the title, so this was laying around in the “drafts” folder, just goofing off!        Good thing I went hunting around for a post!

slob, humor, dessert meme


Since this is true, I have an excuse!



slob, humor, coo-kie!    So, now we’ll talk about my December breakfast menus.     My favorite is sugar cookies, and egg nog.

slob, humor, nom nom cookie!



I think I forgot to photograph the nog, and just drank it all up!!      Sorry, Goldilocks!




The sad skeletons:

slob, humor, breakfast empties

Yum, yumm, yummy!!         So so good!!


Well, that’s about all for now, folks.     See ya next week!!        Have some cookies, and nog!    Good for ya!  


Since I couldn’t find a really purple one, I couldn’t decide. So, here’s all 3 to enjoy!!


Oops, actually after consulting a calendar, today is the 16th, and Christmas is only NINE days away!      Feel free to panic now!


5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge

My friend, Sherri, challenged me this waaay back in July.  I told her I’d try, when I got  around to it.


Well, I found one, so here it is!  Thanks, Sherri!

“Finally, for today’s challenge, I am nominating new blogging friend Melinda frompurpleslobinrecovery.  No obligation Melinda, but if you do decide to take up the challenge, I set only one rule:  Have Fun!!”

No rules???  Oh no!!!  Lots and LOTS could go wrong, if I just run around without any rules to rein me in!!

Be afraid, folks, be very afraid!

Well, if you’re willing to go along with me, here goes:

Photo #1

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

This is Allen C.  I won’t say his full name, to protect the innocent. lol

We were on our way to my Senior Banquet at Southeastern College, now Southeastern University.  (Even my college grew up!)

I was sooooo in love with this man. (Yes, he was a man! He had his own place, and a job!!)

Shamefully, I invited him, instead of waiting for him to take the million-and-one hints, I kept dropping, everytime I saw him.  At church, and when we got together at his house for dinner.  (Was it really a date, if I ended up doing the dishes EVERY time??)

Anyhoo, he accepted, and away we went.  Don’t we look so purdy?  (For awhile I dreamed this was our wedding photo!  Don’t judge!)

The banquet was a blast!  Why a banquet instead of a prom?  It was a Bible College, and no dancing allowed!  It’s okay, we still knew how to have fun!!  And laugh!!  (Without drinking, too!)

Afterwards, we changed into jeans, and walked on the beach barefooted, in the moonlight.  So romantic…..


Poor guy, he’s lucky I didn’t propose to him!

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