Man Giant

(Part one, Strawberry City, if you missed it yesterday.)

A Man Giant standing there!!


Incredulously, she said “Hi.”

Man Giant mutely nods head.

Miffed, Strawberry Girl repeats herself, ” Hi.”

Another mute response.

Strawberry Girl,  “Well if he won’t talk, bring another one.”  she huffed, irately.

Her friends chorused, “Sorry, this is the only one we know.”

Man Giant had been struck dumb by her beauty.  And he fell instantly in love.

He pursued her.  Literally.  He invited her to Bible study, and offered her a ride.  She refused, so he rode  his chariot


by her side as she walked, to ensure her safety.

At the feast afterwards, he eagerly offered to pay.  She ingraciously accepted, but then ignored him.

Man Giant persistently  showed his love for her, by serving her in any way he could.

On the last day of the year, Strawberry Girl finally agreed to take a ride with him, on his Charger.


It became a horribly rainy night, as they rode home.

Suddenly, they were galloping on air, instead of terra firma.  Strawberry Girl screamed her terror……..

To Be Continued….


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Okay, Okay, I Heard You!

Well, the votes are in! Actually, THE vote is in!!  Whoever it is wants the giant head to be killed!  And Since that was my feeling as well, it shall be banished!  But couldn’t banish it today, cuz then you wouldn’t be surprised!

So, will have to work on something else to spice things up.  I really like the purple border, but I think it needs a little something else… Maybe I need to call in the pros!

Oh, Kristen!! I need help!!

She’s my buddy who inspired me with her beautiful blog, Road to Domestication.  (Check it out!!)  But she’s a busy lady.

We’ll just have to wait and see……..

See you later!