Deluxe Dining

Remember when my dining room was my sewing room?

20150403_11164220150403_111603 Yeah, it was AWFUL messy.

Well, on May 6th, DH moved everything around, and

potholder 010Voila!  Restored my dining room!

I’m so happy to have an actual dining room again!

It’s even been used, as a dining room!!

Thursday, May 7th, Brother brought home a ginormous Greek salad, (that Kristen correctly identified as being from ABC Pizza- yum!)

Boy, did we enjoy that!

potholder 008potholder 009Me more than him, apparently.

(He just forgot I can’t have rolls anymore, and tried to hand me one.  No, I didn’t bite his hand off!  I just gave him “the look”.  He quickly realized his mistake and apologized!  It was agony to turn that down!  And he’s still embarrassed.)

ABC Pizza rolls are my most favorite restaurant rolls!!!  Waaaaahhh

Oh, yeah, back to the dining room…

Delighted, the deluxe duo daintily dined on dinner.