Timed Tidy

Dishes.   Again.   sigh

dirty dishes for timed tidy

Starting point for Timed Tidy.


Won’t they ever go away???    Well, depends, Melinda.   How often do you plan to eat in the future??

This time, I timed how long it took me to tidy the kitchen.    Tidy sounds so much more fun than clean!!    Doesn’t it??

Well, Actually I timed how long it took me to do a drainer full of dishes.   Can’t do it all in one day, I might give myself a stroke!!   Then where would y’all go for your daily dose of purple crazy???  See, I’m pacing myself for y’all!!!   Ain’t I considerate???


So, here is the result for 1 sink full of dishes.

sinkfull of clean dishes for Timed Tidy

First load. (Pretending I have a dishwasher!) I do- me!!


3 minutes.   Wha????    Really??  THREE WHOLE minutes???   Wow, I’m a speed wash champion!!

But, that didn’t take into account the FIVE minutes it took to clean out the plug thingy for PP‘s sippy cup.

sippy cup strainer

Sippy cup thingy that stops it from leaking. What DO ya call it??


Those suckers are horribly hard to clean, if ya don’t rinse them out right away!    And how applesauce (looked like)  got in there, I’m really too afraid to ask!   Just clean it, and move on!

toothpick full of gunk from sippy cup strainer

Toothpick full of gunk from the sippy strainer thingy.


{Sorry it’s so blurry.   I have yet to perfect my photog skills.    Maybe for my 5 year blogaversary, I’ll take a class????   We can only hope!!}



I had to use 2 toothpicks, and much patience, and lots of rinsing to pry out all the gunk.   I hope I got enough out to keep her from catching salmonella and dying!!   Please God!

So now that I can reasonably assume it’s safe once again for PP to drink outta her own cup, I need to get busy on the rest of the kitchen counter.  

 Aww, who am I kiddin??    EIGHT WHOLE minutes of real work wore me out for today!    {That’s on top of having PP all night, and her being awake from midnight to 4 am.    I thought they started sleeping thru the night sometime???? }    And it being Daylight Savings, and making it to the late service, stopping at the store for strawberries, and her obligatory apple  (thank goodness she still thinks they are the best treat ever!!).    Then going back to get her at 6pm, due to an emergency with the neighbor, {she’s fine, thanks}, not being able to get back in when we got home, due to the porch lock falling out into my hand when I tried to open it, waiting for XH to come and figure out how to let us in, {he went thru the workshop door, which I NEVER lock, thank GOD!!, and opened the door, by beating on it or something.) feeding her supper, giving PP a bath and washing her hair, taking her home at 10, after convincing her that YES, you have to wear clothes, AND shoes!! whew! I’m re-wearing myself out again, just typing all this! 

Anyway, so the rest of the story will come later….  Stay tuned!!

Update:  Shirley, my sweet sis, told me that sippy cup thingy is called a “valve”.   Thanks, Sis!

More Meme Monday

Okay, so apparently I just totally lied about not making this a  series.    Well, now that all your unreal expectations of perfection of me are dashed-  we can get down to business and have some fun!    (Besides, with all these memes just sitting around, why would I even want to WRITE a post??    These puppies do all the work for me!!)

Drat it! The very first one I tried to upload came as a picture, not a GIF.    It was so funny!!      Sure hope I can go find it!



horse not pleased with zebra hip replacement



I’m soooo thankful MY hip replacement didn’t turn out like this!  Just my walker!



swap croutons for m&ms

Oh yes! You got that right!! Make sure you include lots of purple ones!!


say welcome really loud when people don't say thanks

Oh yeah! I guess you could say I’m a “Manners Nazi”!!!!


That was one of the completely satisfying parts seconds of my day as a Kg teacher!

Monday sharpening its claws

This one REALLY should have been posted Friday.  Meme Monday,- more appropriate for the weekend- What’s a slogger to do???? Now my brain hurts!!



stop cleaning house. It's insanity

I’ve ALWAYS said that!! Finally people are listening!!




Yada yada yada  (Do I credit you here, Donna??  Or do I just send a million bucks to Jerry Seinfield??)

I don’t have one with yada in it, just wanted to say that.  It’s fun!!


Okay, gonna try to upload the polar bear cub again…..  Hold your breath!


Nope.   sigh     Maybe next time.    Not that I’m promising anything for next Monday!!






































Now that’s you’ve gotten your laugh on, enjoy the rest of your day!!

Twin Twist

My friend Kristen C, yes, the cleanie!  made a huge announcement on her blog last Thurs.   She’s pregnant!!   I am so happy for her and Jerrod!   and wait for it…… they’re having twins!!


I knew those 2 crazy-in-love kids before they WERE even Kristen & Jerrod!!    When they announced their engagement, I was in shock!    What???    How did this happen??     They didn’t even hold hands in church.    He didn’t even put his arm around her!!    How was I supposed to know they were serious???

But they have so much in common, and are so cute together!!     After they got married, I started praying for them to have a baby.    When Kristen shared their infertility struggles, that gave me the information of how to pray specifically for them.   

And now, their dreams of a baby are coming true, twice as nice!!    God answered our prayers in a huge way!!

Watching this journey thru her pregnancy, and then the babies growing is gonna be so much fun!!

Yikes!    I just thought of something- 2 more quilts needed!!     Relax!!!     I’ll be all done with my present queue by the end of May, and the twins aren’t due until end of August!     I got this covered!

back of quilt pink blue yellow green

Back of quilt, with just a little wrinkle in time.

(Not their quilt, just a previous one I made.)


Ya know what??    If I was really smart, I’d make the baby quilts, just as soon as they tell people which one the babies are, the pinks or the blues.    Oops, I mean the pinks or the boys.    Oops, I mean, the girls or the boys!    The twins are identical, so how fun is that gonna be to dress them just alike!!!     gets lost in a baby clothes buying daydream for days……….

meme monday

I’ve been collecting these memes from Facebook for a while.

Now, I just gotta share!!

And, it’s Monday, hence the name “Meme Monday.”     Don’t expect this every Monday!!!!      I’m not starting a series or anything, here.

do all ironing in dryer

Is there any other way??


Jesus does not call us to be stressed

dishes all done! living room a mess

The fun of living with a toddler, or just having one visit her Omie!!


           (How perfect were those first two purple ones????!!!!!)


fat cat on bed trying to gather energy

Me- every day


three pot sizes too small too big the dirty one

Ain’t that the truth??


favorite exercise cross between lunge and crunch called lunch

Mine too!!


Well, that’s enough laughter for today.    Gotta ration that stuff, ya know!    You might get addicted!




Inspire Me Monday linky party

   www.mostly blogging.com

Doing Dishes

Yes, another dish post.  But!  This is not the usual whining “Oh why oh why are my dishes dirty AGAIN???” post.

Nope.  This one might shock some of you.  So, hang onto your hats!  Here we go!

According to the Bible, I wash dishes like a MAN!   What???  Yup!

Guttenberg Bible




“And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down.”
See?  I do that, cuz I don’t trust my washing skills!   So, since I do dishes like a man, does that mean I can wait for someone else to do them?????   (Sorry guys if that hurt, just calling like I see ’em, from my VAST experience. lol  Except XH, I must say, he was very good to me about doing the dishes when I was depressed, or disabled- AFTER he retired, that is!)
So, I guess now I’m gonna have to go take a pic, so you can see for yourself.  Oh ACK! That means doing dishes, again!  I already washed my cup, bowl, and spoon from breakfast.  Can you believe it??  The day I need to document myself washing dishes, and I don’t have any dirty ones!!   So annoying!  Actually, I’m very proud of myself, that that is true!!!  Woo hoo, me!!  I think I need to go celebrate!!


pink balloons

I couldn’t find any purple ones. 😦

Okay, back from the party.  (That was fun!!)
Now to go see if I can take my own pic of me washing dishes upside down.   I’ll be sure and let you know how it goes!

Merry “Christ”mas

Merry Christmas to all!!

Here is what Christmas is all about:


Photo: Andreas Praefcke

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior which is Christ the Lord.”     Luke 2:11   New Testament   Holy Bible

Everything else is just fluff.  Fun fluff!  But just fluff.

Enjoy your Christmas time, and I hope you celebrate Jesus Christ the Lord.


This pretty tree is from my friend, Thumbup.  Thanks, Thumbup!




5 Photos, 5 Stories Challenge

My friend, Sherri, challenged me this waaay back in July.  I told her I’d try, when I got  around to it.


Well, I found one, so here it is!  Thanks, Sherri!

“Finally, for today’s challenge, I am nominating new blogging friend Melinda frompurpleslobinrecovery.  No obligation Melinda, but if you do decide to take up the challenge, I set only one rule:  Have Fun!!”

No rules???  Oh no!!!  Lots and LOTS could go wrong, if I just run around without any rules to rein me in!!

Be afraid, folks, be very afraid!

Well, if you’re willing to go along with me, here goes:

Photo #1

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

Me, (YES, really me! 3 decades ago)

This is Allen C.  I won’t say his full name, to protect the innocent. lol

We were on our way to my Senior Banquet at Southeastern College, now Southeastern University.  (Even my college grew up!)

I was sooooo in love with this man. (Yes, he was a man! He had his own place, and a job!!)

Shamefully, I invited him, instead of waiting for him to take the million-and-one hints, I kept dropping, everytime I saw him.  At church, and when we got together at his house for dinner.  (Was it really a date, if I ended up doing the dishes EVERY time??)

Anyhoo, he accepted, and away we went.  Don’t we look so purdy?  (For awhile I dreamed this was our wedding photo!  Don’t judge!)

The banquet was a blast!  Why a banquet instead of a prom?  It was a Bible College, and no dancing allowed!  It’s okay, we still knew how to have fun!!  And laugh!!  (Without drinking, too!)

Afterwards, we changed into jeans, and walked on the beach barefooted, in the moonlight.  So romantic…..


Poor guy, he’s lucky I didn’t propose to him!

inspire mon

totally terrific tuesday