Cream Craving

Last week, I wrote about my begging for bars.   But, I didn’t tell the whole story.

Do tell!

Well, I had an inexplicable craving for them.  And, after I finally got my 2 grocery procurement specialists to understand what bars WERE, I kept asking for them.   To the tune of 5 dozen, in as many days.

slob, humor, ice cream bars

YAY! My own pic, finally!!

WHAT??   You ate FIVE DOZEN ice cream bars in FIVE days????

No, of course not!!   Don’t be silly!!   I shared.

Ummm, hmmm.   Exactly how many did you share??   I know you!

Well, uh, um, {stammer} about 6, I think.

About 6?  Or 6??

Well, let’s see, one for the grocery procurement specialist,

Don’t you mean 2?

No, 1 didn’t want any.

Okay, so that’s 1, 5 to go.

And uh, I let PP have some.

Again, I say, how many?

At least 3.

Okay, so that’s 4, not exactly 6!

Oh alright!  I confess!  I ate 4 dozen, and 8 ice cream bars in 5 days!

Melinda!!   That’s not good!

Oh yes, they were!!

Obviously, they contain a heretofore unknown essential vitamin or mineral, necessary for life!

Life in general??

Well, maybe MY life in particular!   Right now, for some unknown reason, I needed those  56 ice cream bars to maintain my health.   Emotional, if not physical!!

Then, on Monday, I asked for another box.  And guess what I got this time??  THIS:

slob, humor, fudge pops

Again, NOT ice cream bars!!

What a travesty!!   Did the guy learn nothing??   He claimed the store didn’t have any bars!   Really???

Whatever.   And he certainly didn’t tell me about THIS:

slob, humor, no sugar fudge pops

NOOOO!!!!! No sugar??? Hardly edible then!

No wonder I didn’t want another one !!   Sneaky Pete!!   Well, that was 1 way to stop me!!

Now. I’m sitting here, thinking, “I’m actually gonna have to go to the store MYSELF!!!”   Oh, the horror!!   Good thing it’s midnight, the closest store is closed, and I don’t have Vanronica!   My scooter ain’t gonna make the 10 mile trip to Publix!   (Then again, how do I really know, if I don’t try????)

Tomorrow is only a day away!!   Actually, morning is only 6 hours away!!   Maybe I can wait that long!!